剑桥少儿英语一级一期测试卷2009年06月01日 星期一 下午 01:39Listening (30%)
一. Listen( )
  1、A、bag B、hat C、mat D、pen
( )
  2、A、dog B、box C、do D、sock
( )
  3、A、bus B、cup C、blue D、brush
( )
  4、A、brother B、orange C、come D、colur
( )
  5、A、bike B、mice C、fish D、five
( )
  6、A、cake B、facc C、snake D、apple
二.Listen and write the missing words . (14%)
We each have two , two and one . But some monsters have many or . They have three or four . Can you draw a big monster ?
一. Choose (20%)
( )
  1. What’s your name ?
A. I’m 10 B. Thank you ! C. I’m Sam.
( )
  2. Nice to meet you !
A.Fine , thank you ! B. Hello ! C.Nice to meet you , too !
( )
  3. What’s this ? It’s an
A.dogs B. duck C. elephant
( )
  4.What’s in my bag ?
A.I love it B. It’s a book C. I like apples.
( )
  5. What would you like ?
A. Yes, please. B. No, thanks ! C. I want some apples.
( )
  6. Would you like an apple ?
A. Yes, please. B. I’d like one C. I like bananas.
( )
  7. How many ducks are there ? There are
A. four B. duck C. ducks
( )
  8. What’s on the table ?
A. Yes, it is . B. No, thanks C. A turtle
( )
  9. What can you see ? I can
A. touch a book B. hear a car C. see a bird
( )
  10. We can hear with our
A. eyes B. ears C. mouth
( )
  11. What colour is it ? It’s
A. seven B. a dog C. green
( )
  12. Two three is five.
A. and B. minus C. from
( )
  13. One nine is ten .
A. minus B. from C.plus
( )
  14. Ten two is eight .
A. minus B. from C. and
( )
  15. Four nine is five .
A. and B. from C. minus
二. Read and match . (10%)
bounce the ball 接沙包
kick the shuttlecock 跳方格
draw the clown’s nose 打开窗户
catch the beanbag 骑自行车
hopscotch 数数
hide and seek 拍球
Welcome to DengZhou ! 踢鸡毛毽子
ride a bike 给小丑画鼻子
count tnumbers 邓州欢迎您!
open the window 捉迷藏
三.Look , read and write . (14%)
Many come to play in the fruit park because the houses are fruit-shaped . Soon Zhang Nan is in the house . Wang Hua is in the house. Linda is in the house . Li Ming is in the house . Lily is in the house and Sam is in the house . They greet each other from the “fruit” houses .
四.Translate . (15%)

  1.The toy car is under the table.

2 Mr. Potao with a blue bag .



  5. 让我们去看一看。
五 。 Oral English (10%)



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