一、单词辨音 A ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. early )
  2. forty )
  3. stand )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. )
  7. fly book many shall B hear sports map try food apple skirt C dear world catch every zoo anything sure D really morning game why afternoon when fish
( )
  8. arm start water fast 二、用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. He’s two (year) (old) than me.
  2. I am good at (swim).
  3. (not open) your books.
  4. Bill jumps (far) than Allan.
  5. My mother gets up (early) than my father.
  6. Lucy sings (well) than Ben.
  7. The man jumps as (high)as the woman. 三、句型转换
  1.I’m 155 centimetres. Judy is 155 centimetres, too.(合并为一句话) Judy .
  2. The blue bag is heavier than the red one. Than the red one?
  3. The girl has some brothers and sisters.(改为一般疑问句) the girl brothers sisters?
  4. Su Hai flies low. Su Yang flies low, too. (合并为一句话) Su Hai Su Yang.
  5. Ben jumps
  1.4m. Tim jumps
  1.3m.(合并为一句话) Ben Tim. 四、根据上下文或首字母提示完成下列短文
  1. Lucy and Lily are t s . Lucy is as t she’s heavier t Lily. Lucy is good a she doesn’t do w in Maths. Lily d but she is not good at Chinese.
  2. A: Hello, Mike. B: Hello, David. A: I want to basketball. Can you go as Lily, but
English and Chinese, but well in Maths and English,
B: No, I
. I’m not doing
in PE. I’m good at Maths. Jim
is a good basketball . He it very well. A: Oh, I see. Jim, let’s play basketball. C: OK. A: you jump than the other boys? C: Yes, I do. I faster than some of the boys, too. A: OK. Let’s go. 五、根据短文内容填空,每空一词,然后判断正误 A mother camel(骆驼) is for water and grass with her son. The son is his mother, ‘What do water and grass like?’ The mother is , ‘The water is blue as the sky, and the grass is not blue, it’s and nice.’ After a day and , her son cries, ‘Look, mother, there’s and grass there.’ ‘You’re , child. The water and grass are the left, and the desert(沙漠) is on the right.’ The mother camel’s left is blind(瞎的). Now, the young camel finds an oasis(绿洲), his mother thinks that’s not . She says she knows more her son and can’t be wrong. Her son is not happy. He doesn’t want to with her mother, so he away. He runs into the grass and eats his fill. 用 T 或 F 表示 ( ( ( ( )
  1. An elephant is looking for water and grass. )
  2. The mother’s eyes are very good. )
  3. The son is not happy because his mother doesn’t believe him. )
  4. The mother doesn’t let her son go away.
笔试部分(70 分) 笔试部分(
( ( ( ( ( )
  1. )
  2. )
  3. )
  4. )
  5. A dear A A. stop A three A phone A bread B bear B. moment B there B moment B sweater C C C C here fifth stop head D nearby D ago D third D photo D tea C. notebook

  1. 问许多问题
  3. 谈论
  5. 在七月十二号
  7. 保持安静
  9. 拍照
  2.an exciting running race
  4.have a birthday party
  6.blow out the candles
  8. look around
  10.a moment ago

  1. Can you (make) a birthday card for me ? Yes, I (make) a model plane now.
  2. What does your mother ? She playing the violin. (like)
  3. I’d like to come to (you) birthday party.
  4. All the students (be) not here now, but they (be) here a moment ago.
  5. Su Hai wants (take) some photos.
( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Nancy TV beside the desk now. A. watches B. watch C. is watching D. are watching )
  2. Su Hai and Su Yang like very much. A. read B. reading C. read books D. to read )
  3. When’s your father’s birthday? It’s on the of February. A. thirtyth B. thirtieth C. thirteenth D. threeth )
  4. Is your birthday November ? A. in B. on C. at )
  5. It's very hot. Jim is his coat. A. putting on B. taking off C. taking down. )
  6. My films are under the desk. Who can pick them for me? A. / B. away C. from D. up )
  7. The running race is very . All the students are very . A. exciting, excited B. exciting, exciting C. excited, excited D. excited, exciting )
  8. There a pair of earphones and some books on the sofa a moment ago. A. is B. are C. was D. were )
  9. ? What are you doing?
( (
( ( ( ( (
? I am my earphones. A. looking B. find C. looking for D. finding )
  10. Tom usually his mother his school. A. tells, about B. says, with C. talks, to D. talks, with )
  11、Would you go shopping with me? A. like B. like to C. want D. when )
  12、 My father knows about astronomy(天文学). A. a lot B. lots of C. a lot of )
  13、'Keep quite' means you make noise here. A. should B. shouldn’t C. shall D. can )
  14、There are days in December. A. thirty-one B. thirty-first C. thirty D. thirtieth

  1. A: Excuse me, sir. I walk the grass? B: No, you can’t. A: Why? B: Look, there’s a sign over there. A: What does that sign? B: It ‘Keep the grass’.
A: Oh, I . Thank you.

  2. A: What is it today? B: It’s the of October. A: Oh, it’s my birthday. B: Really? Would you like a CD as your birthday ? A: That’s great! Thank you.
  3. A: Where my shoes ? B: They’re the door.
A: No, they aren't there. B: They there just now. Look, the bed.
It is nine thirty in the morning. Mr Green and his students are going out on a picnic. They’re now in the park. The children are having a good time at the moment. Look, the girls in the beautiful dresses are Su Hai and Su Yang. They’re singing and dancing. Who’s the girl under the big tree? She is Nancy. She is reading a storybook carefully. Where is Mr Green? He is playing games with Helen and other students. But Liu Tao and David are fishing near the river. Then a park keeper comes up to them. He points to a sign near the river. He says to the boys, “Can’t you see the sign over there? It’s says ’No fishing, please’.” Liu Tao and David say sorry and leave(离 开)there quickly. ( )
  1. It’s . A. half past ten in the morning B. nine thirty in the evening C. half past nine in the morning ( )
  2. Mr Green and his students are . A. in the zoo B. at school C. in the park ( )
  3. The twins(双胞胎) are . A. reading a storybook carefully B. singing and dancing C. playing games with Mr Green ( )
  4. Nancy is reading . A. under the tree B. on the grass C. near the river ( )
  5. The sign near the river means . A. you must keep quiet B. you can’t fish here C. you can’t touch it Wu Dong: Hello, may I speak to Peter? Mrs. Brown: He’s not at home now. This is Peter’s mum. Who is that speaking? Wu Dong: This is Wu Dong. I’m Peter’s classmate. I know he likes flying model planes, so I want to invite(邀请) him to fly the planes with me tomorrow morning. Mrs. Brown, That’s great! But Peter is teaching one of our Chinese friends English now. Wu Dong: Can you tell him I will(将) wait him beside our school gate at a quarter to nine next morning? Mrs. Brown: Sure. Thanks for inviting him! Wu Dong: Not at all. ( )
  1、Wu Dong and Peter are in different classes. ( )
  2、Peter is at home now. ( )
  3、Peter and Wu Dong will meet beside the school gate. ( )
  4、Peter will get to the school at about 9:15 next morning.



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       本文由abcliuleiainia贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     有一点我要告诉大家,考试只是一种手段,不是根本目的,证明不了什么。没通 过下次再来 就行!我只是一名普通高校的学生,现在不想再做菜鸟的我有了更新更远 的目标,正在备战 GRE 考试,相信我 CET 的宝贵经历会助我一臂之力!我不想再做菜 鸟,愿为展翅欲飞的大鹏! 我英语高考成绩仅只有可怜的 90 多分。对于我这种名副 其实的菜鸟级人物,CET ...