剑桥英语 1-3 级词汇
a a lot lots a lot of=lots of about add afternoon again Alex alphabet A.M P.M. ambulance an and angry animal Ann Anna answer apple April arm armchair artist ask at August baby badminton bag ball balloon banana bank baseball baseball player basketball bat jungle gym bath bathrobe bathroom be beach bean bear beautiful bed bedroom bee behind Ben bench between bicycle big bike Bill bird birthday black blanket blow out blue board boat body book bag bookcase boots bounce boy bread breakfast brother brown brush brush teeth bug building burger bus bus driver but button up bye cake camel camera can can’t candle car carpenter carrot cat
catch a hen celebration chair cheese chicken child/children chips choose clap class classroom clean climb clock close close the door closed clothes coin Colombia colour color comb comb (my) hair come complete computer cook cookie corn correct cousin cow
crayons crocodile cross cupboard curtains dance day December decoration deer dentist desk desserts dining room dinner dirt dirty doctor dog doll door double draw drawing dress dresser drink drinks drive duck ear eat eat breakfast
eat dinner eat lunch egg eighteen eighty elephant eleven end english enjoy eraser evening example eye face fall out family family picture farmer father favourite February feed fifteen fifty find fire station fire truck firefighter fireworks fish fishbowl fishing
flat floor flower fly fly airplane food foot football footprint for fork forty fourteen Friday Saturday friend fries frog from fruit funny game garden get dressed get up giraffe girl give glass glasses go go to bed go to school
goat gold good goodbye gorilla grandfather grandma grandmother grandpa grape gray great green grey guitar hall hamburger hand handbag happy hat have he head helicopter hello her here hers hide hippo hippopotamus his
hit hobby hockey hold horn horse hospital hot hot dog house how how many how old hug ice cream ice cream cone ice cream lettuce in in front of invitation Ireland it its jacket January jeans jeep Jill juice July jump jump rope June
kangaroo kick Kim king kitchen kite knife know Lamb lamp learn Lebanon leg lemon lemonade leopard lesson let's letter librarian like lime line lion listen little live living room lizard long look look at lorry
love Lucy lunch mad mail carrier main courses make man/men mango many march March market mask mat may May me meat menu merry-go-round Metro Mexico mice mice milk mine mirror Mr Mrs Miss Monday money
monkey monster month morning mosquito mother motorbike mouse mouth move movie theater mum my name neck new next to nice Nick night nineteen ninety no nose not notebook notepad now number nurse October November of
oh oh dear ok old on one one hundred onion open or orange orange juice water our ours page pail paint paint brushes paint the gate painting parade pardon parent park party pat pea pear peas pen pencil people person
phone photo piano pick up pick up sticks picnic pillow pilot pineapple pink pizza plane plant plate play playground please point police car police officer police station post office pot potato present pudding purple push put put on radio read red
refrigerator reporter restaurant rhinoceros rice ride right robot rocking chair room rope rubber rug ruler run sad salad salesperson Sam sand sandbox sandwich sausage say school scientist sea seal see seesaw sentence September seventeen
seventy she sheep shell shelve shirt shoe shop shopping cart short/shorts shovel show shower sing sink siren sister sit sixteen sixty skate skateboard skirt sleep slide small smile snake sneeze so soap soccer sock
sofa some song sorry soup Spain spell spider spoon sport stand star start stop store story street Sue sun Sunday supermarket supper swim swing table table tennis tail take a bath take a photo take a shower take a swing talk taxi driver
teacher television tell tennis test thank you thanks that the the United States their theirs them then there thermometer these they thirteen thirty this those throw Thursday tick tickle tie shoes tiger to today toilet Tom tomato
Tony too toothbrush toothpaste touch towel town toy toy shop train train engineer tree Trinidad trousers truck try T-shirt tub Tuesday TV twelve twenty ugly under understand us very video shop videotape waiter waitress Walk wall
want wash face watch watch TV water watermelon wave we wear Wednesday well well done what wheel where which whistle white who whose window with woman women word work wow write year yellow yes you young
your yours zebra zoo zoo keeper above action address afraid after age all right all(the time) always another any apartment aunt awake award be called back bad badly balcony band barber barn basement bat beard because bedtime
before below best better bird blanket blond boring both bottle bottom bowl box bring mail brush (my) teeth bunch bus station busy buy by café cage call candy careful carefully carnival carry cartoon catch cd cd player channel
