2011 高考英语必考点 冲关训练 100 题
大家可能都知道,研究历届高考题,你会发现有些考点是每年必考, 有的考题几乎是如出一辄,格式一样(或几乎一样),形式一样,内容相似. 你如果不信,请看下列考题:
  1.is mentioned above, the number of the studentsin senior schools is increasing. [1999 A.Which B.As C.That D.It 答案:B

  2. is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month. [NMET 2001 A.It B.As C.That D.What 答案:B

  3. has been announced, we shall have our final exams next month.[2003 年上海春招-32] A.That B.As C.It D.What 答案:B

  4. is reported in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress. [2004 A.It B.As C.That D.What 答案:B
如果说研究十年高考能够洞察命题规律的话, 那么仿真练习更能 贴近高考,无论从命题上还是从技巧上完全或基本和高考相同。通过 题组将学生思维模式归类,多维透视,演示高考命题及解题轨迹。既 能体现高考水平,又能提高学生的应试能力。所以,我认为在广泛搜 集、多方借鉴的基础上,容百川以为海,删繁就简,归纳整合是有效
的复习方法。 本材料的特点: ★实用性上是其他材料无法比拟的。 ★定位准、材料新、质量高、指导性强。 ★追踪高考、真实模拟、重点突出。 ★题干的有效性、干扰性和启发性强。 ★抓住了常考点,练习了必考点,使学生少做了无用功。 ★真正防真,无论从结构上,还是内容上,设题技巧上,都可以和高 考题相媲美. 单项选择题考点透析
  1、命题原则 突出语篇、强调应用、注重实际、体现能力
  2、备考考点 ①动词和动词短语、时态和语态、情态动词、定语从句、情景交 际是重点。 ②冠词、代词、句型和惯用法是考查的新趋势。 ③主谓一致、非谓语动词、倒装、强调和疑问句等是重难点(考 查基本),但分值不大。 ④形容词、副词的级别及词性间的转化、连接副词、关联词、介 词等考量不大。
  3、备考知识 ①正确分析句子类型(简单句、复合句和并列句)正确分析句子 类型是正确理解题干、作出正确选择的关键。
②掌握核心结构,准确获取题干信息。 ③通读题干,全面理解语境。 ④结合生活实际和生活常识进行推理。 ⑤注意文化差异。
  4、解题方法和技巧 ①研究拟题意图,对症下药 ②句子结构分析 ③找信息词,求最佳答案 ▲④结构分析,简繁转化(还原法)如:下句: Rather than on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A.ride; ride ride;riding 题干实际上是个倒装句,将其还原成正常形式为:He always prefer a bicycle rather than on a crowded bus.这样我们就很清 楚地看出该句考查的句型是:prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.结构, 因此最佳答案应是 C.
  5、常见解题失误 ①不能摆脱母语干扰。 ②不能摆脱思维定势 ③不注意分析题干 ④忽略关键信息词 B.riding; ride C.ride; to ride D.to
⑤忽略(空格前后)附加信息。 05 高考必考点防真精练 100 点 ①--冠词
  1. I wonder what it feels like to be one of really rich. The Brows already have Rolls Royce and now they are buying third. A.the; the B.不填; a C.the; a D.不填;the

  2.What do you think about dress in the shop window? Oh, it's beautiful. She will be pleased if she can have it as birthday present.] A.a; a B.a; the C.the; a D.the; the

  3.On November 11, 2004, Palestinians learnt that Yasser Arafat, symbol of their struggle, died in Paris hospital. A.a; / B.the;a C.a; the D.the; the

  4.It's reported that nearly 150,000 people lost their lives in Asian tsunamis(海啸). Yes, news came as shock to me. A.the; a B.the; the C.a; a D.a; the

  5.How many people are still leading life under poverty line in the world? Perhaps one fourth. [仿 2004NMET(IV)-35] A.the; 不填 ②--代词 B.a; the C.a; a D. 不填; 不填

