一、选择题。20% 选择题。
( ) 1 I am some photos. A send B sends C sending D sent
( ) 2 He can basketball very well. A play B played C plays D playing
( ) 3 Come and us. A to help B helped C helping D help
( ) 4 Can you help me? A Sorry, I can. B Yes, you can. C No, I can. D N o, I can’t.
( ) 5 She is sleeping, the doorbell is ringing. A or B but C so D because
( ) 6 Daming playing with a dog. A is B are C am D were
( ) 7 He to rice. A want , eat B wanted , eating C wants, eat D wants, ate
( )8 I a funny day last Monday. A have B had C has D is having
( ) 9 My father is tall, but your father is him. A tall B taller C taller than D tall than
( ) 10 Be , you should keep the book . A careful, careful B carefully, carefully C careful , carefully D carefully, careful
二、在表格中选择合适的词语,使句子通顺合理。10% 在表格中选择合适的词语,使句子通顺合理。
of , at, on , must, to
  1、 There is something wrong my watch.
  2、They go to the park weekends.
  3、This is an old photo my family.
  4、Mike usually gets up 6:
  5、We go home now.
栏句子的对应句子。 三、在 B 栏中找出 A 栏句子的对应句子。10%
  1.What's your name?
  2.How old are you?
  3.How are you?
  4.What's this in English? .
  5.What colour is your face?
  6.May I have a look?
  7.Glad to meet you.
  8.Good evening.
  9.Is this your toy bus?
  10.Where's the zoo? A.I', ten. B.A fish. C.My name is Betty. D.I'm fine. E.Red. F.Good evening. G.Oh,yes. H.Sure! I.Over there. J.Nice to meet you. B
四、连词成句。10% 连词成句。

  1.do , what, you , eat , want, to. ( ?)

  2.going , to , it’s , Xinjiang , snow , in.

  3.it , about ,what’s ( ?)

  4.are, we,to ,going ,speak, Chinese.

  5.going ,to ,what, you,are ,study ( ?)
五、阅读短文,完成要求。40% 阅读短文,完成要求。
Hello! My me and show a you. name There is is a Lin lin. I’m twelve. This is a shelf, desk. my a The bedroom. desk, desk is a is Let chair near ,but
bed, a is in on
window, of
computer. The window is a computer
front the
the bed. There
it’s nice. I love it. Do you like my bedroom? 仔细阅读,在下列句子前标上 T(对)或 F(不对) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、Lin lin is twenty. )
  2、The desk is near the bed. )
  3、The window is behind the )
  4、The bedroom is big. )
  5、Linlin likes her bedroom very much. desk.
Tom is seven. He goes to school every day. The school is near his home. So he goes there on foot and comes back home on time (准时) But today he is late. His mother . asks him, “Why are you late today?” “I was in the teachers’ office.’ “Why did you ’ go to the teachers’ office?” “Because my teacher asked us a question in class, and nobody(没有人)could answer it, but me.” “It’ good to answer the teacher’ questions.” s s “But the question was ‘Who put the ink(墨水)on my chair?’ ” 仔细阅读,在下列句子前标上 T(对)或 F(不对) ( ( ( ( ( )
  6. Tom lives near his school. )
  7. He goes to school and comes back home by bike every day. )
  8. Today Tom went to school late. )
  9. Tom put some ink on the teacher’s chair. )
  10. The boy is very naughty(调皮).
Mr. Black was very angry with his wife, and she was very angry with her husband. For several days they did not speak to each other at all. One evening Mr Black was very tired, so he went to bed soon after dinner. Of course , he did not say anything to Mrs Black before he went upstairs. Mrs. Black washed the dinner things and then she went upstairs. She found a piece of paper on the small table near her bed. On it were the words, “Mother . Wake me up at 7 a.m.?Father.” When Mr. Black woke up the next morning , it was nearly 8 a . m. And there was another piece of paper. “Father. Wake up. It is 7 a. m. ?Mother.” 仔细阅读,在下列句子前标上 T(对)或 F(不对)
( ) 1 Mr and Mrs Black did not speak to each other for several weeks. ( ) 2 Mr Black was not so tired. ( ) 3 Mrs Black was very tired, so she went to bed soon after dinner. ( )4 Mrs Black waked her husband up at sever a. m. 选出一个最佳答案 ( ) 1 What did Mrs Black do after the dinner? A Watched TV. B Washed the dinner things. C Washed clothes. D Went to the supermarket. ( ) 2 What did Mrs Black find when she went to bed? A .A piece of paper newspaper. B A present C Two pieces of paper D A
六、按要求写短文。10% 按要求写短文。
用英语写一篇介绍自己房间布置情况的短文,题目自定。 要求: 有什么家具; 家具的方位; 五十个词左右;



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