I.听录音 填空 听录音,填空 听录音
  1.Dogs like eating
  3.Can I have some

  2.Jack is
  4. is the umbrella?
II.听和选 把正确的介词圈起来 听和选,把正确的介词圈起来 听和选
  1.I am sitting(under/ on /between) the umbrella.
  2.He is picking a banana.(next to /near/in)his right hand.
  3.She is putting her jacket (under/on/in)the bed.
  4.The little boy is standing (behind/ between/next to)the door. III.写出听到的单词 写出听到的单词
  2. 笔试部分 I、填入所缺的字母 、 n
  1.be ind
  2.b tw
  5.gr ss
  6.l ving room II. 英汉互译词组
  1.drawing pictures
  3.pick apples
  5.kicking a ball
  9.在沙发的旁边 III.写出下列动词的 v+ing 形式 写出下列动词的
  6.read→ IV.把下列名词改成复数形式 把下列名词改成复数形式




  3.d n
  7.s fa

  4.b throom
  8.br m

  8.in front of the desk
  10.under the bed




V.单项题 单 ( )
  1.Do you like ? ( )
  2.Are there horses on the farm? ( )
  3.Are these dogs dirty? Yes, are. his house. ( )
  4.He’s ( )
  5.What’s doing? She’s dancing
A.Dogs A.any A they A. picking A.her
B.milk B.some B there B.paint B.she
C.cow C.a C those C.painting C.He
( ( ( ( (
  6.Where’s the old man? He’s )
  7.Please have some carrots )
  8.Can I have some bananas? )
  9.We often watch TV in the )
  10.Have you got a ?
A.in B.under C.in front of A.Yes, please have some B.Thank you C.Sorry. A.Thank you B.No.thanks C.No. you can’t A.living room B.bathroom C.kitchen A.beds B.lamp C.apple
VI.连词成句 连词成句
  1. up pick
  2. is parents
  3. have some
pencil my
your . this bedroom .
I hotdogs can ?
VII. 情景交际 情景交际: <A> ( )
  1.What’s he doing? ( )
  2.Where are my cats? ( )
  3.Have you got a computer? ( )
  4.What do you do at school? ( )
  5.How are you? ( )
  6.What’s her favourite food? ( )
  7.Do you like bananas? ( )
  8.What’s your name? ( )
  9.Please have some chicken. ( )
  10.How old are you?
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.
<B> Her favourite food is pizza. I’m 9 years old. They’re behind the bookcase. Yes, I do. He’s singing. I’m fine. Thank you.And you? No, thanks. No,I haven’t. My name is May. I read books at school.
VIII.阅读 阅读 Mary is an American girl. But she lives in Rome. She is six years old..She goes to an English school in Rome. One day Mary tells her mother that there is a new girl in her class. She is six years old too. She is very nice. But she is not American. She is German. She doesn’t speak English. But she understands(懂)it. A. American B.Rome C.English D.German ( )
  1.Marey is from ( )
  2.Mary is years old. A six B.seven C.eight D.five school. ( )
  3.Mary goes to a(n) A.American B.Roman C.English D.German ( )
  4.There is a new girl in Mary’s class. How old is she? Yeas old. A. Five B.six C.seven D.Enght ( )
  5. The new girl speak English A.does B.doesn’t C.wants to D.isn’t VIIII.连线 连线 living room bathroom bedroom classroom dining room X 作文 作文:
take a bath sleep watch TV have our meals learn English My house


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