  6.It is said that Jack is very rich and goes to work in his own new car every day. What is he? , I am not sure. A.Somebody of a manager C.Anyone of a manager B.Something of a manager D.Anything of a manager

  7.As they are retired, Mr and Mrs Scott prefer a house in the country to spend their late years to in a large city. A.like B.it C.one D.that

  8.Have you got used to the Chinese food, Robert? Yes. But I don't like when a Chinese host keeps serving me the food I don't like. A.this B.that C.those D.it

  9.Excuse me, where's the tea-room ? It's right over there. Can I help you with? No, thanks. A.anything B.something C.nothing D.everything

  10.Can you come on Monday or Tuesday ? I'm afraid day is possible. A.either B.some C.neither D.any

  11.What's the difference between the first house and the second ? The first house has a garage while the second has . A.no one B.nothing C.neither D.none
  12.The house rent is expensive. I've got about half the space I had at home and I'm payinghere. A.asmuch three times C.twice times much
  13.We are leaving on June
  15. So why not come to spend days with us? I'm serious. A.all these last few C.these last few all B.these all last few D.all last these few B.much as three times D.three times as much

  14.She looks more beautiful when she wears her skirt. A.green tight new silk C.silk new tight green B.new tight green silk D.tight silk green new

  15.It's too late to go out now. , it's starting to rain. A.Meanwhile B.However C.Besides D.Anyhow

  16.This pair of shoes doesn't look good, but that pair is better, I think. A.rather B.less C.even D.hardly
  17.Shopping online canboth convernience and choice, but not websites aresafe enoung for shopping. A.charge;either B.supply; any C.offer; all D.provide; both

  18.When shall we start?
Let's the time for the trip. What about 8:30? Is that all right? [仿 2002 北京卷 25] A.set B.meet C.make D.take

  19. Would you like to come to the dinner party here on Saturday ? Thank you. I'd love to, I'll have to finish all my homework before the weeked, otherwise, my parents won't let me go.] A.because B.and C.so D.but

  20.Now Robert, a football fan in our class, rome of his daily allowance given by his parents in order to buy a new football. A.is giving away C.is putting away B.is throwing away D.is taking away

  21. John has put on so much weight recently that his mother has to all his trousers to his measure. A.let out B.give away C.bring in D.make up

  22.Those shoes won'tfor mountain-climbing. this pair be OK? A.help;Shall B.work; May C.do;Will D.get;Would

  23.Bill , often regarded as one of the best students in his class , to be student who cheated in the exam. A.came out B.let out C.sent out D.turned out

  24.I hadn't intended to get much from the business I ran the first year, while it so well.
A.went out
B.carried out
C.made out
D.turned out

  25.He took pity on the people in the flooded-areas and his clothes and quilts to them.] A.gave away B.gave out C.sent out D.threw away

  26.He might have his idea about the art at the exhibition much better if he had planned what he wanted to say. A.carried out ⑸--时态和语态
  27.Remember the first time we , Ed ? Of course, I do. You a song on the stage. A.have met;sang B.met;sangC.met;were singingD.have met;have sung B.worked out C.thought out D.made out

  28.I'm sorry, but there's no smoking room in this section on the train. Oh, I that, and I won't smoke again. A.don't know known
  29.Hi, Bill. I you in this city. How long have been here? A.didn't know; were B.don't kow; are C.haven't known; are D.don't know; were
  30.Sorry, Mum. I've lost my pen again. Iit! You never remember to put your things away after using them. A.knew B.know C.have known D.will know B.won't know C.didn't know D.haven't

  31.Has Tom finished his job yet? [仿 04 四川卷--25] I have no idea of it; he it this morning. A.has been doing doing
  32.I should very much like to have gone to the party, but. A.I'm not invited C.they won't invite me B.I won't be among the invited D.they didn't invite me B.had been doing C.did D.was

  33.He has much money at the beginning of every month, but by the end of it he__ have little left. A.can B.will C.must D.should

