交互英语 2 unit 1 23 132213 312 32211 drink ice lemon start think going have salad side back BAEDC 1324 221312 11211 12231 unit 2 23 13133312 113 1131 vacation fantastic island beach beautiful mile expensive anyone along stayed EDCBA 2413 231322322 11212
21321 unit 3 11 2221212 223 2113 DABEC 3122 13312312 22112 13212 unit 4 31 321233 322 2333 feeling cold nose throat cough breathe chest home soup day BCAED 1212 1213311123 12113 12111212 13212 unit5: b-a b-a-a-a-c-a-a-c a-b-a
a-c-a stay dinner store cook place drive turn straight miss find e-d-b-a-c b-a at at on down close in a-b-a-b b-a-b unit 6 a-c-c b-b-b-c-a party fun look outfit vampires people dress candy
dance player c-e-d-b-a b-c-b-b-a b-a-b-b-a a-b-b-a-a b-b-b-a-c-b-a-b unit 7 b-d a-c-b-c-a-a a-c-c c-a-c-c-c navigate stores side look best compare skywalk restaurants pizzas clothes b-d-e-c-a c-a-c-b-c any some some some any some
a-a-b-b-b a-b-c-c-b-a-c-a unit 8 b-c c-c-b-a-a-a c-c-b b-a-a-a-a difficult wrong dressed wearing school naked covered short heels shoes d-a-b-c-e c-a-b-a spending to speak to go enough should apply try to go to ask about to find out very too a-a-b-a-b a-b-a unit 9
b-a b-b-b-c-b-c c-a-b a-b-a-c-b good horrible food trip rude culture group museums experience boring b-c-d-e-a a-b-c-b-c b-c-a-c-a a-a-a-a-a c-a-b-b-b-a unit 10 c-b c-c-b-b-b-c b-b-c a-a-c-b-c place apartment bedrooms distance floors decorate
month utilities Pets washer d-a-e-b-c c-c-b-b-c b-a-b-c-a a-b-a-b-a a-b-b-c-b-a unit 11 c-a a-a-a-c-a-a-a c-c-b b-a-b-a-a house apartment parents born area from grew corner college money b-c-a-e-d a-c-a-b-a your yours They their them
b-a-a-a-b a-a-a-a-b-b unit 12 a-b c-a-c-b-a-c b-c-c b-a-a-a-a favorite American foreign Chinese Italian Mexican spicy eaten steak chicken b-a-d-e-c a-b-c-c-c b-b-c-c-a a-b-a-b-a b-b-b-b-c-a unit 13 cb bcbcbc bac aacca degree job
family business commute salary money maybe maybe important adbec bcbac acbaa abbab ccbaca 阶段测试: 新时代交互英语 level2 答案(test A) Sam Says,.... a-c-b-a-b Hi,Chris,.... was were did have spent much Kevin:.... Super Math... Well,I'm... What do you... We need... All you... Mm-hmmm... Then you... Kate asks... b-c-a-b
At the airpot... reserve browse delete fares Rob:Jenny... waitress nervous responsible punctual It sounds... c-a-a-a-b Doctor.... can have to Take make sure Dave.... a slice of tomato Some iced tea Dave.... a-b-a I saw you.... a-b-b-a
LOS-an-ge-les.... b-b-a Which.... a-b Nurse:.... c-b-b-c-c-a Can I.... a-b-a-b 新时代交互英语 level2 答案(test B) Kevin:Super.... How can add do click Where Voice:Thank.... calling at to is What does.... a-b-c-a-b Luis:.... mean have get
on Got Kate:Ana.... have a data nauseous aches fever pharmacy to get dressed single Are you coming.... b-a-b-a-c-b Laura.... supermarket cake florist blocks Take a right intersection Nurse:Hello.... am calling need feel make will too The should come Where take turn on
Emi:I am.... should take Pardom am packing Laura:.... to help make enough get might DRIVE away.... b-a Gil:I think.... a-a-b What are.... b-b-b-b-a 新时代交互英语 level2 答案(test C) Ana:What.... happen forgot baggage claim was What is.... c-b-a
Thank you.... are two view utilities furnished Luis's.... b-a-c-a-b Dr.Han.... interview delayed luggage baggage claim Let's meet b-b-b-c-a-a-a Need a.... ocean mountains tours river convenient Jack:.... told understood met have decided am
Max:hello.... were was studying met weren't didn't have First Then finally were you living Two children.... No No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No "talked" b-a Where's your.... b-a-b "apartments" c-a absoLUTEly.... a-a-b-b-a
Where's.... a-c-c Kate.... b-c-a-b-c 期末测试: 新时代交互英语 level2 答案(level test) Dave tells.... a-b-a-c So,Rick.... weirdest snail thing foreign cuisine meat eater vegetarian stuff favorite Chinese food is pretty great Dave:.... lettuce go It'll I really.... really nice of you
make a right out there fabulous bakery keep going I whould love it that doesn't sound too hard Does the.... a-c Richard:.... responsible browsing downloaded fare reserve The little.... c-a-c-a Two high.... waiter oders meals small business owner talented
Two friends.... fever prescription pharmacy Take a right blocks The friends.... Happy Birthday What did you say Oh,no I'm sorry at See you soon Answering.... Yes Yes No No No Yes 注意,此章节答案仅为我做的答案! 请注意题目是否相配! "suit".... c-b Here you.... No No Yes No
Shirt.... b-a-a "takes".... c -c c proJECT.... no yes yes Those are yes no no Rearrange the sentences.... The general manager is expected to give a speech at the annual meeting Sarah got three good job offers so that she can't decide which one to take up I was running late and missed my boyfriend by five minutes A good economy will help to bring the const of living down again Marry: a-b-a-b-c



   交互英语 2 unit 1 23 132213 312 32211 drink ice lemon start think going have salad side back BAEDC 1324 221312 11211 12231 unit 2 23 13133312 113 1131 vacation fantastic island beach beautiful mile expensive anyone along stayed EDCBA 2413 231322322 112 ...