character chocolate cinema city clean(my)room clever cloud cloudy clown coach coat coffee cold come on comedy comic cool cough could country countryside county crawl cry cup curly cut hair cut the grass Daisy dance daughter delicious department store
desert difference different difficult disappear dish do (my) homework dolphin down downstairs dream drink drank drive a (car) driver drop dvd earache ears easy eat/ate elevator email every every day everything exciting excuse me exercise fair fall famous fan
farm fat favorite feed (the bird) feel fence field fight fires film fine fingers finish firefighter first fix teeth fly a kite fly planes forest forty-five fred Friday game show get get undressed go ahead (one) space go back (two )spaces go for walks go shopping go to (the movies) go to (the supermarket) go to sleep go to the beach grandaughter
grandparent grandson grapes grass ground grown up habit hard has to have to headache health hear help help sick people hide holiday home homework hop how much how often hungry hurry up hurt ice idea inside interesting invite island jack jam
jar jim jungle kind kitten knock lake last last night late laugh leaf/leaves let’s go library lift look for lose loud loudly love play in the snow make my bed map mary matter mean mistake mix moon more most moustache moutain movie
museum music must naughty near neck need never news nice noise nothing nurse ocean off often olives only opposite ostrich out out of outside paint (the fence) panda parrot past pasta paul penguin pet peter piece
pilot pineapple pirate place plain play (games) play soccer polar pond pop popcorn puppy quick quickly quiet quietly rabbit rain rainbow raincoat rainy review reviewer rink river road rock round sail sally sandal sandals sandwich
Saturday sausages scare scarf scary schedule second secretary see you serve food shall shark sheep shopping shoulder shout sick skating skies skip slice slow slowly smell smells sneakers snow snowy soft something sometimes son sound
sour sports sports centre spring square stairs stars stay up stomach straight strawberries strong sugar summer sunglasses sunny sunshine surprised sweater sweet swimming pool take take away take me out take off take the bus tall taste tea teach (sports) teeth temperature terrible
text than thin thing think third thirsty through thunderstorm ticket time tired title toast tongue tooth toothache top treasure tropical type type letters umbrella uncle up upstairs usually vegetable vicky video village wait wake up
was wash water the plant waterfall week weekend were wet whale what time why wind windy winter wishes worse worst would wrong yesterday yogurt zebra a few a little across actor ago agree air airport already ambulance anyone
anytome anywhere arrive art aslo astronaut autumn away begin believe belt betty bin biscuit bookshop bored brave break brige broken buiness buinessman/woman burn bus stop butter butterfly camp card castle cave century cheap chemist('s)
chopsticks christmas circus club college competition conversation cooker corner cut dangerous david dear decide dictionary dinosaur diray drum dry during each early east else Emma empty engineer enough envelope environment eoon ever everyone
everywhere exam excellent excited expensive explain extinct fall over far fast feberary fetch find out fire fire engine fireman/woman firestation flag flashlight flour fog foggy follow footballer forget friendly frige front full fun fur future geography
get off get on get to glove golf group grow guess half happen harry hate heavy helen high hill history horrible hotel hour husband if ill important insect into job journalist just katy key kilometre langeage
later leave left let lie light london look after look like lovely low machine made of magazine married maths meal mechanic medicine meet meeting metal Michael midday midnight might mind minute missing much newspaper next noisy
no-one north November nowhere o'clock October octopus of course office once order other over painter paper pepper perhaps photographer planet plastic player pocket policeman policewoman poor post postcard prefer problem programme pull pyramid quarter
queen race ready remember rich Richard ring Robert rocket rucksack salt same Sarah science scissors score secret sell send shelf shoud silver since singer single ski sky sledge snowball snowman someone somewhere south
space spend spot spotted stamp station stay steal still storm straight on strange stripe striped student study subject suddenly suitcase sure surname swan tape recorder taxi teach team telephone tent theatre tidy tights together toilet
tomorrow tonight torch traffic turn turn off turn on twice unfriendly unhappy uniform university untidy until use visit volleyball warm way west whisper will william win wing winner wish without wofe wood wool yet zero