  34.Sally a book about China last year but I don't know whether she has finished it. A.wrote B.has written C.was writing D.had written

  35.Has Tom finished his composition yet? I have no idea, he it this morning. A.would write B.has written C.wrote D.was writing

  36.Why were you not at the concert last night ? Oh.I for a friend from Europe at the airport. A.watched watched
  37.Many new workers trained and in two months they will to build a new railway. B.have been watching C.was watching D.had
A.are; be sending D.will be; be to send
B.are being; be sent C.are; send

  38.I thought I was going to fail the exam, but I succeeded . A.first all B.in all C.at all D.after all

  39. What were you up to when she dropped in ? I for a while and some reading. A.had played; did B.played; did
C.had played; was going to do D.was playing; was going to do
  40. Have you telephoned your father ? Yes. He back next year. A.expects B.is expected C.will expects D.will be expected

  41. you the chief editor at the airport? -23] No. Heaway before my arrival. A.Had; met ; was driven C.Have ; met; was driven B.Have; met; has driven D.Did; meet; had been driven

  42.He simply repeated this year's work. He's the sort of boy who to anyone whatever failures he'a had in whatever he does. A.doesn't mention C.didn't mention B.hadn't mentioned D.hasn't mentioned

  43.May I speak to your manager Mr.Willians at five o'clock tonight?" "I'm sorry, Mr.Williams to a conference before then." A.will have gone B.had gone C.would have gone D.has gone

  44.The teaching building of our school for many times. A.has been added to B.has added to C.has been added up to D.has added up to ⑥--定语从句
  45.We saw a film yesterday afternoon , we had supper in a nearby restaurant. A.when B.which C.before it D.after which

  46.There comes a time in every man's life. A.that he needs to think C.therefore he has to work hard B.when he has to think D.then he will need it

  47.Although he knew little about the large amount of work done in the field, he succeeded other more well-informed experiments failed. A.which B.that C.what D.where

  48.On the third floor there are two rooms, is used as a meeting-room. A.one of them B.the largerof which
C.and a larger of of them D.the largest one of which
  49. Are you familiar with the music ? Yes. There was a time this kind of music was quite popular. A.when which
  50.He has got himself into a dangerous situation he is likely to lose B.that C.with which D.about
control over the plane. A.where B.which C.while D.why

  51.The passenger was very impolite to the conductor, , of course , made things even worse. A.who B.whom C.which D.what

  52. was known to all , Willian had broken his promise he would give us a rise. A.As; which B.As; that C.It; that D.It ; which
  53.John knocked at the door for nearly five minuteshis wife opened it. A.when B.before C.until D.as

  54.The thread of my kite broke and it flew away. I told you it would easily breakwas the weakest. A.where B.the place where C.for it D.where it

  55.They were surprised that a child could work out the problemthey themselves couldn't. A.once B.while C.then D.if

  56.I had been puzzled over the problem for over an hour without any result, all at once thesolution flashed across my mind. A.while B.when C.then D.as

  57.Sally worked late in the evening to finish her report her boss
could read it first thing next morning. A.because B.so that C.before D.or else

  58.much advice I gave him, he did exactly what he wanted to do. A.How B.However C.Whatever D.No matter

  59.Generally speaking, according to the derections , the drug has no side effect. A.when to take B.when taking C.when to be taken D.when taken

  60.Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up I could answer the phone. A.before B.as C.since D.until

  61. May I go and play with Tom this afternoon, Mum? No. You can't go out your homework is being done. A.until B.since C.before D.if

  62.The idea of fish being able to produce electricity strong enough to light a lamp is almost unbelievable, several kinds of fish are really able to do this. [仿 04NMET(III)--30] A.therefore B.and C.then D.but

  63.Is it true the rain stops , it will be as hot as in the summer here? [仿 03NMET--21] A.when D.that
  64. I watch TV, I'll turn it down and never make any noise. B.that when C.whenever
Good. you are doing should never disturb others. how import



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