一级单词分类词汇表(名词) 一级单词分类词汇表(名词) 学习用品: 学习用品 book pen pencil ruler eraser crayon(蜡 笔) desk chair pencil-box bag school bag 交通工具: 交通工具 bus jeep 人的称谓: 人的称谓 teacher student boy girl baby man woman nurse doctor father mother grandfathe r grandmother uncle aunt classmate parents 动物: 动物 frog tiger lizard(蜥蜴) panda hippo(河 马) chick bear cat bee dog giraffe dolphin(海豚) whale(鲸) bird kangaroo (袋鼠) elephant mouse horse snake monkey cock(公鸡) hen(母 鸡) fish butterfly dragon-fly(蜻蜓) snail(蜗牛) spider(蜘 蛛) duck pig sheep cow goat crocdile(鳄鱼) rabbit zebra(斑马) 球类: 球类 ball volleyball basketball football tennis(网球) hockey(曲棍球) badminton (羽毛球) baseball(棒球) soccer table tennis(乒乓球) 方位: 方位 in on 五官: 五官: face heel 水果: 水果: apple dog orange noodles banana sandwich pear cake milk lemon burger bread pineapple rice meat hot sausage egg auditorium table coconut mango watermelon grape 食物:ice cream pizza 食物 foot mouth nose eye ear leg arm tooth hair head neck toe elbow under behind next to between left right bike train plane taxi van tank motorbike ship helicopter
地点:classroom bedroom 地点 room kitchen 其他: 其他 bed telephone mirror gate radio clock door mat pool path
bathroom dining room living building playground pavilion
box cupboard flower tree lunch sock
doll toy map hat
window broom chair sofa moon scissors photo star cup sun brush
camera armchair afternoon
wardrobe morning
umbrella breakfast
注:以上单词的复数形式,部分详见《一级下册》P4 和 P36 以上单词的复数形式,部分详见《一级下册》 动词: 动词 run jump draw read sing touch open close hop write sit pick kick eat blow d ance count sleep walk 注:现在进行时:动词后面加 ing 表示正在做某事.一般有以下三种变化形式:
①一般动词后面直接加 ing, ②以 e 结尾的单词:去 e 加 ing。 ③闭音节单词双写词尾字母,加 ing.如:run-running 部分动词详见《一级下册》P
  10。 形容词: 形容词 big small short tall long happy young old beautiful ugly slow fast tidy clean dirty green three fifteen seventy yellow four five white six black seven pink eight purple nine blue ten brown gray indigo thirteen
颜色:red 颜色 数字: 数字 one sixty two
twelve thirty
forty fifty
eighty ninety hundred 词组
have meals cakes ball games walk bath
have breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper read books sleep in bed kick a ball
do homework play with a dog
drink milk
eat play
learn English/Maths sing songs write sentences have a meeting watch TV
ride a bike tell stories
sit on a chair
throw a take a take a
draw pictures
study English
play computer games listen to music
ask and answer questions
  1. How many ducks are there?
  2. What colour do you like?
  3. What’s your favourite fruit/sport?
  4. Do you want an apple or a banana?
  5. What do you do every day?
  6. What’s in the bedroom?
  7.Please have some ...
  8.Can I have some …?
  9. What do you do at school?
  10.- Do you like apples ? - Yes. I do./ No, I don’t.
  11.- What are you doing? -I’m reading.
  12.-What is ×× doing? -He is running.
  13.-What are they doing?
-They are jumping.
  14. - Have you got a computer? -Yes. I have./ No, I haven’t.
  15.- Can you jump? -Yes, I can. / No ,I don’t.



   剑桥英语一级单词分类表 一级单词分类词汇表(名词) 一级单词分类词汇表(名词) 学习用品: book pen pencil ruler eraser crayon(蜡 学习用品 笔) desk chair pencil-box bag school bag 交通工具: 交通工具 bus jeep 人的称谓: 人的称谓 teacher student boy girl baby man woman nurse doctor father mother grandfathe r grandmot ...


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   剑桥少儿英语一级 入学测试题 年级 姓名 一,单词连线.在右边找到左边各单词的汉语释义,并连线.(20 分) 单词连线.在右边找到左边各单词的汉语释义,并连线. 单词连线 horse baseball camera elephant scissors 照相机 大象 马 剪刀 棒球 鱼 足球 热狗 胡萝卜 曲棍球 carrot soccer fish hockey hotdog 二,单词分类.请将下边方框中的单词按照用途放入不同的房间.(20 分) 单词分类.请将下边方框中的单词按照用途放入不 ...


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