Unit 13 Can you do it? Unit 13 Can you do it?
  1、背诵句子 、
  1)Can you fly the kite? 你能放风筝吗?
  2)Yes, I can. No, I can’t. 是的,我能。 不,我不能。
  3)Can you walk like me ? 你能像我一样走吗?
  4)Yes, I can. Do it, please. 是的,我能。请做吧.
  5)Can you swim like a fish? 你能象鱼一样游泳吗?
  6)Yes, I can. Great!Do it, please. 是的,我能。太好了!请做吧.
  7)Can you run like me ? 你能象我一样跑吗?
  8)No, I can’t. 不,我不能。
  9)Try it, please. 请试试吧。
  10)Can you jump like me ? 你能象我一样跳吗?
  11)Yes, I can. Do it, please. 是的,我能。请做吧.
  12)Can you ride a bike ? 你能骑自行车吗?
  13)Can you ride a horse ? 你能骑马吗?
  14)Can you stand like this? 你能像这样站立吗?
  15)Close your eyes for one minute. 闭上你的眼睛一分钟。
  16)Get a piece of paper, big or small. 拿一张纸出来,大的或小的。
  17)Can you fold it in half and then again,for more than 7 times? 你能把它折叠成一半然后继续超过 7 次吗?
  18)Hold your nose with your right hand fingers. 用你的右手指抓住你 的鼻子。 Unit 13 Can you do it? 第 1 页 共 4 页
Unit 13 Can you do it?
  19)Hold your right ear with your left hand.用你的左手抓住你的右耳 朵。
  20)Then slap your legs with both hands. 然后用双手拍击你的腿。
  21)Keep swapping them quickly. 保持快速地交换他们。
  2、段落 、 Hello, I’m Fang Ping. In my class, boys can play football and girls can play table tennis. Lin Ying can play the piano and Liu Tong can play the guitar. Wang Xin can ride a bike. Li Ming can fly a kite. I can draw pictures. What can you do? 你好,我是方平。在我班,男孩们能踢足球,女孩们能打兵乓球。 林英能弹钢琴,刘彤能弹吉他。王鑫能骑自行车。李明能放风筝。我 能画画。你能做什么呢? The house is behind a wall. It has four windows and two doors. There is a man on the roof of a house. He has a cat in his hand. Which one? 这个房子在一面墙后面。它有四个窗户和两扇门。在房子顶上,有 一个男人。在他的手上有一只猫。是哪一个房子呢?
  3、对话 、
  1)Tom, can you read the lesson? 汤姆,你能阅读课文吗? Yes, I can. 是的,我能。 Good. Read it, please. 好的,请朗读。
  2)Peter, can you spell the word? 彼得,你能拼写单词吗? Which word? 哪一个单词? Unit 13 Can you do it? 第 2 页 共 4 页
Unit 13 Can you do it? This one. 这个。 Oh, yes.
  3)Lucy, can you draw a dog for me? 露西,你能为我画一条狗吗? Sorry, I can’t. I can draw you a house. 对不起,我不能。我能给你画个 房子。 No, thank you. 不,谢谢。
  4)Can you colour the giraffe yellow? 你能把长颈鹿涂成黄色吗? Yes. Can I colour the tree green, too? 能。我还能把树涂成绿色吗? Yes, please. 是的,请吧。
  4、词组 、
  1)colour the tree green 把树画成绿色
  2)draw a line between the cat and the dog 在猫和狗中间画一条线
  3)spell the word 拼写单词
  4)open the window 打开窗户
  5)read the lesson 读课文
  6)paint the house white 把房子刷成白色
  7)draw a circle 画一个圆
  9)draw a line to the center
  10)cut on the line
  11)a piece of paper 一张纸
  4、单词 、 Unit 13 Can you do it? 第 3 页 共 4 页
Unit 13 Can you do it?
  1)circle ['s?:kl] n.圆圈
  2)guitar [gi't?:] n.吉他
  3)again [?'gein] adv.再, 又
  4)finger ['fi?g?] n.指针, 手指
  5)slap [sl?p] n.侮辱, 掴, 拍击声
  6)both [b?uθ] adj.两者的
  7)swap [sw?p] v.交换
  8)roof [ru:f] n.屋顶, 顶
  9)minute ['minit] n.分钟, 片刻
  10)piece [pi:s] n.件, 篇, 片
  11)than [??n] prep.比 center
Unit 13 Can you do it? 第 4 页 共 4 页


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