Name Score 一. Listening Part ( 10 分 ) I get up at 6:30 every morning. I a piece of milk for breakfast. I bread, two eggs and
to school by bike. I like to English . After class I a football or. I the bike to go home . I do my homework, books and have dinner . After dinner , I with my dog . I in the bed at 21:00 . 二. Read and classify ( 20 分 ) ( bus black sock mango purple grape shirt pineapple T-shirt coconut plane bread sausage pear jacket ship green train sandwich white )
  1:transportation :
  2:fruit :
  3:cothes :
  4:food :
  5. colour : 三. Read and choose (10 分) 1 .What’s your name ? A . I’m Betty B . I’m ten C . I’m OK
  2. what’s this ? A . It’s blue B. It’s four C . It’s a radio 3 . What colour do you like ? A . I like apples B . I like pink C .I like cats 4 .How many ducks are there ? A .There are five ducks B .There are some ducks C . There are any ducks 5 .Have you got any fish ? A . Yes, she’s got some fish B .No, I haven’t C .No, I have 四、Read and match (10 分)
  1.How do you go to Beijin
  2.Where do you want to go ?
  3.Who wants to be a helicopter?
  4.Where are you going ?

  5.Do you come here by ship or by train ? 五.Fill in the blanks with the given words.(10 分)
  1. This a pear. Thosecoconuts
  2. I a girl . He a boy.
  3. This isn’t umbrella, it’s yours.
  4. It’s her schoolbag. It’s .
  5. He a kite. I a football. 六.Read and guess (10 分)
  1. I’m big and pink . I have many black childen inside me What am I ? I’m a
  2.I have a long body .I’ve got a small head . I’ve got no feet , no arms and no hands . What am I ? I’m a 3 .I’m big and gray . I’ve got a long nose and big feet . I like to take a bath . My favourite fruit is bananas . What am I ? I’m a 4 . I’m white . My eyes are red . I’ve got two long ears , but my four legs are short . I like to eat carrots . What am I ? I’m a 七.Make a wish ( 许个愿吧 )( 10 分) Where do you want to go , and how do you want to go there ? (
  1) I (
  2) I 八 . 写出名词的复数形式(10 分) mouse frog tomato family knife spider foot sheep box homework 九.写出下列各组单词划线部分的音标(10 分) 1 . chick chair children [ ]
  2. she shirt fish [ ] 3 . bird girl skirt [ ] 4 . garden guitar car [ ] 5 . meat sea beach [ ]



   英语口语考试试题 NAMES Does your Chinese name have any special meaning? What special habits do Chinese have when giving names? What special meaning does your Chinese name have? How did you get your name? How do Chinese have their names? Is your surname pop ...


   中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com 大学英语 六级考试大纲 (2006 修订版) 全国大学英语四,六级考试委员会 编 清华大学出版社 北京 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com 前 言 Preface大学英语六级考试大纲(2006 修订版) 为适 ...


   1. Why do people get angry/depressed? How to control such negative feelings? People feel blue for a variety of reasons. People tend to get angry when treated unfairly. Specifically, we may fly into a rage when we realize we were betrayed by a close ...


   1. What do you think is the most serious challenge of living in a big city? City Traffic。 。 For my part, I think the house is the most serious challenge ,because the price is the high. To buy a apartment ,I may Maybe most of us are facing this prob ...


   …………………… …… … … … … …密………………… …… … … … … ……封……………… …… … … …线… … … …… … … …………………… 学习中心 班号专业名称姓名学号 商务英语考卷( 考卷( A 卷) 审核: 五 六 合 计 5. the person you are directly responsible to ( 6.holiday from work ( ) ) 学期) (20 年至 20 学年度第 学期) 考试时间 :90 分钟 课程 题 号 得 分 阅 ...


   1.How can we keep friendship alive. Friendship is absolutely crucial for us. We have to do hard work to build up and sustain friendship. Here are some important ways to keep friendship alive .First of all, let your friends know that you care about ...


   金钥匙学校 www.jin14.com 山东省青岛市小升初英语考试试题 听力部分(30 分) 听力部分 一、录音中有十个句子,把你听到的相关的图的序号 A 或 B 写在前 录音中有十个句子, 面的括号内,每个问题读两遍。 面的括号内,每个问题读两遍。(10 分) ( )1.This is our . A. ( ) 2. 1t’s time for B. . A. ( )3.Where’s my . B. A. ( )4.It’s B. time to . A. ( ) 5.一 How muc ...


   第 III 学期大学英语口语考试试题 1. A and B are a couple. You plan to buy a house, but find that you can’t agree on anything. 2. A and B are diplomats from different countries. You meet at a conference and exchange views about dealing with global population pres ...


   恒星英语学习网 http://www.hxen.com Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minute to write a short essay on the topic of students selecting their lectures. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given b ...


   大 学 英 语 四 级 考 试 2006 年 6 月 试 题 册 注 意 事 项 一、将自己的校名、姓名、准考证号写在答题卡 1 和答题卡 2 上。将本试卷代号划在答题卡 2 上。 二、试题册、答题卡 1 和答题卡 2 均不得带出考场。考试结束,监考员收卷后考生才可离开。 三、仔细读懂题目的说明。 四、在 30 分钟内做完答题卡 1 上的作文题。30 分钟后,考生按指令启封试题册,在接着的 15 分钟 内完成快速阅读理解部分的试题。然后监考员收取答题卡 l,考生在答题卡 2 上完成其余部分的 ...


看native speaker 怎么说英语

   1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩) 2. How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你) 3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦。 ) 4. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好。 ) 5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气) 6. That was a close call.(太危险了/千钧一发) 7. Far from it.(一点也不。 ) 8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的 ...


   中学阶段英语试卷,篇幅最长的、最耗时间的、生词最多的、单题分值最高的是什么题型?相信答案已经很明显了--阅读。中考三篇文章,高考五篇文章,分别占到总分值的约18.34% 和26.67%。就中考而言,今年北京中考更把原来的22分提高到24分,文章篇幅也有所加长。阅读从某种意义上说,阅读已经成为英语考试成绩的一个风向标。因此谈起阅读,同学们是爱恨交织。   现在我们就来看看,为什么我们会恨阅读。   1, 单词不认识。   很多人都有这种感觉,平时课本上的单词自己都掌握了,为什么遇到阅读还是有很多 ...

外贸英语函电课后答案 易露霞

   English Correspondence of Business Chapter One Basic Knowledge of Business Letter Writing Section Nine Exercises 练习 I. Translate the following expressions into English: Keys: 1.Commercial Councellor 2.import and export 3.export list 4. ...


   Lesson One Face to Face with Hurricane Camille Joseph P. Blank 词汇: hurricane (n.): a violent tropical cyclone with winds moving at 73 or more miles per hour,often accompanied by torrential rains,and originating usually in the West Indian region 飓风 ...


   北京联合大学商务学院 教 学 日 历 第 一 学期 2010 ?? 2011 学年 课程名称: 授课班级: 901、 课程名称:英语听说 I 授课班级:会展 0901、0902 学生人数 64 课程性质: 课程性质:必修( 学分: 学分: 3 ) 考查( √ ) ) 限选( √ ) 任选( ) 考核方式: 考核方式:考试( 教材名称: 《新世纪大学英语系列教材视听说教程》1、2; 《英语口语交际策略》1 教材名称: 总学时: 总学时: 45 其中讲授 30 学时 实验(实践) 15 学时 学 ...