公务员考试别发愁??中人网助您考试无忧☆ 模拟试卷( 模拟试卷(五) 总分 100 分 I. Vocabulary and structure 15% Directions: There are 15 incomplete sentences in the following. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. ( )
  1. The company is starting a new advertising campaign to new customers to its stores. A. join B. attract C. stick D. transfer ( )
  2. John is leaving for London tomorrow and I will him at the airport. A. send; away B. leave; off C. see; off D. show; around ( )
  3. His idea of having weekly family meals together, which seemed difficult at first, has many good changes in their lives. A. got through B. resulted from C. turned into D. brought about ( )
  4. Modern plastics can very high and very low temperatures. A. stand B. hold C. carry D. support ( )
  5. What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has ? A. given out B. put out C. held up D. used up ( )
  6. Everybody in the village likes Jack because he is good at telling and jokes. A. turning up B. putting up C. making up D. showing up ( )
  7. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without his notes. A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on ( )
  8. Wow! I've burnt myself! How did you do that? I a hot pot. A. touched B. kept C. felt D. held ( )
  9. I couldn't . The line was busy. A. go by B. go around C. get in D. get through ( )
  10. Could you please tell me where you bought the shoes you yesterday? A. tried on B. put on C. had on D. pulled on ( )
  11. Please tell me how the accident . I am still in the dark. A. came by B. came upon C. came to D. came about ( )
  12. I think you'll grow him when you know him better. A. liking B. to be like
公务员考试别发愁??中人网助您考试无忧☆ C. to like D. to be liking ( )
  13. To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it into parts. A. down B. up C. off D. out ( )
  14. They started off late and got to the airport with minutes to . A. spare B. catch C. leave D. make ( )
  15. This picture was taken a long time ago. I wonder if you can my father. A. find out B. pick out C. look out D. speak out II. Close 20% Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best fills the blank. In his 1979 book, The Sinking Ark, biologist Norman Myers estimated that a(an)__16__of more than 100 human-caused extinctions occur each day, and that one million species __17__ lost by the century's end. Yet there is little evidence of __18__ that number of extinctions. __19__, only seven species on the endangered species list have become extinct __20__ the list was created in 19
  73. Bio- __21__is an important value, according to many scientists. Nevertheless, the supposed __22__ extinction rates are achieved by multiplying unknowns by __23__ to get imponderables (something that is difficult to measure or estimate). Many estimates, for instance, rely a great deal on a "species-area__24__", which predicts that twice as many species will be found on 100 square miles __25__ on ten square miles. The problem is that species are not distributed __26__, so which parts of a forest are destroyed may be as important as __27__."__28__", says Ariel Lugo, director of the International Institute of Forestry in Puerto Rico, "biologists who predict high extinction rates__29__the resiliency of nature." One of the main causes of extinctions is __30__. According to the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, what destroys __31__ trees is not commercial logging, but "poor farmers who have no other __32__ for feeding their families than slashing and burning a __33__of forest". In countries that __34__modern high-yield agriculture, forests are in no danger. In 1920, U. S. forests covered 712 million acres. Today they cover 717 million. Forests in Europe __35__ from 161 million to 282 million acres between 1930 and 19
  90. ( )
  16. A. figure B. total C. amount D. average ( )
  17. A. would be B. would have C. will be D. will have ( )
  18. A. anything like B. anywhere from C. anywhere near D. anything but ( )
  19. A. In a sense B. As a result C. In addition D. For example ( )
  20. A. though B. when C. since D. unless ( )
  21. A. capacity B. diversity C. productivity D. prosperity ( )
  22. A. batch B. crowd C. heap D. mass ( )
  23. A. inapplicables B. improbables C. impropers D. inappropriates ( )
  24. A. equation B. means C. coordination D. correspondence ( )
  25. A. when B. like C. though D. as ( )
  26. A. orderly B. widespreadly C. randomly D. densely
公务员考试别发愁??中人网助您考试无忧☆ ( )
  27. A. which place B. how many C. which time D. how much ( )
  28. A. Furthermore B. Likewise C. Nonetheless D. Therefore ( )
  29. A. undermine B. underestimate C. understate D. undercalculate ( )
  30. A. deplantation B. reforestation C. deforestation D. replantation ( )
  31. A. tropical B. territorial C. thermal D. temperamental ( )
  32. A. preference B. selection C. opportunity D. option ( )
  33. A. stack B. patch C. field D. plot ( )
  34. A. practice B. exercise C. apply D. follow ( )
  35. A. expanded B. extended C. enhanced D. enlarged III. Reading comprehension 30% Directions: There are three passages in the following. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. You should decide on the best choice. Passage1 There is a new type of small advertisement becoming increasingly common in newspaper classified columns. It is sometimes placed among "situations vacant", although it does not offer anyone a job, and sometimes it appears among "situations wanted", although it is not placed by someone looking for a job, either. What it does is to offer help in applying for a job. "Contact us before writing your application", or "Make use of our long experience in preparing your curriculum vitae or job history", is how it is usually expressed. The growth and apparent success of such a specialized service is, of course, a reflection on the current high levels of unemployment. It is also an indication of the growing importance of the curriculum vitae (or job history), with the suggestion that it may now qualify as an art form in its own right. There was a time when job seekers simply wrote letters of application. "Just put down your name, address, age and whether you have passed any exams", was about the average level of advice offered to young people applying for their first jobs when I left school. The letter was really just for openers, it was explained, everything else could and should be saved for the interview. And in those days of full employment the technique worked. The letter proved that you could write and were available for work. Your eager face and intelligent replies did the rest. Later, as you moved up the ladder, something slightly more sophisticated was called for. The advice then was to put something in the letter which would distinguish you from the rest. It might be the aggressive approach. "Your search is over. I am the person you are looking for", was a widely used trick that occasionally succeeded. Or it might be some special feature specially designed for the job interview. There is no doubt, however, that it is increasing number of applicants with university education at all points in the process of engaging staff that has led to the greater importance of the curriculum vitae. . ( )
