1.apple fly banana mango boy sheep box bus photo family watch mouse frog foot tomato family knife spider sheep homework
  2.用 a 或 an 填空
  1. ice cream
  2. English book
  3. little monkey
  4. umbrella
  5. orange
  6. family photo
  7. egg
  8. big egg
  9. apple
  10. red apple 3 请写出缩写和意思 I have = ( ) She has = ( ) It is = ( ) We are = ( ) They are = ( ) 4 填写下列空白处的数字 ten + =twenty four+ = thirteen + three = nine three + = five four + = eleven 5 用 am, is,或 are 填空(
  14.题用 I、you、he、she 的适当形式填空)
  1. This a bathroom.
  2. Those guitars.
  3. I seven years old.
  4. My father a teacher.
  5. The bears lovely.
  6. The duck running.
  7. They watermelons.
  8. We on the grass.
  9. The grass green.
  10. The milk white.
  11. This a pear. Thosecoconuts
  12. I a girl . He a boy.
  13. This isn’t umbrella, it’s yours.
  14. It’s her schoolbag. It’s . 6 have, has, haven’t, hasn’t 填空.
  1. you got a pencil? Yes, I .
  2. he got a radio? No, he.
  3. we got any fish? Yes, we .
  4. Bill got a kite? No, he.
  5. The dogs got any food. They are hungry(饿)
  6. My mother got a handbag, but she hasn’t got a schoolbag. 二、回答下列问题
  1.How do you go to Beijin?
  2.Where do you want to go ?
  3.Who wants to be a helicopter?
  4.Where are you going ?
  5.Do you come here by ship or by train ? 三、单项填空 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.?What’s this??It’s )
  2.?What’s this?? )
  3. Bill is my friend, )
  4.?Nice to see you!? )
  5. This )
  6. I want my new pencil. coconuts, please. orange. A. a B. an C. the B. It’s A. Her B. be C. She’s C. He C. Nice to see you, too. B. His a frog. A. They’re A. How are you? A. is A. a A. Yes, please A. yellow B. mangoes
mother is a teacher.
B. Good morning! C. are B. an
C. some C. No, I don’t like C. Bill B. Happy birthday! C. You, too.
  7.?Would you like an apple?? . )
  8.?How many watermelons?? )
  9. I like )
  11.?He )
  13.? . A. mangos
B. Yes, I like B. seven
C. mango A. Thank you B. eyes C. ear
  10.当别人对你说“Happy birthday”时, 你应该说 got three eyes. . )
  12. I have got two big )
  14.?What A. eye
A. have B. has C. is A. That B. What C. When A. colour B. house C. red
can you see??I can see a book. is your shirt??It’s blue.
( ( ( ( ( (
your head.
A. Kick A. A. with A. is
B. Bounce
C. Touch B. Yes, thank you. C. of A. but B. and C. of C. are C. No, please.
  16.?Would you like an apple?? )
  17.?Where is your book?? )
  18. We can see )
  19. I like apples, )
  20. This a book. our eyes.
A. No, thanks. B. to B. am
It’s ten. B. It’s on the desk. C. It’s blue.
I don’t like oranges.
  1) Hello, your name please?
  2) Nice to see you!
  3) What’s this?
  4) What’s his name? 五、请写出句子的意思.
  1. Look, that is a big hippo.
  4.I don’t like frogs.
  7. These are my cupboards.
  10.I have a big nose. 六、根据汉语提示,填空.
  1. 我喜欢放风筝. I flying a
  2. 你有一个香蕉吗? Have you got ?
  3. 把苹果涂成红色. Colour the
  4. 我的爸爸有一个照相机. My has got a
  5. Kevin 的自行车是黑色的. Kevin’s is 七、阅读短文后判断对错 Hello, I am Jack. I am ten years old. There are four people in our family, my father Sam, my mother Mary, my sister Jane, and I. I have a little dog. It’s Snoopy. It is very lovely. I love it. I like yellow and red. What about you?
  1. Jack is 9 years old. ( )
  2. There are 4 people in Jack’s family.( )
  3. Jack’s mother is Jane. ( )
  4. Jack’s dog is Snoopy. ( )
  5. Jack likes red. ( ) 八、根据下表填空 Ben’s family Name Father Jim Mother Sue Grandfather Sister Ben Peter Grandmother Meg Betty Age 32 29 56 55 8 10 A) His name is Bill. B) It’s a book. C) I am Peter. D) Nice to see you, too!
  2. I can say lots of numbers
  5. I’m going away for a holiday.
  8. I like that book. Is it for me?
  3. Mary’s little monkey.
  6. This is our family photo.
  9. Close your book.
Hello, I am Ben. I am years old. There are people in our family, my, my mother, my grandfather, my , my and I. This is my father. His name is . He’s 32 years old. This is my mother. Her name is Sue. She’s years old. This is my grandfather, Peter. He’s years old. This is my , Sue. She’s 55 years old. My sister is Betty. She’s . I love my family. 九、写一段话,简单地介绍一位你的朋友(包括姓名、性别、年龄、五官以及爱好,不少于30个单词) 。



   Name Score 一. Listening Part ( 10 分 ) I get up at 6:30 every morning. I a piece of and milk for bread, two eggs go h breakfast. I to school by bike. I like to E nglish . After class I a football or. I the bike to _ with my dog . I in the bed at 21: ...


