Name Score write.(10’ 一.Listen and write.(10’) The sun and the clouds are very good friends.they are high in the sky.They often play .When the sun is playing with the sun cloulds,they very hot.When the sun is playing with the winds,they .they ,sing and jump.Sometimes they run ,and cry.They never stop playing and they always . answer.(30 二.Choose the best answer.(30’)
  1.Where are you going?. B.I’ C.You’ A.I went to school. B.I’m going to school. C.You’re going to school.
  2.Does she like computer games?. A.Yes,she does. B.Yes,she likes. C.Yes,she often does.
  3.What’ It’ .
  3.What’s the weather like today? It’s . C.sunshine A.sunny B.sun C.sunshine
  4.Whose scarf is it?. A.It’ B.Yes,it’ C.It’ A.It’s my hat. B.Yes,it’s my. C.It’s mine.
  5.Amy often English in class. A.read B.reads C.reading
  6.The sun is than the earth. C.biggest A.big B.bigger C.biggest
  7.Daming is theof our class. A.taller B.tallest C.tall
  8.Bill is.He wants to eat a cake. A.hungry B.dirty C.full
  9.选出 组合发音与其他两项不同的一组.
  9.选出 th 组合发音与其他两项不同的一组. A.they B.father C.mouth didn’
  10.I didn’t an apple yesterday. A.ate B.eat C.eating
  11.What’s she doing?. .She’ A.She reads an book. B.She watch TV. C.She’s reading a book.
  12.Do you often go to see movies?. A.Yes, I do. B.Yes I often. C.No,I do.
  13.How many people are there in your family?. A.five. B.There is five. C.Five.
  14.What’s the wheather likeMonday? A.on A.on B.at C.in
  15.That’ book.It’
  15.That’s his comic book.It’s. A.his B.he C.him .(20 (20’ 三.Fill in the blanks .(20’)

  6.I(名词性物主代词 名词性物主代词)
  1.sun(形容词) 形容词
  2.have(第三人称单数 第三人称单数)
  7.和 一起玩
  3.happy(比较级 比较级)
  8.run(现在分词 现在分词)
  4.big(最高级 最高级)
  9.full(反义词 反义词)
  5.爬山 爬山
  10.The day after Saturday is (10’ 四.Translate and fill in the blanks. (10’)
  1.--?I’m going to the playground.
  2.他们经常在外面玩 他们经常在外面玩。
  3.That’ village..(它是他们的 它是他们的)
  3.That’s their village..(它是他们的)
  4.你经常踢足球吗 你经常踢足球吗?
  5.太阳比地球大 太阳比地球大。
  5.太阳比地球大。. Read (15’ 五.Read and answer the questions. (15’) thirsty.He There is some water in a bottle near a big rock.A bird is very thirsty.He can’ comes to the bottle and stands next to the bottle,But he can’t drink bottle’ the water,because the bottle’s neck is very long.So he thinks and thinks,and then he flies away.After some time,he comes back with a small bottle stone in his mouth.He goes up to the bottle and puts the stone into the bottle.He flies away and flies back again and again.He puts many stones into the bottle.The water in the bottle comes up to its neck and the bird can drink the water.He is very happy. bottle?.
  1. Is there any water in a bottle?. Where’
  2. Where’s the bottle?.
  3. Can he drink the water?Why not?. mouth?.
  4. What has he got in his mouth?.
  5. Does he fly away many times?. family> words.(15’ 六. Write<My family> about 80 words.(15’)



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