初三英语综合练习 单项选择
  31. The weather in March is like baby's face. It changes quickly. A. the B. a C. an D. /

  32. Many people around the world celebrate Easter April 8 every year. A. on B. in C. at D. for

  33. There's plenty of food here. These lovely birds will stay here for weeks. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

  34. About of the players in that team are from Germany. A. third-fifth B. three-fifth C. third-five D. three-fifths

  35. China's "diving queen" Guo Jingjing will lead a team in the 2007 world Championship. A. 14-member B. 14-members C.14 members D. 14 member

  36. If you want to learn English well, you must practise as as you can. A. many B. much C. more D. most

  37. Mr. Brown travels a lot, and he always tells us in his class. A. something special B. anything special special
  38. Do you know who the first telephone, Bell or Edison? A. found B. founded C. discovered D. invented C. special something D. nothing

  39. Suddenly all the lights in the hall and nobody knew what happened. A. went on B. went out C. put on D. put out

  40. Selina, of the pop S.H.E., will teach you how gifts in her new book. A. make B. making C. to make D. made

  41. Mum has got everything ready for the picnic, so we buy anything. A. don't need to B. need to C. don't need D. need

  42. James lived a poor life before. But basketball his life greatly since he became a
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player in the NBA. A. had changed B. changed C. has changed D. will change

  43. The young man two children from the fire and became a hero of the city. A. saved B. will save C. saves D. is saving

  44. Miyazaki (宫崎骏), the famous Japanese cartoon director, a new film now. A. would make B. will make C. made D. is making

  45. important piece of news he has told me! A. What B. What a C. What an D. How

  46. He has never lost his heart even in his difficulties, ? A. did he B. didn't he C. has he D. hasn't he

  47. I'm sure you will solve the problem successfully . A. while you are working hard until you try it again
  48. I want to know London. A. when did she go to whether she has left for
  49. ?Excuse me. Do you have a table for two? -I'm sorry, there aren't any seats now. Would you mind waiting for a while? A. or B. and C. but D. so B. where she has left for C. whether has she gone to D. B. if you try it again C. before you work hard D.

  50. A: Excuse me, you're in the way. B: I'm sorry I can't hear you clearly. Would you please pardon? A: . A. That's all right me, you're in the way 词汇应用 A. 根据句子意思和括号中的中英文提示填空,每空一词. (共8小题;每小题1分, 计8分)
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B. OK. I'll say it again
C. Please go ahead
D. Excuse

  61. Many people don't understand the (重要)of the wetlands protecting.
  62. The little girl felt very
  63. Today is my father's when he saw his mother(激动)
birthday. (四十)

  64. He likes all subjects, English. (尤其)
  65. We're pleased to go hiking because of the weather. (please)
  66. Do you know the names?. (rob)
  67. I can't go because my mother is (terrible)
  68. My boys !Help to some fish. (you) ill in bed. I have to look after her.
B. 用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空,每空一词. (共7小题;每小题1分,计7分)
  69. My teacher is busy student's homework (correct)
  70. Would you please not me? (trouble)
  71. A year is into four seasons in China. (divide)
  72. When I went in, they were to go on a trip. (plan)
  73. Hobo asked Eddie why he was like that. (dress)
  74. Everyone has problems that them. (worry)
  75. much fruit every day and it can make you feel healthy (eat) 缺词填空 根据短文内容和首字母提示, 在下文空格处填入适当的词使短文完整. 每空一词) ( I was in a strange city and I didn't know the city at all. And what is more, I could not speak a word of the l 86 . After having spent my first day in the town center, I
decided to lose my way on my second day, since I was sure that this was the better way of g 87 to know the strange city. I got on the first bus in the morning, rode on it for several two hours p 88 happily enough.
stops , then got off it and walked on . The first Then I decided to turn back to my h 89
for lunch. After walking about for some 90 was that the only word I knew of
time , I decided I had better ask the way. The t
the language was the name of the street in which I lived and even that I pronounced badly.
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I stopped to ask a friendly looking newspaper s
. He smiled and handed me
a paper. I shook (摇) my head and repeated the name of the street and he put the paper into my hands I had to give him some m 92 and went on my way. Then I met a
policeman. I asked him at once. The policeman listened to me carefully. Smiled and took me b 93 the arm. There was a strange look in his eyes as he pointed left and right 94 . I thanked him politely and began walking on .
and left a
About an hour passed and I found that the houses were getting fewer and fewer and green fields could be s 95 on either side of me. I had come all the way into the
country. The thing left for me to do was to find the nearest bus station. 书面表达 A. 根据所给的汉语完成下列句子,词数不限.
  96. 在雨天我更愿意呆在家里. I at home days.
  97. 他是如此善良慷慨的人以致虽然去世三年,人们还记着他. He is that
,people still remember him.
  98. 我每天有很多作业要做, 没有足够的时间打篮球. I have every day, so I
  99. 梁朝伟被选上出演主角周瑜. Liang Chaowei ZhouYu.
  00. 现在越来越多的人们对保护野生动物感兴趣. Now more and more people
. 1
  01. 现在泰州是江苏最美的城市之一. Now Taizhou is in Jiangsu.
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B. 写作 Mike 是你班的一位来自澳大利亚的同学.他患了感冒,去药店买来一盒药, 向你询问服药方法.请你根据药品说明,向 Mike 解释,并告诉他如何预防感冒. 服用说明 【适应症】适用于感冒引起的咳嗽,头疼等症状. 【用法与用量】 反前口服. 一次
  1~2 片, 一天 3 次, 疗程
  3~5 天. 【不良反应】偶有瞌睡感. 【禁忌】服药期间忌鱼,酒,辛辣食品. 词数:80 左右 This medicine is used for curing cough, headache, and something like that caused by cold.
初三英语综合练习答案 初三英语综合练习答案 综合练习
单项选择 31-
  40. B A B D A 词汇应用
  62. excited
  63. fortieth
  64. especially
  65. pleasant
  66. robbers'
  67. terribly
  68. yourselves
  69. correcting
  73. dressed
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  50. A C A D C
  86. Language
  87. getting again
  95. seen 书面表达 A. 完成句子
  96. prefer to/would rather stay, on rainy
  97. so kind and generous, although he has been dead for three years
  98. lots of homework to do, don't have enough time to play basketball
  99. was/has been chosen to play the lead role of 1
  00. are interested in protecting the wild animals. 1
  01. one of the most beautiful cities B. 写作 Take one or two pills each time, and three times a day before meals. Sometimes you might feel like sleeping after you take it. But it doesn't matter. Don't have fish, wine or hot food these days while you're taking this medicine. And you'll be fine in three or five days. By the way, I think you'd better take good care of yourself and keep healthy. For example, put on more clothes when you go outside on a cold day; keep the air in your room clean; have more water, fruit and vegetables. And the most important of all, do more sports everyday to be stronger. I wish you'll be all right soon.
  88. passed
  89. hotel
  90. trouble
  91. seller
  92. money
  93. by
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