Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad. The First Period Section A (1a??Grammar Focus) Ⅰ.Teaching Aims
  1. Knowledge Objects (
  1) Key Vocabulary sad, stressed out, soft, loud, have fun, angry, cry (
  2)Target Language I’d rather go to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant because I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating. Loud music makes me tense. Loud music makes me want to dance.
  2.Ability Objects (
  1) Improve students’ listening ability. (
  2) Help students to express their opinion freely.
  3. Moral objects It is important to choose a suitable place. It is good for your study and life. Ⅱ. Teaching Important Points The uses of “make” and “would rather” Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Points
  1. How to improve students’ listening and speaking abilities.
  2. How to help students to express their opinion freely.
  1. Warm-up
  1. Check the new word. (
  1) Check the pronunciation of the new word, lagoon. Get all the students to read the word together. Then have the students read the word by themselves and check in groups. The teacher can give some help about the pronunciation. (
  2) Show some exercises about the important points from 1a to Grammar Focus. It (rain) yesterday. (rain) days often make me sad. The (awe) pictures make Amy sad. Loud music makes me (happily). (wait) for her made me angry. Sad movies make her (want) (leave). Check the answers together. Get some students to tell the reasons.
  2. Free talk. Show two pictures. T: I like Picture 1 because it makes me relaxed. But I don’t like Picture 2 because it makes me sad.
Have students talk about the pictures like the teacher??I like… because it makes me…, but I don’t like… because it makes me… Step
  2. Lead-in Show another picture in 1a. One is the Rockin’ Restaurant, the other is the Blue Lagoon Restaurant.
  1. Get the students to look at the picture and describe it. For example, The pictures in the Rockin’ Restaurant are awful and the music is loud. The plants in the Blue Lagoon Restaurant are beautiful and the music is soft. (At the same time, teacher write them on the blackboard.) Then help students make conclusions: The awful pictures make me… The loud music makes me… The beautiful plants make me… The soft music mekes me… (At the same time, teacher write them on the blackboard.) T: Which restaurant would you rather go to? Ss: I would rather go to the …. (At the same time, teacher write them on the blackboard.)
  2. Practice the sentences on the blackboard. Step
  3. 1b T: What do Amy and Tina think of the two restaurants? Listen to the recording and fill in the blanks. Students listen to the recording for the first time to fill in the blanks. Then check the answers in pairs. Listen to the recording again and then check the answers together. Get students read the four sentences by themselves. Step
  4. 1c Do pairwork. Look at Amy’s and tina’s opinions in the chart. What is your opinion? Get students make new conversations in pairs and show them to the whole class.
  5. 2a Listening and numbering A boy and a girl are talking about their past experiences. Listen to their talk and number the pictures on page 1
  03. Listen to the recording and number the pictures. Then check the answers together.
  6. 2b Listening and checking Listen to the conversation once again. Before listening, go over the seven sentences said by Tina and John in the box on page 1
  03. Check √the things said by them respectively. Then check the answers each other. √Waiting for her made me angry. √She said that loud music made her tense. Loud music makes me happy. √Loud music always makes me want to dance. √It was so sad it made me cry. √Sad movies don’t make me cry. They just make me want to leave! It made me sad. T: All right now, you are supposed to read the tape script. While reading, try to circle the “make/s me + infinitive, make/s me + adjective structure”, underline the expressions and blacken the connectives. Step
  7. 2c
  1. Do pairwork Go over the activities in 2a and 2b. Then in pairs try to role play the conversation between Tina and John. You may make use of the examples on page 103 to begin with. Teacher can give students some help: John: Did you have fun with Amy last night? Tina: Well… yes and no. she was really late. Waiting for her made me angry. And we went to the Rockin’ Restaurant…. Get some pairs to show their conversations.
  2. Have students write their conversations down on their notebooks. Step
  8.Grammar Focus
  1. Let students write down all the sentences with “make” and get them to find out the use of “make”. make sb.+ adjective make sb.+ infinitive
  2. Show some sentences about “would rather”, help students find out the use of “would rather”. would rather + do Step
  9. Exercises ( )
  1. Usually soft music may make people . A. relaxing B. relaxed C. exciting D. excited
( )
  2. The movie made fell energetic. A. he B. his C. they D. them ( )
  3. Loud music always makes us . A. want dance B. to want dance C. want to dance D. to want to dance ( )
  4. his new sunglasses him look mysterious. A. Wears, make B. Wears, makes C. Wearing, make D. Wearing, makes ( )
  5. I’d rather in the countryside because in the cities there is much pollution. A. living B. lived C. to live D. live ( )
  6. I like to listen to quiet music while . A. eating B. to eat C. eat D. eated Then check the answers one by one. Step
  10. Homework Make up sentences using “make”. Give students some examples: Long movies make me . Hot weather makes me



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   Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad. The First Period Section A (1a??Grammar Focus) Ⅰ.Teaching Aims 1. Knowledge Objects (1) Key Vocabulary sad, stressed out, soft, loud, have fun, angry, cry (2)Target Language I’d rather go to the Blue Lagoon Restauran ...


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