   第二部 疯狂准备篇; 疯狂鱼骨理论 学英语到底要掌握什么?昏天黑地地背单词?脱口而出大量杂乱的句子?还是有一种更轻松、更灵活的方法?对了,那就是掌握句型。 一个简单的 I want to 句型,七情六欲任你表达。 I want to go swimming. We want our rights.【全世界示威游行用语!】 I really want to know why you didn't join us to celebrate his promotion last night. 如 ...


   New Era Interactive English 新时代交互英语 Viewing, Listening and Speaking Level 2 视听说第二册 课程教案 Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department Heilongjiang University 1 Unit 1 Part A I At a Glance Learning Objectives A Quick Lunch Topic: In a Restaurant ...


   答案(完整版) 新交互英语 4 答案新交互英语 4 答案(完整版) Unit 1 3/19 A soccer... his meeting... At a juice bar 8/19 He had to wear... They met in the lobby,went out to lunch... he wants to help... The company wants him... She's working on...star 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 ...


   Unit 1 3月19日 A soccer... his meeting... At a juice bar 8月19日 He had to wear... They met in the lobby,went out to lunch... he wants to help... The company wants him... She's working on...star 10月19日 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probably sometim ...


   第二焦点三最口腔肌肉训练法游泳是“游”出来的!钢琴是“弹”出来的!英语是“说”出来的!英语不是学出来的!英语不是分析出来的!英语不是做选择题做出来的!学习外语就是“训练口腔肌肉”,使之轻松地发出“陌生的外国声音”,变成灵活的“国际肌肉”;学习外语就是苦练脱口而出!只有这样才是真正地拥有语言!李阳疯狂英语独创的“三最”口腔肌肉训练法将复杂、冷酷的外语学习变成了简单刺激的游戏!训练方法:用“最大声、最清晰、最快速”的办法反复操练句子或小短文直至脱口而出。每次记录时间,争取打破上次成绩,也可互相比赛 ...


   李阳疯狂英语实战系列之 超级句型( ) 超级句型(1) 今日句型: 你真…….) 今日句型:You are…..(你真 你真 Top three sentence: 1. 2. 3. You are great! You are hopeless! You are out of my mind! 疯狂大操练: 疯狂大操练: (大喊大叫 大喊大叫) 大喊大叫 1. You are too much! . 2. You’re impossible! . 3. You are a son of a ...

李阳疯狂英语 2

   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   李阳博客摘录: 李阳博客摘录: 1. Everyone should believe that I can make a big difference. 每个人都应该坚信, 世界因我而不同。 2. Everyone is an ambassador for the Olympic Games. Everyone is an ambassador for the Olympic Games. 3. Be ready to smile! Be ready to help! Be ready to ...


   Unit1 1a/5 cbbac 1b/5 social college calss elective movement papers exciting interacting hard accent 2a/5 1b2c3e4d5a 2b/5 bbabc 3/5 acaba 4/5 ababb 5/5 bacbaa Unit2 3/12 ac 8/12 cababa 11/12 cbc 1a/5 bcacb 1b/5 book available king-size smoking prefe ...



   中国专有词汇的英语翻译 1、中国意念词(Chinesenesses) 八卦 trigram 阴、阳 yin, yang 道 Dao(cf. logo) 江湖(世界) the jianghu World (the traits’ world) e.g. You can’t control everything in a traits’ world. (人在江湖, 身不由己) 道 Daoism(Taoism) 上火 excessive internal heat 儒学 Confucianism ...


   英语四级考试语法结构与词汇应试策略(四) 8.根据词的同现确定正确选择项   同现即同一组词总会出现在同一个语义场中。考试题中出现的同 现现象主要是动词与名词的同现、形容词与名词的同现、名词与名词 的同现。   1)The government is trying to go something to__ better understanding between the two countries.(1997年6月 CET4)   A)raise B)promote C)heighten D ...

2010年小学升初中语文 数学 英语试卷及答案

   2010 年小学升初中语文 数学 英语试卷及答案 一、填空题。18% 1、圆柱体有( )个面,( )两个面的面积相等,它的侧面可以展开成( ), 长和宽分别是( )和( )。 2、一个圆柱体的底面半径是 3 厘米,高是 5 厘米,它的一个底面积是( )平方 厘米,侧面积是( )平方厘米,表面积是( )平方厘米。它的体积是( )。 3、一个圆锥的底面直径是 20 分米,高是 9 分米,它的体积是( )立方分米。 4、甲乙两地相距 20 千米,画在一幅地图上的距离是 10 厘米,这幅地图的比例 ...




   译林牛津版高一英语模块 2 第一单元重要词组和基础训练题 1.一个令人愉快、令人兴奋的经历 an enjoyable and exciting experience 2.对上课时间感到很满意子 be very happy with the school hours 3.和某人在一起感觉很自在 be at ease with sb. 4. 和某人讨论某事 discuss sth. with sb. 5. 做某事的最好的办法 the best way to do sth. 6. 赢得他人尊重 e ...