剑桥英语 1-4 单元测试卷

  1.Listening 2??5 ? 1?. What is his favorite subject? A. English B. Maths C. Chinese 2?. Where do they have their favorite class? A. Drawing room B. English room C. Music room 3?. Who is Lily’best friend? A. Jim B. Lucy C. Sam 4?.When is Li Lei’birthday? A. October 15th B. January 15th C. October 17th 5?.What is the weather like toady? A. Stormy B. fine C. windy
  2.Unscramble the sentences. 3??6 ?
  1. class the to neatest Music class which is the
  2. They how to you make know better.
  3. I cool she is very think
  4. have we good will a time
  5. you would like my birthday party to to come
  6. wish my tonight true come have

  3.Read and write 2??8 ?
  1. It was(sun/sunny)all the time yesterday. 2 In (rainy/rain)days, there are a lot of frogs singing in the river. 3 Flowers close up before a (storm/stormy). 4 What is the d_sta_ce from the Forbidden City to Tiantan Park? 5 The sub_ _ _ is convenient in Beijing. 6 Teachers’Day is in S_pt_ _ber. 7 This is a birthday p_e_ _ _t I gave Ann. 8 There was a big(sun/sunny)in the sky.
  4.Read the text and choose the best answer. 3??5 ?
  1. When is your birthday? A. We were born in the same day. B. It is in April. C. I wish that I could grow up quickly.
  2. A. B. C. Who will come to your birthday party? My family and friends. Lily won’t come My birthday is on July

  3. A. B. C.
  4. A. B. C.
  5. A. B. C.
What is your wish? I wish I could be more beautiful. This is for my brother. I forget his birthday. What was the weather like yesterday? It is cloudy. It was cloudy. I went to the park. Tomorrow is sunny. Where are you going to? I am going to buy a car. I go with my aunt. I am going to the library.

  5.Translation 1??15 ? 地理 历史 数学 雪 十一月 十二月
  6.Reading 4??3 ?
科学 六月
一月 三月
彩虹 紫色 多风的
Have you ever heard of showers of frogs and fish and fish? Well, they do happen. Sometimes the very strong winds suck up the animals from lakes and rivers and then throw them onto the ground. Later on, with the rain. There is an old saying,“It is raining cats and dogs.” It goes back to 17th century England at a time when many dogs and cats ran wild. After a heavy storm, a lot of these animals were found dead. Some people thought they had come down with the rain. That’why people say it’raining cats and dogs. Questions
  1. Why are frogs and fish sometimes sucked up?
  2. When was the saying first used?
  3. In which country was the saying first used?

  7.Writing 14? ? Describe which is your favorite season and explain the reason.



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   [键入文字] 实惠网外贸平台欢迎您 实惠网外贸平台欢迎您的到来 外贸英语 二十组必备的报价 英语 来源:实惠网外贸论坛(http://bbs.sfyh.com ) ,一起学习外贸知识,分享外 贸经验; 本文档由免费外贸平台实惠网(www.sfyh.com )编辑; 欢迎加入外贸交流 QQ 群:95545465 1)A: We can offer you this in different levels of quality. B: Is there much of a difference ...


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