江苏省灌南高级中学 2009-2010 学年 第二学期高二英语小题练习 第二学期高二英语小题练习
一 单项选择
  21. The winning of hosting 2010 World Expo is victory not only for Shanghai residents, but for people of the whole Chinese nation. A. the; a; the B. a; the; a C. a; a; the D. the; the; a

  22. December 28, 2009, a terrible tsunami happened in the coasts of South and Southeast Asia, over On 25,0000 people. A. killing B. had killed C. killed D. having killed

  23. a fine day, Shenzhou VI will be launched on time according to its planned time. A. Being B. It being C. To be D. It is

  24. the problem, he wouldn't have committed those mistakes. A. If he understood B. Had he understoodC. When he had understood D. If he would understood
  25.Soldiers stood next to a police truck, looking at the crime scene a woman was gunned down in a poor neighborhood of the border city of Iran October 18, 20
  09. A. that B. which C. where D. why

  26. After a month of training, he became to the work as a high-speed maglev train driver. A. addicted B. sensitive C. loyal D. equal

  27. Although I’ve never worked for a bank before, I feel quite there because I’m used to dealing with figures. A. at peace B. at home C. at sea D. at will

  28. ? I wonder Mr. Black changed his mind to take part in the movement. ? After he listened to the speech by Mr. King. A. when was that it B. when was it that C. when that was D. when it was that

  29. ? Why are you so popular with your students? ? As a teacher, I seldom give my students so difficult a problem they cannot work out. A. as B. that C. if D. in order that

  30. ?Will you go to Betty’s birthday party?? No, _invited, I can’t go to it. I’ll be too busy then. A. if B. unless C. even though D. when

  31. ?What do you think of the book Harry Potter? ?Harry Potter is a world of magic and wonders, anything can happen. A. that which B. that where C. one which D. one where

  32. _ is well known is that America is under the authority of Obama, who is the first African-American president. A. It B. What C. As D. That

  33. that quite a lot of people were out of work. A. So became serious the global economic crisis C. So serious did the global economic crisis become B. So serious became the global economic crisis D. Serious the global economic crisis became so

  34. his success, Liuqian said, “I’ve just been lucky __ there are many people who have helped me.” A. Talking about, in that B. Talked about ,now that C. Having talked, so that D. Talking about provided that

  35. -The room is filled with smoke. I can hardly stand it.? I couldn’t agree more. Smoking in this room. A. should have been forbidden B. must have been forbidden C. can’t have been forbidden D. would have been forbidden 1
二.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)阅读下面短文,选出最佳选项。 At a time when hiring qualified people is becoming more difficult, employers who can from the process will surely gain a big advantage As a manager, Miss Tiffany is 38 37 his opponents. with her company. 36 biases (偏见)
for interviewing applicants for some of the 39
During one interview, she noticed that the 40 because she liked the person on the whole. He had a perfect resume and gave good
never made direct eye contact. She was puzzled and a little 41
to her questions, 43
the fact that he never looked her in choice. “It wasn’t until
the eye said “untrustworthy”. Several days later, she decided to offer the job to her 44 I 45
a diversity workshop that I realized the person we passed over was the perfect person,” Tiffany says. 46 was simply a cultural misunderstanding.
What she hadn’t known at that time was that that person behaved He was an Asian-American (避开) your eyes. “Attending the diversity workshop helped me and 50 dialogues with employees, 52 51 49 47 in a household where 48
for those in authority was shown by averting
how much I could learn by simply asking questions
making assumptions and trying to be a know-it-all,” Miss Tiffany 53 .”
admits. “The biggest thing I
from the workshop is learning how to be more ‘inclusive(包容的)’ to
“I was just thrown off by the lack of eye contact; not realizing it was cultural,” Tiffany says. “I missed out, but will not miss that opportunity again.” Many of us have had similar problems with 54 we consider as different. As the world becomes smaller 55 our understanding of others and to
and our workplaces more diverse, it is becoming necessary to reexamine some of our false assumptions.
  36. A. replace
  37. A. of
  38. A. desperate
  39. A. positions
  40. A. girl
  41. A. disappointed
  42. A. suggestions
  43. A. so
  44. A. first
  45. A. closed
  46. A. politely
  47. A. raised
  48. A. concern
  49. A. imagine
  50. A. creating
  51. A. other than
  52. A. cut away
  53. A. misunderstandings
  54. A. behaviors B. remove B. above B. responsible B. businesses B. opponent B. excited B. responses B. and B. immediate B. started B. carelessly B. found B. envy B. realize B. continuing B. rather than B. put away B. shortcomings B. words C. refresh C. over C. ready C. conditions C. client C. worried C. impressions C. or C. second C. attended C. skillfully C. treated C. respect C. predict C. practising C. more than C. gave away C. faults C. habits 2
D. recover D. on D. punctual D. trades D. candidate D. annoyed D. comments D. but D. careless D. organized D. differently D. adopted D. sympathy D. expect D. directing D. less than D. took away D. mistakes D. thoughts