   剑桥英语 1-3 级词汇 a a lot lots a lot of=lots of about add afternoon again Alex alphabet A.M P.M. ambulance an and angry animal Ann Anna answer apple April arm armchair artist ask at August baby badminton bag ball balloon banana bank baseball baseball pl ...

英语四级词汇 打印版专用 绝对省纸 免费下载

   一、四级以内核心词汇 A abandon vt.放弃;抛弃 absent a.缺席的,不存在的;心不在焉的 absolute a.绝对的,完全的 absorb vt.吸收;吸引…的注意;吞并;兼并 abstract a.抽象的 n.摘要,提要,文摘 abundant a.大量的,充裕的,丰富的 academic a.学术的;学院的 accelerate v.加速,促进 accent n.口音;重音,重音符号 acceptable a.可接受的;合意的 access n.进入,享用机会;通道; ...


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   2010 年大学英语四级词 汇表 abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对地 absorb vt.吸收;使专心 abstract a.抽象的 n.摘要 abundant a.丰富的;大量 ...


   考研英语大纲词汇( 考研英语大纲词汇(5495 词)新大纲发布前使用 a abandon abdomen abide ability able abnormal aboard abolish abound about above abroad abrupt absence absent absolute absorb abstract absurd abundance abundant abuse academic academy accelerate accent accept accep ...


   沈阳新东方新六级常见词汇汇总?应鸣 abnormal/ Ab5nR:mEl/a.不正常的;变态的 abolish/ E5bRliF/vt.废除,取消 abrupt/ E5brQpt/a. 突然的,意外的,唐突的 absurd/ Eb5sE:d/a.不合理的,荒唐的 abundance/ E5bQndEns/n.丰富,充裕 academy/ E5kAdEmi/n.私立中学;专科院校 accessory/ Ak5sesEri/n.同谋 a.附属的 accommodate/ E5kRmEdeit/ ...


   (最新 最新)2011 考研英语大纲英语 完美打印版 考研英语大纲英语(完美打印版 完美打印版) 最新 a abandon abdomen abide ability able abnormal aboard abolish abound about above abroad abrupt absence absent absolute absorb absorb abstract absurd abundance abundant abuse academic academy accele ...


   *1** [00:30.26] abandon - vt. 离弃,丢弃;抛弃;放弃 [00:33.90] abdomen - n. 腹,下腹(胸部到腿部的部分) [00:36.64] abide - vi. (abode,abided)(by)遵守;坚持 [00:39.26] ability - n. 能力;本领;才能,才干;专门技能,天资 [00:41.96] abnormal - a. 反常的,不正常的,不规则的 [00:45.69] aboard- ad. 在船(飞机、车)上; ad. ...


   英标六级责考动汇表 级责考动汇表 说明: 单词音标为英式发音。如果音标显示不正常,请将所有内容复制至 WORD,全选(按 ctrl+A),然后选择 Ms Pmincho 字体。 abnormal / b’n:ml/a.不正常的;转态的 abolish / ’bli/ vt.废除,取消 abrupt/ ’brΛpt/a. 突然的,意外的,唐突的 absurd / b’s:d/ a.不合理的,荒唐的 abundance / ’bΛndns/n.丰富,充裕 academy / ’kdmi/n.私立 ...


   unit1 abandon [K'b<ndKn] vt. 1.离弃,丢弃2.遗弃,抛弃3.放弃 【同】quit; discard; desert; give up 【例】I have long since abandoned the notion that higher education is essential to either success or happiness. 我早就抛弃了高等教育对于成功和幸福都不可或缺这一观念。The cruel man abandoned his ...



   2010 年 6 月英语六级真题答案解析 爱思英语 百度用户共享 2010 年 6 月答案解析 快速阅读 1. D Relieved 2. B she could go as far as she wanted in life 3. B The power of role models 4. D Obama's success impacted blacks' performance in language tests 5. A The change in bias against blac ...


   GMAT(8 个文件 12MB) |白勇 GMAT 语法全解(pdf 358)11.6MB |GMAT 作文 6 篇 Argument 范文(doc 13) |GMAT 英语考试常考科技词汇汇编(doc 12) |gmat 写作样文 178 篇(html) |GMAT 阅读题(10 个 txt) |GMAT 阅读汇编(doc 254) |GMAT 数学概念和名词汇总(doc 22) |ETS 机考最新作文题库(PDF GRE(35 个文件 5MB) |GRE 词汇课笔记(doc 10) |2 ...


   I like you the way you were.我喜欢你以前的样子。 You two go ahead to the movie without me,i don't want to be a third wheel.你们两个自己 去看电影吧,我不想当电灯泡。 Do you have anyone in mind?你有心上人吗? How long have you known her?你认识她多久了? It was love at frist sight.一见钟情 I'd bettl ...


   PEP 小学英语六年级复习计划 福安街东修小学:董忠明 本学期的教学工作已经进入了尾声阶段, 对本学期的知识该进行系统的巩固和 复习了。教学效果的好坏,除了知识的传授外,复习也非常重要。复习能让学生巩 固所学知识,还能进行查漏补缺,使学生顺利完成本学期的学习任务,能在期末考 试中取得好成绩,同时也为今后的学习打下良好的基础。复习不是单单的读和背。 在复习过程中要避免把复习课变成背诵课堂,使复习失去真正的意义而变得枯燥乏 味。复习应从学生实际出发,要因地制宜,因材施教,有的放矢, 下面就是我的 ...


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