   剑桥少儿英语一级下秋季期末测试 剑桥少儿英语一级下秋季期末测试 English Name: Chinese Name: Total Score: 听力部分( 听力部分(20 分) Part1 听音判断,将你所听到的单词的序号填在题前括号内。(10%) 听音判断, 1. ( ) A. beach 2. ( ) A. maths 3. ( ) A. kite 4. ( ) A. please 5. ( ) A. sea 6. ( ) A. lamp 7. ( ) A. shirt B. pea ...


   Written Test (1-1-1 k) A Written Test for CYLE Classes Name: Score: 个英语字母的大小写。 一、 按顺序写出 26 个英语字母的大小写。( 1’x25=25’ ) 将下列数字按顺序排列。 二、 将下列数字按顺序排列。(1’x10=10’ ) one nine two four eight seven five six ten three 看图、字母,写出单词。 三、 看图、字母,写出单词。( 2’x5=10’ ) 1) ) ...

剑桥少儿英语 一级词汇表

   剑桥少儿英语 一级词汇表_单词表 动物 animal 动物 cat 猫 dog 狗 sheep 绵羊 duck 鸭 elephant 大象 fish 鱼 lizard 蜥蜴 butterfly 蝴蝶 crocodile bat 鳄鱼 蝙蝠 cow goat hippo giraffe snake monkey rabbit 母牛 山羊 河马 长颈鹿 蛇 猴子 兔子 mouse 老鼠 tiger 老虎 horse 马 chick 小鸡 chicken 鸡、鸡肉 bird 鸟 spider 蜘蛛 ...


   剑桥少儿英语第一级 课 堂 笔 记 上 册 Unit 1 What's your name? 1. What's your name (please)? My name is Andy / Liu / Dehua. I am Andy / Liu / Dehua. 英文名首字母大写;汉语名姓首字母大写,名首字母大写。 2. 介绍朋友:I am → I'm be 动词 am are is (是,在) he is → he's she is → she's 记忆歌:我用 am it is → i ...


   剑桥少儿英语一级二期试题 Name 一、 听音判断,将你所听到的单词的序号填在题前括号内。(20分) 1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( 6. ( 7. ( 8. ( 9. ( 10. ( ) A. beach ) A.watch ) A. kite ) A. please ) A. woman ) A. lamp ) A. shirt ) A. basketball ) A. talk ) A. wall B. pea B. wash B. ride B. plane B. ...


   剑桥少儿英语一级必背单词 动物 animal 动物 crocodile 鳄鱼 mouse 老鼠 frog 青蛙 交通工具 bike bus car motorbike 摩托车 plane 飞机 helicopter ship 轮船 母牛 tiger 老虎 panda 熊猫 bee cat 猫 cow dog 狗 goat 山羊 horse 马 sheep duck 鸭 giraffe 长颈鹿 chicken elephant fish lizard 鱼 monkey 猴子 spider 鸟 ...


   剑桥少儿英语一级分类词汇总结 Food 食物 1. hamburger / burger (hamburgers / burgers) 汉堡 2. rice 米饭 13. lamb 羊肉 3. noodles 面条 14. beef 牛肉 4. sausage (sausages) 香肠 16. steak 牛排 5. hot dog (hot dogs) 热狗 17. bread 面包 6. pizza 比萨饼 18. popcorn 爆米花 7. cake (cakes) 蛋糕 19. ...


   剑桥少儿英语一级必背单词 动物 animal 动物 cat dog 猫 sheep duck elephant fish lizard 狗 绵羊 鸭 大象 butterfly 鱼 蜥蜴 蝴蝶 crocodile cow goat hippo giraffe snake monkey rabbit bat 鳄鱼 母牛 山羊 河马 chicken 小鸡 长颈鹿 蛇 猴子 bear 蜘蛛 狮子 熊 兔子 蝙蝠 mouse tiger horse chick 老鼠 frog 青蛙 交通工具 bike ...


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   Text A Panic and Its Effects 本课主要单词 恐慌, 1.panic vi. 恐慌,惊慌 恐慌, n. 恐慌,惊慌 panic-stricken adj. 惊慌失措的 1)The crowd panicked at the ringing of the siren.(听到警报器响,人群惊慌失措。 ) 2)Don't panic, Sit still keep calm.(不要惊慌,安静地坐着保持冷静。 ) 3)The little boy panicked when ...


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   英语三级答案 一:选择题 The new drug will not be put on the market _Bit has proved sage on humans . A. if B. until C .since D when 2.It was because of his good performance at the interview_ _C__he got the job with the big company. A. so B. what C. .that D. wh ...


   A   absence n.缺席,不在场,缺乏 absorb vt.吸收,使专心   abstract a.抽象的 n.摘要 academic a.学院的,学术的   access n.接近,通道,入口 accordingly ad.因此,依照   account n.记述,解释,帐目 accurate a.准确的,正确无误的   accuse vt.指责,归咎于 actor n.男演员   actress n.女演员 actual a.实际的,现行的   adapt vt.使适应,改编 ad ...