少儿剑桥英语一级(上)Unit 1-6 测试题
姓名: 一、 听录音选出正确的单词 (15%) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A sheep )
  2. A table )
  3. A sitting )
  4. A on )
  5. A kitchen B cow B TV B drawing B in B living room (15%) 2 4 learn English running take a walk dancing C C pig radio C reading C under C bedroom 教室: 得分:
二、听句子圈出正确的单词 1 armchair 3 between 5 goat chair behind frog
三、根据单词来画画 (15%) 1 .fish
  2. sofa
  3. clock

  4. bookcase 四、写出单词的复数形式 sock sheep 五、选择正确的答案 (20%)
  1. ( A Have
  2. ( A going
  3. ( A is
  4. ( A is
  5. ( A carrot
  6. ( ) B Do ) What are you B doing ) What B ) What B are are (15%) cat mouse

  5. banana
you got a pencil ?
? I am writing.
he doing?
you doing?
) Can I have some B carrots ) Have you got a bag ?
A Yes, I have.
  7. ( A front ) He is in B
B Yes , I haven’t. of the door. on

  8. ( A see
  9. ( A look
  10. (
) We often B watch )I books. B ) She is B pick read
A picking
六、选出与其余三个不同类的单词.(10%) ( ( ( ( )
  1.A horse )
  2. A. father )
  3. A.between )
  4. A. cake B. egg B. chicken B.mother B. in C. bed C.uncle C. grandmother C. hot dog D. elephant D. banana D. under D. one
  5. A. watermelon
B. mirror
D. lamp
七、阅读理解.(在四个选项中选出最合适的.)(10%) My Room This is my room. Near the window there is a desk. I often do my homework at it. You can see some books, a ruler, a pen and some flowers in the vase(花瓶). On the wall near the desk there is a picture of a cat. There is a clock on my bed . I can put my football under my bed. There is a
chair near the desk . I sit(坐) there and I can see the trees and the flowers outside(外面) . ( )
  1. What can you see on my desk? B. Some flowers. C. A ruler and a pen. D. A, B and C
A. Some books (
  2. Where is the picture? It’s . B. on the wall C. above the end of the bed
A. on the desk D. under the bed (
  3. What’s under the bed? B. A football. C. A cat. D. A clock.
A. A ruler. (
  4. Are there any trees outside(外面)? B. Yes, there are. C. No, they aren’t.
A. Yes , they are. D. No, there aren’t. (
  5. The clock is the bed . B. in C. on D. behind
A. near



   少儿剑桥英语一级(上)Unit 1-6 测试题 姓名: 一、 听录音选出正确的单词 (15%) ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A sheep ) 2. A table ) 3. A sitting ) 4. A on ) 5. A kitchen B cow B TV B drawing B in B living room (15%) 2 4 learn English running take a walk dancing C C pig radio C reading C under ...


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