Welcome to the unit
Welcome to the Unit
Enjoy some beautiful ads
Enjoy some beautiful ads
Enjoy some beautiful ads
Enjoy some beautiful ads

  1. Where can we find these ads?
On billboards , on the Internet, in newspapers/ Magazines, on TV, in leaflets, or in buses etc.

  2. Why do you like these ads?
They are quite interesting, creative and we can get some useful information from them.
Observe the four pictures on Page
  1. Try to divide them into two parts.
Ads for social problems Say ‘No’ to drugs Oxlin Airlines Ads for sales Soft shine shampoo
Earth Day
Commercial advertisements
Public service advertisements
Poster 1
This poster is a commercial advertisement. It offers the Airline service. It uses “I love to fly with Oxlin Airlines. Taking airlines is a fast way to get to another place. In this way can much of time be saved.
Poster 2
This poster strikes us a lot. It is trying to show us that the birds have nowhere else to build their nets. They have to build their nets in the sky because all the trees have been cut down. It sends us a serious warning and tells us that we should protect the environment from now on.
Taking drug is harmful both to the people who take drug and their family. If someone takes drugs, he will become seriously ill. This poster is intended to educate people about health and problems in society and calls on people antito make an anti-drugs campaign and it also tell us not to ignore the problem around us.
Poster 3
Poster 4
This poster is targeting young people especially girls, because they pay more attention to their appearance. It uses persuasive words “Shine that lasts for days” successfully to persuade young people to buy this shampoo.
spokeswoman & spokesman
Obey your thirst. Just do it.
服从你的渴望。 服从你的渴望。 Sprite (雪碧) 雪碧)
只管去做。 只管去做。 Nike(耐克) 耐克)
More ads for you to discuss: Can you think about a good slogan for each ad
Protect water, Protect ourselves.
Enjoy your music, Enjoy your Sony!
Cherish your life!
Taiwan, China!
Shoes can fly! So do your dreams!
What are advantages and disadvantages of advertisements?
Advantages & disadvantages of ads.
Advantages Disadvantages
Mislead customers Provide information about latest products. or cheat them of money. Increase sales by Give false or incorrect repeated advertising. information. Cut costs of Take too much time newspapers and make or space on TV or newspapers. them cheaper. Make the public aware of social problems. Make teenagers want things that are bad for them.

  1. Look for more interesting ads and show them to your classmates next time.
  2. Make good preparations for Reading part.


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