that colors have on human beings. They tell us, among those facts, that we don’t choose our favorite color as we grow up ? we are born with our preference. If you happen to love brown, you did so, as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly. Colors do influence our moods. There is no doubt about it. A yellow room makes most peopl e more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one. And a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day. On the other hand, black is depr essing. A black bridge over the Thames River near London, used to be the scene of more suicides(自杀)than any other bridge in the area ? until it was repainted green. Light and bright colors make people not only happier but more active. It is a fact that factory workers work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or grey.
  37. If you enjoy life, one is sure to prefer . A. red to yellow B. blue to orange C. red to grey D. blue to yellow
  38. Those who tend to be pessimists preferred the bridge over the Thames River near London to others because of . A. its shape B. its structure C. its color D. its building materials
  39. Which of the following is TRUE? A. People’s preference of one color to another is instinct. B. People’s preference of one color to another is learned as we grow up. C. More people love brown because they saw brown when they were born. D. Colors have litt le influence on our moods.
  40. If the bridge over the Thames River near London is painted in pink, perhaps the number of suicides will . A. rise a lot B. fall quite a lot C. be the same as before D. become larger
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第 Ⅱ卷
(主观题 共 45 分)
四、单词拼写(本大题共 10 分,每小题 1 分) 单词拼写 (A) 根据句意,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出括号内所给单词的适当形式。

  1. Lily and Rose are good friends and always keep their secrets to.(they)
  2. We think more public activities will help change his (active) life.
  3. The man kept remembering English words every day until he was in his . (forty)
  4. How amazing it is! I can’t believe what she told me yesterday. (simple)
  5. It’s said that the police have put up those (thief) drawings on the Internet. (B) 根据句意和汉语注释,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出单词的正确形式。
  6. (无论什么) decisions he made, I would agree with him.
  7. It’s really true that development never stops (贯穿) history.
  8. All children should be taught road __ (安全) from an early age.
  9. This kind of virus was (扩散) around the world in less than three months.
  10. Compared with the new buildings, the old ones seem even .(丑陋) 五、动词填空 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,并将答案写在答题卡标有题号的横线上。(本大题共 10 分,每小题 1 分)
  1. In the United States, lunch (offer) to students for free at school.
  2. He said that Simon was the closest friend that he ever (know).
  3. ? Sorry for being late again. ? (get) here on time next time, or your teacher will be angry with you.
  4. The computer can work again! it (repair) by you just now?
  5. We should make our hometown a more natural environment (attract) more people to come.
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  6. The girl devoted all he r time she had to (help) others.
  7. Should the bottle (shake) before I take the medicine?
  8. There (be) little water for us people to drink in the near future, will there?
  9. ? I called you at 4:30 yesterday, but there was no answer. ? Oh, sorry. We (introduce) the guests to the audience.
  10. ? Can you speak foreign languages? ? When I was at college I could speak three, but I (forget) all except a few words of each. 六、缺词填空 先通读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容和所给首字母,在空格内填入一个适当的词,使 短文意思完整。所填单词必须在答题卡标有题号的横线上完整写出。 (本大题共 6 分,每 格
  0.5 分) about the money, to England, the US or Australia. They also
Chinese are very generous when it comes to educating their children. Not c 1 parents often send their children to the best school or even a 2 want their children to take extra c 3 other classes that will give them a head s 4 in life. The Chinese believe that the more e 5 c 6
from which they will either learn a musical instrument or ballet, or
an education is, the better it is. So even poor parents will buy a to see the best education they can give their
for their son or daughter. However, most parents f 7
kids is usually very cheap. Parents can a 8 9
this by teaching practical skills like cooking, sewing and doing o many of the skills he’ll need later in life. Cooking
housework. For example, learning cooking will i 10
needs patience and time. It’s an e 11 12
but difficult experience. One can learn to work hard and finish his job s
from it and get much satisfaction and confidence.
七、完成句子 按所给的汉语,用英语完成下列句子,并将答案写在 答题卡标有题号的横线上。(本大题共 9 分,每小题
  1.5 分)
  1. 目前所有学生都全身心投入到复习迎考之中。 revising for exams. At the moment, all the students

  2. 他想知道是否他别无选择只能每天努力学习。 He wonders
  3. 有关“青少年问题”的话题很值得关注。
study hard every day or not.
The topics about “Teenage Problems” are .
  4. 当他回国后,向我们描述了日本地震后的面貌。 After he returned to China, he described to us after the earthquake.
  5. 学会与别人融洽相处是现代社会取得成功的主要因素之一。 is one of the main causes of success in modern society. 八、书面表达 (本大题共 10 分) 初中生活即将结束,假如你是李明,你想给校长写一封信,谈谈你在校学习、生活的感受以及对学校生活 的建议,内容要点如下:
  1、 三年来不仅学到许多知识也取得了巨大进步;
  2、 感谢学校老师给予你的帮助和教育;
  3、 将永难忘记学校的美丽和同学间诚挚的友谊;
  4、 委婉指出学校生活美中不足的地方并提出相关建议;对母校的祝福。。。 。。。 注意:
  2、第 4 点用两、三句话展开合理的想象;
  3、80 词左右,开头已给出,不计入总词数。 Dear Mr. Principle, We are going to finish school soon.
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六、缺词填空 (本大题共 6 分,每格
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八、书面表达 (本大题共 10 分) 书面表达 Dear Mr. Principle, We are going to finish school soon.
Sincerely yours, Li Ming 请在答题区域内作答, 请在答题区域内作答,超出黑色矩形边框限定区域的答案无效


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   摘要:结合自己对英语新课程标准认真深入的学习以及多年来英语教学实践中积累的经脸,从学生兴趣、学生自我意识、课堂结构之学习的自觉和竞争意识、师生关系等五个方面阐述我对优化初中英语课堂教学的看法和观点。 《国家英语课程标准》关于“教学中应注意的问题”部分指出:“在教学过程中,要始终体现学生的主体地位,教师应充分发挥学生在学习过程中的主动性和积极性,激发学生的学习兴趣,营造宽松、和谐的学习气氛……”有位名人曾经说过:“好的先生不是教书,不是教学生,乃是教学生学。”因此,教师应注意学生能力的培养,课堂 ...


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