Part 1: Read and Choose the correct word. (11 questions)

  1) You can use this to play music or you can speak into it and then listen to the words you have said. A) I ) a torch B) a tape recorder C ) a telephone

  2)This animal lives at the bottom of the sea and it catches food with its eight legs. A) a dinosaur B) giraffes C) an octopus

  3) You put your clothes in this when you go away on holiday or business. You close it with a key and carry it in your hand. A) a suitcase B) an umbrella C) a wardrobe

  4) You can use this if you don’t want to get wet in the rain. A) a towel B) an umbrella C) flags

  5) These animals have long, thin necks and they swim on lakes and rivers. A) dinosaurs B) giraffes C) swans

  6) This is a good thing to take with you if it is dark when you go camping. A) a photo B) a torch C) glasses
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  7) These are very small, and bigger animals like frogs eat them. A) insects B) Frogs C) Fish

  8) You use one of these after you have had a wash. A) tower B) towel C) blanket

  9) You might watch your favourite one of these on the television when you get home from school. A) a programme B) a desk C) an examiner

  10) All the countries in the world have one of these. You often see them flying at important football games. A) planes B) flags C) balls

  11) This animal lived on our planet a long, long time ago and it is now extinct. A) dinosaurs B) hippo C) rhino
Part 2: Look and read. Choose “yes” or “No”. ( 9 questions) (图片和文字以 PPT 的形式呈现,教师用问卷形式,学生选择点击字母回答)
  1)There are three green cups and two yellow cups under the window. (Yes) 2 ) The big bowl of tomatoes is on the kitchen table. ( No )
3 ) There are some potatoes and a green salad next to the chicken. 4 ) The woman is breaking an egg into a bowl which is made of wood.
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5 ) The clock is above some empty bottles and says quarter past ten. 6 ) The woman is wearing a red dress with a black belt and two
pockets. 7 ) The girl is pointing at some bread which is burning. 8 ) The boy is talking two pieces of pizza out of a big. 9 ) The dog is sitting under the chair and eating some biscuits from a box.
Part 3 : Katy can’t find her dog. She has gone to the polices station to ask the police to help her find it. Read the text and choose the best answer. ( 6 questions )
  1) Policeman: Hello. Can I have your name and surname, please? Katy: A) Yes, it’s Katy. B) Yes, it’s Katy Grey. C) Yes, it’s G-R-E-Y

  2) Policeman: How can I help you? Katy: A) My dog loses me. B) My dog has lost me. C) I’ve lost my dog.

  3) Policeman: When did you lose it? Katy: A)I’ve lost it already. B) I’m not sure. C) In Hill Street.
  4) Policeman: What is your dog like, Katy? Katy: A) It’s black with a white stripe on its front. lot. C) I look like my pet.
  5) Policeman: Have you looked in the park? B) It likes meat a
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Katy: A) Yes, just before I came here. B) yes, I am in the park. C) Yes, I’ m looking everywhere in the park.
  6) Policeman: Well, give me your address, Katy, and we’ll bring him to you if we find him. Katy: A) That isn’t my address. B) I live in an apartment. Green Street. C) It’s 25
Part 4: Read the story. Look at the pictures. Write one-word answer.
We live in the and in the winter it’s sometimes difficult to get to school. I remember one day last year , it was hard so we stayed at home. I came in the morning, and heard the woman on the news say, “All the village schools are closed today because it will be too dangerous for cars to come through the snow.” So, my sister and I went outside and started snowballs. After about ten minutes, Daisy said,” This is boring. Let’s make a !” We made a big ball and then put a smaller one on top. I went and got some oranges, a banana, a hat and a scary to put on its head. Mum a picture, which was good because the next day was warmer and we had to go to school again. The only things left were some , a hat and a scarf! What’s the best name for this story?
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Part 5 Look at the pictures and read the story. Answer the questions. Do not write more than four words in each answer.
In my class at school we have a pet rabbit. It’s called Brush. During the school holidays, my teacher, Mrs. Ball, always lets someone take Brush home. Last Easter I brought Brush to our house. Dad made a kind of house for Brush in the garden and I put him in it. Mum and I gave him carrots and peas to eat.
  1) What did they put Brush in when he was in the garden?
  2) What vegetables did they give Brush? The next afternoon, I played with Brush in the garden. Later, I went in for dinner, and after that I asked Mum, “Can I play with Brush again?” Mum said,” No, betty, it’s too later!” But when Mum left the room I quietly went outside and played with Brush. After a few minutes, I saw Mum turn the light on in my bedroom and I quickly ran inside.
  3) What did Betty do before she had dinner?
  4) What did Betty do after she saw Mum turn the bedroom light on?
Next morning, when we went outside, Brush wasn’t there! Mum said,” Oh, no! We’ll have to get a new rabbit.” We went to the pet shop and bought another one which looked like Brush, but there was one big difference ? it was a girl! A few weeks later, Mrs. Ball said to the class,” Something strange has happened! Brush had had some babies! We must find new homes for them.” The next day , Mum came to school and said,” Mrs. Ball, we’ll take them home.”
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Mrs. Ball gave Mum the baby rabbits. That’s why we’ve now got four rabbits in my house!

  5) Where did Betty’s family buy a new rabbit?
  6) How was the new Brush different from the old Brush?
  7) What did Mum bring home from school?
Part 6 (10 questions) Read the text. Choose the right words.
Fire has always been important to people because when we’re cold it makes us warm and we 1 sue it to cook food. But we must use fire carefully
__3__it can be dangerous. To start to fire you need wood or paper to make 2burn and this is usually more difficult to do inside than outside because a fire __4air. When it’s windy, a fire burns quickly and __5 you aren’t careful, the fire will be difficult to stop. To stop it, you must put something like a blanket _6 _it or throw water on it. If this is too __ 7 _ for you to do, you will need to call the fire station. Because a fire is very hot, firemen wear clothes which stop them from getting hurt. Sometimes 8 are fires in forests, and this often happens when there has been a long, hot summer with little rain. So, 9the summer months you must be more careful when you’re camping if you are __10__ a fire to cook.

A) have B) will C) can
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A) because B) so A) all B) it
C) but C) them
A) needs B0 should C) must A) or B) then C) if A) for A) harder A) they B) over B) hard B) there C) between C) hardest C) there
A) during B) on C) at A) use B) using C) sued
Part 7 (5 questions) Read the diary and write the missing words. Write
one word on each line.
This morning we arrived in London and I was happy when we got to the hotel because I could put my heavy bag down. In 1 afternoon, some of us went to a place _ there. Tonight we’re going __4__ the theatre will finished very late, but we don’t __5__ to get up until ten o’clock tomorrow morning. 2__ Film World. It was excellent! We _ 3_ a lot of old films
Listening Part1: Listen and draw lines. Listening Part 2 : Listen and write
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