Module 8 知识点罗列: 知识点罗列:
Unit 1
The Written World
Grammar and Usage:

  1. They might not (mightn’t) have been written last year.
  2. It is not uncommon to find her reading the newspaper.
  3. I wonder whether /if I shouldn’t bring an umbrella.
  4. Pip’s sister seldom has a kind word to say. Exercises:
  1. Nobody throw away rubbish everywhere! A. can B. need C. shall D. will
  2. --Do you think the rain will affect the football match? -- The players are used to such rainy weather, so it make any difference to them. A. shan’t B. shouldn’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t
  3. I tried to persuade him not to smoke, but he listen to me. A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t C. had better not D. used to
  4. When we got to the cinema, the film hasn’t started yet, so we A. needn’t hurry B. didn’t need hurry C. needn’t to hurry D. needn’t have hurried
  5. our team defeated theirs was not surprising. A. What B. Whether C. That D. Which
  6. Little Jim should love to the cinema this evening. A. to be taken B. to take C. being taken D. taking
  7. Premier Zhou to be unforgettable in the hearts of Chinese people. A. proved B. regarded C. thought D. considered
  8. I have no doubt we shall be able to do something for you. A. whether B. that C. when D. if
  9. The experiment, though they had tried their best, to be a failure. A. turned up B. turned out C. turned in D. turned on
  10. I’ve tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means with my progress. A. the teacher is not satisfied B. is the teacher not satisfied C. the teacher is satisfied D. is the teacher satisfied
  11. Isn’t it time you down to the papers? A get, mark B. get ,be marked C. got, being marked D. got, marking
  12. With the food good, it was sold out soon. A. to taste B. taste C. tasting D. tasted
  13. It’s no longer a question now man can land on the moon. A. that B. which C. whether D. what
  14. Nuclear science should be developed to benefit the people harm them. A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. better than
  15. His failure in the experiment suggested that he his teacher’s proper instructions. A. shouldn’t have followed B. shouldn’t follow C. mustn’t have followed D. hadn’t followed
  16. The great changes have taken place carrying out the economic reform in our country. A. may not; unless B. never ; but for C could not; without D. would, bedsides
  17. I didn’t expect you can finish the work in three days, A. don’t I B. do I C. can you D. can’t you
  18. Sean’s strong love for his countries is in his recently published poems. A. relieved B. reflected C. responded D. recovered
  19. There have been several new events to the program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic

  1) appreciate vt. (appreciation)
  2) replace v. = to take the place of
  3) spare v. & adj. ~ no efforts ~ sb. time ~ room ~ time
  4. works n.
  5) resist v. ~ temptation. ~ laughing (reistance)
  6) recommend v. ~ sth. / sth. to sb. ~ that-clause (should + v.)
  7) different adj. different kinds of be ~ from (difference; differently)
  8) reminder n. (remind sb. of sth. remind sb. to do remind sb. that-clause)
  9) end v. ~ sth. ~…with ~ in ~ up with in the ~ at the ~ of by the ~ of come to an ~ bring sth. to an ~ carry sth. through to the ~ put an ~ to sth. or put sth. to an ~
  10. lead v. ~ a happy life / ~ a life of lead to ~ sb. to do sth. ~ sb. + prep in the ~ take the ~
Useful phrases:

  1. the antiques of the literary world 文学界的遗产
  2. be left to gather dust 尘封不动
  3. an old ?fashioned film 过时的电影
  4. an award-winning film 获奖电影
  5. best-known works 知名著作
  6. be based on 以…为根据
  7. a place in the world 在世界上有一定的地位
  8. be make into sth 制成… 9 . would rather do sth than do sth 宁愿做..而不愿做….
  10. at a time 一次
  11. in the early 1800s 十九世纪早期
  12. at one time 一度
  13. on stage 在舞台上
  14. be set in 以…为背景
  15. set sb free from…把某人从…中解放出来
  16. add… to..把…加到…
  17. have prejudice against sb.对某人有偏见
  18. add to 增添
  19. fancy meeting you here!想不到在这儿见到您
  19. add up to 加起来一共
  20. an educated person 一个受良好教育的人
  21.before long 不久
  22. be bent on doing sth.决心做…
  22. be seen as…被看成是
  23. take sb to court 把..送上法庭
  24. be forced to do sth 被迫做….
  25. make sth out of…用…制成…
  26. serve as 充当
  27. be filled with sorrow 满是愧疚
  28.have a talent for 有…才能
  29. pin sth to sth 把…别到… 30get caught 被抓住
  31. have talent for…有…天赋
  32. at the sight of…一看到
  33. let out a sad sigh 长叹一声
  34. a deal of 大量
  35. encourage sb to do sth.鼓励某人做…
  36. give away 泄露
  37.a dash of 一点儿
  38. earn one’s living 谋生
  39. shorten one’s life 夭折
  40. at the age of 在…岁
  41. mourn one’s death 悼念亡人
  42. donate … to …把…捐献给…
  43. the monument to sb. 某人的纪念碑
  44. tend to do sth 有做…的趋势
  45. be intended to do sth. 是用来做…
  46..consist of 构成
Important sentences:

