剑桥少儿英语一级上册 5?8 单元
Class English Name
Part 1 写出下列名词的复数形式 写出下列名词的复数形式.(10 分) apple banana boy bus family fly mango sheep photo watch
Part 2 用 a 或 an 填空 填空(10 分)
  1. ice cream
  2. English book
  3. little monkey
  4. umbrella
  5. orange
  6. family photo
  7. egg
  8. big egg
  9. apple
  10. red apple Part 3 请写出缩写和意思 请写出缩写和意思(10 分) I have = ( )
She has = ( It is = We are = They are = ( ( (
) ) ) )
Part 4 填写下列空白处的数字 分) 填写下列空白处的数字(5 ten + =twenty four+ = thirteen + three = nine three + = five four + = eleven Part 5 用 am, is,或 are 填空 填空(10 分) 或
  1. This a bathroom.
  2. Those guitars.
  3. I seven years old.
  4. My father a teacher.
  5. The bears lovely.
  6. The duck running.
  7. They watermelons.
  8. We on the grass.
  9. The grass green.
  10. The milk white. Part 6 have, has, haven’t, hasn’t 填空 填空.(10 分)
  1. you got a pencil? Yes, I .
  2. he got a radio? No, he.
  3. we got any fish? Yes, we .

  4. Bill got a kite? No, he.
  5. The dogs got any food. They are hungry(饿)
  6. My mother got a handbag, but she hasn’t got a schoolbag. Part 7 请写出句子的意思 每题
  1.5 分共 15 分) 请写出句子的意思.(每题
  1. Look, that is a big hippo.
  2. I can say lots of numbers
  3. Mary’s little monkey.
  4.I don’t like frogs.
  5. I’m going away for a holiday.
  6. This is our family photo.
  7. These are my cupboards.
  8. I like that book. Is it for me?
  9. Close your book.
  10.I have a big nose. Part 8 根据汉语提示 填空.(10 分) 根据汉语提示,填空 填空
  1. 我喜欢放风筝.
I flying a
  2. 你有一个香蕉吗? Have you got ?
  3. 把苹果涂成红色. Colour the
  4. 我的爸爸有一个照相机. My has got a
  5. Kevin 的自行车是黑色的. Kevin’s is Part 9 阅读短文后判断对错 阅读短文后判断对错(10 分). . Hello, I am Jack. I am ten years old. There are four people in our family, my father Sam, my mother Mary, my sister Jane, and I. I have a little dog. It’s Snoopy. It is very lovely. I love it. I like yellow and red. What about you?
  1. Jack is 9 years old. ( ) )

  2. There are 4 people in Jack’s family.(
  3. Jack’s mother is Jane. (
  4. Jack’s dog is Snoopy. (
  5. Jack likes red. ( ) ) )
Part10 根据下表填空(10 分)Ben’s family 根据下表填空( Name Father Jim Age 32
Mother Grandfather Grandmother Sister
Sue Peter Meg Betty Ben
29 56 55 8 10
Hello, I am Ben. I am years old. There are people in our family, my, my mother, my grandfather, my , my and I. This is my father. His name is . He’s 32 years old. This is my mother. Her name is Sue. She’s years old. This is my grandfather, Peter. He’s years old. This is my , Sue. She’s 55 years old. My sister is Betty. She’s . I love my family.



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