剑桥少儿英语一级下秋季期末测试 剑桥少儿英语一级下秋季期末测试
English Name: Chinese Name: Total Score:
听力部分( 听力部分(20 分)
Part1 听音判断,将你所听到的单词的序号填在题前括号内。(10%) 听音判断,
  1. ( ) A. beach
  2. ( ) A. maths
  3. ( ) A. kite
  4. ( ) A. please
  5. ( ) A. sea
  6. ( ) A. lamp
  7. ( ) A. shirt B. pea B. mouth B. ride B. plane B. eat B. lemon B. sock C. bean C. month C. read C. play C. tea C. lemonade C. skirt C. badminton C. feed C. what

  8. ( ) A. basketball B. baseball
  9. ( ) A. meet
  10. ( ) A. wall B. week B. water
Part2 听音根据问句选择相应的答语,并将其序号填在题前括号内。(10%) 听音根据问句选择相应的答语,并将其序号填在题前括号内。
  1. ( ) A. I’m eight. B. I’m a boy. C. I’m singing.

  2. ( ) A. I like playing. B. I like playing basketball. C. I like mangoes.
  3. ( ) A. She’s sleeping. B. He’s sleeping. C. The pen is yellow.
  4. ( ) A. There are four. B. There is a pen. C. They are green.
  5. ( ) A. Thank you! B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I can.
笔试部分( 笔试部分(60 分)
Part3 看图写单词(5%)


e a e i
( (
) )
b k


Part4 单词连线。在右边找到左边各单词的汉语释义,并连线。(10%) 单词连线。在右边找到左边各单词的汉语释义,并连线。 horse carrot soccer sing dance hot dog fish elephant sea beef
唱歌 足球 热狗 跳舞 大象 马 胡萝卜 大海 鱼 牛肉
Part5 根据要求写单词 根据要求写单词(10%)

  7.eat (现在分词)
Part6 单词分类。请将下边方框中的单词按照用途放入不同的房间。(20%) 单词分类。请将下边方框中的单词按照用途放入不同的房间。
BODY(身体部位 身体部位): 身体部位 SCHOOL THINGS(学校用品): (学校用品) FOOD(食物) (食物) : DRINKS(饮料): (饮料) COLOURS(颜色): (颜色)
arms, eraser, ruler, book, legs, green, cake, pencil-case, water, lemon ,feet, red, juice, milk, picture book, exercise book, pizza, rice, yellow, brown, head Part7 根据Ⅰ栏中句子,在Ⅱ栏中找出相应的答语 根据Ⅰ栏中句子, 栏中找出相应的答语(10%)
Ⅰ ( )
  1.What’s he doing? ( )
  2.Where are my cats? ( )
  3.Have you got a computer? ( )
  4.What do you do at school? ( )
  5.How are you? Ⅱ a. Her favorite sport is tennis. b. I’m 9 years old. c. They’re behind the bookcase. d. Yes, I like. e. He’s sleeping.
( )
  6.What’s her favorite sport? ( )
  7.Do you like bananas? ( )
  8.What’s your name? ( )
  9.Please have some chicken. ( )
  10.How old are you?
f. I’m fine. Thank you. g. No, thanks. h. No, I haven’t. i. My name is May. j. I read books.
Part8 阅读短文,选择正确答案(5%)
I like sports. My favourite sport is basketball At 7:00 a.m., I go to school and play basketball with my friends. In the afternoon, I play basketball. In the evening, I watch basketball games on TV. Do you like playing basketball? ( )
  1. I don’t like sports. ( )
  2. My favourite sport is table tennis. ( )
  3. I go to school at seven in the morning. ( )
  4. I watch TV in the afternoon. ( )
  5. I play basketball with my friends in the morning.
Part9 Oral English Test. (20%)
  1. Read aloud. (10%)

  1)ee / /
  2)ea/ / feed sheep green tree eat peach please read feed a sheep eat a peach

  3)ch/ /

  4) th / /
  5) sh/ /
chair chicken chocolate child lunch maths mouth fourth thank tooth shirt shoe shorts shop brush

  2. Read aloud and answer and act. (10%)

  1). Hello! Good morning! How are you?
  2). What’s this?
  3)Put your arms behind your back.
  4)Stand on your left leg.
  5)Happy new year.
  6)Introduce yourself in more than 5 sentences.



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