  36. The new type of advertisement which is appearing in newspaper columns A. informs job hunters of the opportunities available B. promises to offer useful advice to those looking for employment C. divides available jobs into various types D. informs employers of the people available for work ( )
  37. Nowadays a demand for this specialized type of service has been created . because
公务员考试别发愁??中人网助您考试无忧☆ A. there is a lack of jobs available for artistic people B. there are so many top level jobs available C. there are so many people out of work D. the job history is considered to be a work of art ( )
  38. In the past it was expected that first job hunters would . A. write an initial letter giving their life history B. pass some exams before applying for a job C. have no qualifications other than being able to read and write D. keep any detailed information until they obtained an interview ( )
  39. Later, as one went on to apply for more important jobs, one was advised to include in the letter . A. something that would distinguish one from other applicants B. hinted information about the personality of the applicant C. one's advantages over others in applying for the job D. an occasional trick with the aggressive approach . ( )
  40. The curriculum vitae has become such an important document because A. there has been an increase in the number of jobs advertised B. there has been an increase in the number of applicants with degrees C. jobs are becoming much more complicated nowadays D. the other processes of applying for jobs are more complicated Passage2 In cities with rent control, the city government sets the maximum rent that a landlord can charge for an apartment. Supporters of rent control argue that it protects people who are living in apartments. Their rent cannot increase; therefore, they are not in danger of losing their homes. However, the critics say that after a long time, rent control may have negative effects. Landlords know that they cannot increase their profits. Therefore, they invest in other businesses where they can increase their profits. They do not invest in new buildings which would also be rent?controlled. As a result, new apartments are not built. Many people who need apartments cannot find any. According to the critics, the end result of rent control is a shortage of apartments in the city. Some theorists argue that the minimum wage law can cause problems in the same way. The federal government sets the minimum that an employer must pay workers. The minimum helps people who generally look for unskilled, low?paying jobs. However, if the minimum is high, employers may hire fewer workers. They will replace workers with machinery. The price, which is the wage that employers must pay, increases. Therefore, other things being equal, the number of workers that employers want decreases. Thus, critics claim, an increase in the minimum wage may cause unemployment. Some poor people may find themselves without jobs instead of with jobs at the minimum wage. Supporters of the minimum wage say that it helps people keep their dignity. Because of the law, workers cannot sell their services for less than the minimum. Furthermore, employers cannot force workers to accept jobs at unfair wages. Economic theory predicts the results of economic decisions such as decisions about farm production, rent control, and the minimum wage. The predictions may be correct only if "other
公务员考试别发愁??中人网助您考试无忧☆ things are equal". Economists do not agree on some of the predictions. They also do not agree on the value of different decisions. Some economists support a particular decision while others criticize it. Economists do agree, however, that there are no simple answers to economic questions. ( )
  41. There is the possibility that setting maximum rent may . A. cause a shortage of apartments B. worry those who rent apartments as homes C. increase the profits of landlords D. encourage landlords to invest in building apartment ( )
  42. According to the critics, rent control . A. will always benefit those who rent apartments B. is unnecessary C. will bring negative effects in the long run D. is necessary under all circumstances ( )
  43. The problem of unemployment will arise . A. if the minimum wage is set too high B. if the minimum wage is set too low C. if the workers are unskilled D. if the maximum wage is set ( )
  44. The passage tells us . A. the relationship between supply and demand B. the possible results of government controls C. the necessity of government control D. the urgency of getting rid of government controls ( )
  45. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. The results of economic decisions can not always be predicted. B. Minimum wage can not always protect employees. C. Economic theory can predict the results of economic decisions if other factors are not changing. D. Economic decisions should not be based on economic theory. Passage3 My father's reaction to the bank building at 43rd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York city was immediate and definite: "You won't catch me putting my money in there!" he declared, "Not in that glass box!" Of course, my father is a gentleman of the old school, a member of the generation to whom a good deal of modern architecture is upsetting, but I am convinced that his negative response was not so much to the architecture as to a violation of his concept of the nature of money. In his generation money was thought of as a real commodity(实物) that could be carried, or stolen. Consequently, to attract the custom of a sensible man, a bank had to have heavy walls, barred windows, and bronze doors, to affirm the fact, however untrue, that money would be safe inside. If a building's design made it appear impenetrable, the institution was n



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