  1) This makes them difficult for some people to read and the classics are left to gather dust on shelves.
  2) Pip dislike it when Joe comes to visit him in London.
  3) He pities Oliver, takes him home, and tries to reform him.
Games A. add B. to add C adding D. added
  20. One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to healthy eating habit. A. grow B. develop C. increase D. raise
  21. Is this raincoat yours? No, mine there behind the door. A. is hanging B. has hung C. hangs D. hung
  22. It is staying up late last night that my being late for work. A. got to B. ended up with C. devoted to D. led to
  23. If I drive in this city myself, I’ll probably get lost because I haven’t got good sense of direction. A. a; 不填 B. the; 不填 C. a; the D. the; a
  24. to nuclear radiation, even for a short time, may produce variants of genes in human body. A. Exposed B. Being exposed C. Having exposed D. After being exposed
  1. Martin Luther King is considered a hero because he spent his whole life fighting against racial p.
  2. The girl and her best friend were both t and nervous about the results of the examination.
  3. The panda is an example of an animal n to China.
  4. There is much u about the company’s future because the director is retiring this year.
  5. My English teacher that my composition was too long and that I had to s it.
  6. All of China m when Zhou Enlai died.
  7. By planting trees, we t the desert into an oasis.
  8. Many young people prefer to live and work in Shanghai, a typical u area in China.
25 ? Have you some new idea ? -- Yeah. I’ll tell you later. A. come about B. come into C. come up with D. come out with
  26.At the end of the meeting, it was announced that an agreement . A. has been reached B. had been reached C. has reached D. had reached

  27. House prices have increased greatly and they are the reach of those with average incomes. A. over B. within C. beyond D. below
  28. Although the old sofa too much space, they still held on it for future use. A. took up B. took over C. took place D. took on
  29. Their theory to be right after many experiments. A. is proved B. proved C. proving D. was proved
  30. The old man insisted that I his wallet and that I with him to the police station. A. take, go B. had taken, go C. took, go D. had taken, went
  31. With all the money out, he had to go hungry. A. run B. running C. to run D. to be run
  32. It’s reported that it will be many years scientists find the solution to this problem. A. since B. after C. before D. when
  33. It is clear that the Japanese Prime Minister’s constant visits to the Yasukuni War Shrine(靖国神社) have the disaster of Sino-Japan relationship. A. resulted from B. contributed to C. stood for D. concentrated on
  34. At a rough estimate, Nigeria is Great Britain. A. twice big as B. as twice big as C. three times the size as D. three times the size of

  35. Choosing the right dictionary depends on you want to use it for. A. what B. why C. how D. whether
  36. You may not have played very well today, but at least you’ve got through to the next round and . A. tomorrow never comes B. tomorrow is another day. C. never put off till tomorrow D. there is no tomorrow
  37.-- you him around the museum yet ? Yes. We had a great time there. A. Have; shown B. Do; show C. Had; shown D. Did; show

  38. in a recent science competition, the three students were awarded scholarship totaling $21,0
  00. A. Judging from B. Having judged the best C. Judging the best D. Judged the best
  39. ? Do you think the housing price will keep in the years to come ?
二、Fill in the blanks
Sorry, I have no idea. A. lifting up B. going up C. bringing up D. growing up
  40. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lectures. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. to interest

  9. Few people in the world find success easily or o.
  10. Mother Teressa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, has earned her r for kind help to the poor people in India.
  11. I don’t think classics are o and boring and have nothing to do with life today.
  12. Kent is a constant r of Pip’s shabby beginnings, so he made a decision to move from it to the bright lights of London without any (同伴).
  13. Pip changes from a pleasant young man into a very (浅薄的) one.
  14. Holding the 自制的) ( soccer gently in his hands, Kevin sat down on the old bench and waited.
  15. He experiences an (不正常的) childhood without any parents. B.
  1.The newspaper says that the newly released album and has become best-seller of the month. 报纸上说这个新专辑受到好评, 成了这个月的畅销品.
  2. Mary’s being hurt the uncertainty of our winning the game. 玛丽受伤了, 这增加了我们在比赛中获胜的不确定性.
  3. If you want to in the IT business you will have to your efforts.如果你想在 IT 产业界获得一席之地, 就得加倍努力.
  4. Painkillers have , so you should only take one pill .止痛药有副作用,一次应该只吃一片.
  5. As a mother, she any harm come to her child. 作为一位母亲,她情愿自己挨饿也不愿孩子受到任何的伤害
  6. Do you see the new building over there? We it our new laboratory.你看到那边的新楼了吗?那将是我们的新实验楼.
  7. Pip is an educated person. Pip 决心要做一个有教养的人.
  8. Kevin at the sight of his old ball, and a sad sigh. Kevin 一看到他的旧足球, 叹了一口气,充满了愧疚.
  9. Mike soccer. Mike 在足球方面没什么天赋.
  10. Mike a ball old socks . a piece of plastic. Mike 在旧袜子上裹了一块塑料纸做了一只足球.
M8 U1
一、Multiple choices
Keys to the exercises
二、Fill in the blanks
  1. prejudice
  10. reputation
  12.reminder ,companions 13shallow
  15. abnormal B.
  1.was well received
  2.added to 3 have a place ;double
  4.side effects, at a time 5would rather starve than see 6tend, to be bent on becoming
  8.was filled with sorrow, let out a sad sigh
  9.has little talent for 10 made out of, covered with


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