  55. A. ignore
B. express
C. limit
D. expand
三. 阅读理解 The year 2009 is the Year of Ox. The ox is a representative of the fanning culture of China. In the farming economy (经济), oxen are the major animals pulling plows (犁). Of course, the good of oxen is not limited to plowing. In fact, they are seen as “boats on land” for their ability to carry loads. Besides, the whole body of an ox is full of treasures. Their meat and milk are food full of nutrition, and their skin can be used to make clothes and shoes. With all these qualities, oxen are regarded as generous creatures. In the past, oxen played an important role in the spiritual life of the Chinese. Even today, oxen still play a special part in some folk activities. For example, some people who1ive in southwest China will cook cattle bone soup and share it among family members when holding the ceremony for children who reach
  13. They believe that the cattle bone soup represents the blood relationship among family members. In order to express their love for oxen, people in some other areas will run to shake off diseases on the 16th day of the first month by the lunar calendar (农历), and during their run they will take their oxen along, which indicates they regard the creature as human. Because of the con tribution of oxen in their lives, the Chinese people are very grateful to the animal. In addition, the use of oxen in ceremonies and the thanks people owe to oxen help to develop various traditional customs, which becomes an important part of the folk culture of the Chinese nation.
  1.The words “boats an land” underlined in Paragraph 2 refer to A. animals for taking goods B. creatures for pulling plows C. treasures of the folk culture D. tools in the farming economy
  2.From the third paragraph, we know that A. oxen are no more important today than in the past B. ceremonies are held when people cook cattle bone soup C. oxen are treated as human in some areas of China D. people run with oxen to shake off diseases every month
  3.Which of the following helps to develop tradi tional customs? A. The special role of oxen in farming.B. People’s respect and love for oxen. C. The practical value of an ox’s body.D. The contribution of oxen to the economy.
  4.Why does the author write the text? A. To stress the importance of oxen in farming.B. To introduce the Chinese folk culture.
C. To describe how to celebrate the Year of Ox.D. To explain how to develop agriculture with oxen.
四.任务型阅读 (每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)注意:每个空格只填一个单词。 (358 words) In recent years, with the rapid economic development of coastal areas, the gap between the coastal and the inland areas has become larger. As a result, despite the common belief that “East or west, home is best”, higher income and better job opportunities in coastal areas attract more and more rural labourers to the developed areas to solve their living problems.
After they left home for big cities, some rural labourers find jobs in the enterprises across the nation; some are engaged in wholesale or retai wholesale or retail(批发或零售)business and others provide all kinds of services to the city. Usually most of rural labourers are often chosen to do heavy, dirty and even dangerous jobs that city citizens are unwilling to do, such as cleaning urban garbage and construction, and the working conditions for farmer workers are much worse than those for urban workers. According to a survey, rural labourers in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province complain that they have to work 11 to 12 hours a day with noise and dust pollution. Also, even when rural and urban workers take on the same job, they don’t get the same wage. What’s worse, when they send their children to school, they even have to pay a high entrance fee. A rural labourer said, “We can never enjoy the same right as the urban citizens.” Then why do they want to stay and work in the cities? Making money and improving living standard are the two main reasons. While helping promote economic development in the coastal areas, this huge migrant population, at the same time, has greatly increased their own income. Furthermore, working in cities is really an eye-opening experience for them, which can expose them to advanced technologies and more colourful lifestyles. Could they permanently stay and work in the cities? Not yet. As far as city people are concerned, no matter what a prosperous life rural labourers are living in the city, they don’t belong to the city. As the problem is becoming more and more serious, experts urge the government to take some effective measures to make sure the rural labourers can enjoy the basic rights in the cities. Population mobility in China
Phenomenon ( 72 ) ▲ for rural labourers moving to the cities An increasing number of rural labourers are moving to cities, mainly from inland areas to (
  71) ▲ areas. The gap between rural areas and eastern cities has become(
  73) ▲ . In the cities, there are better job opportunities and therefore, more money can be (
  74) ▲ . Working in cities can expose the rural labourers to advanced technologies and colourful (
  75) ▲ . Most of the rural labourers have to do76 ▲ city citizens are not willing to do. These rural labourers have to work for a very long time every day. They cannot get the same wage 77 ▲ urban workers even though they take on the same job. They have to pay78▲ in order to send their children to the urban schools. They wish effective measures could be (
  80) ▲ to ensure the farmer workers can have the basic rights in the cities.
Working conditions farmer workers
Experts’ (
  79) ▲ to the problem
71 72 73 74 76 77 78 79
75 80
江苏省灌南高级中学 2009-2010 学年 第二学期高二英语小题练习 小题练习参考答案 第二学期高二英语小题练习参考答案 一 21-25 AABBC 26-30 DBDAB 31-35 DBCAA 二 36-40 BCBAD 41-45 ABDCC 46-50 DACBA 51-55 BDAAD 三 1-4 ACBB 四 71 coastal 72 Reasons 73 larger 74 made 75 lifestyles 76 what 77 as 78 more 79 attitude 80 taken



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