中考综合练习题( 凯风教育 中考综合练习题(一)
I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure) 选择填空( ) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 (答案涂在答题卷上)
  31. Some foreign teachers will visit our school a time. A. in; week’s B. after; week’s C. in; weeks’ D. after; weeks’
  32. The 29th Olympic Games in Beijing next year. A. was held B. will hold C. has held D. will be held
  33. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’ll make beautiful card for my mother. A. a; the B. /; the C. /; a D. a; a
  34.We need three people if we must finish the work the day after tomorrow. I can give you two people, but I can’t give you three. A. another; another B. more; more C. another; more D. more; another
  35. Tom is only . I don’t think a boy should be allowed to drive. A. fourteen-year-old; fourteen-year-old B. fourteen years old; fourteen-year-old C. fourteen years old; fourteen-years-old D. fourteen-year-old; fourteen years old
  36. I can’t stop playing computer games, Dad. For your health, my dear. I think you . A. would B. won’t C. may D. have to
  37.Shall we go to Mount Tai next Sunday? I’d prefer at home rather than . A. staying; go out B. to stay; go out C. stay; to go out D. stays; going out
  38.Jenny wants to know if a hiking trip tomorrow. Of course, we will. But if it , we’ll visit the History Museum instead. A. will you have; rains B. you will have; will rain C. you will have; rains D. will you have; will rain
  39. Linda was unhappy when you went to see her, ? A. did she B. didn’t she C. was she D. wasn’t she
  40. Susan doesn’t speak English Ann, but her handwriting is excellent. A. as well as B. as good as C. as better as D. so best as
  41. We’re supposed to a way to solve the problem of air pollution. A. get on with B. come up with C. catch up with D. keep up with
  42. After the Great Wall, the visitors from Britain went to the Summer Palace. A. visit B. visits C. to visit D. visiting
  43. Maria fell asleep she was listening to music. A. after B.when C. while D. that
  44. and you’ll pass the English exam easily. A. Study hard B. Studying hard C. To study hard D. Studied hard
  45. Where’s your brother? I haven’t seen him for two weeks. . A. He has gone to America B. She has been to England C. He is going to Australia D. She visited her grandparents
  46. She knows the address because she has been there many times.. A. nearly B. mostly C. exactly D. hardly
  47.It’s very important for us middle school students to learn to ourselves from danger. A. stop B. protect C. prevent D. keep
  48.I haven’t seen John for days. Is he ill? . His mother is looking after him in the hospital. A. I hope not B. I don’t expect C. I’m afraid not D. I’m afraid so
  49. It was weather they had to stay at home.
A. such a bad; that B. so bad; that C. so bad a; so D. such bad; that
  50. Do you mind if I smoke here? . A. Err, you’d better not B. Yes, you can smoke here C. Of course, I don’t D. No, please don’t
  51.I can hardly hear the radio. Would you please ? A. turn it on B. turn it down C. turn it up D. turn it off
  52. Don’t all talk at once. . A. One at a time B. One by one time C. Each at one time D. One for each time
  53.When can I come for the photos? They be ready by 12:
  00. A. can B. should C. might D. need
  54..Why don’t we take a little break? Didn’t we just have ? A. it B. one C. that D. this
  55.What did you think of her speech? She for one hour but didn’t much. A. spoke; speak B. spoke; say C. said; speak D. said; say
  56.Are you free next Thursday evening? .Why? A. So do I B. Good idea C. I think so D. It’s noisy
  57.My photos have just been developed. I’d like to show them to you. Great! Could you bring them to school tomorrow? Sure. . A. Good luck B. Thank you C. The same to you D. See you tomorrow
  58.I lost my watch on the bus yesterday morning. A. Well done! B. My sorrow. C. Oh dear! D. Congratulations!
  59.Would you like to play table tennis with me this afternoon? . A. Let’s hurry up B. Yes, I’d like to C. Take it easy D. Just a minute
  60. Is this your first visit to Shanghai, Dr Brown? No, it isn’t. Oh, really? How did you like it? I enjoyed it very much. It’s a really beautiful city. A. I’ve been here twice before. B. I’ve never been here before. C.I can’t stand it any longer. D. I’ll come back very soon. Ⅱ. 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 (答案涂在答题卷上) I did very badly at school. My headmaster thought I was 61 and when I was 14, he said, “You are 62 going to be anything but a failure.” After five years of 63 jobs, I fell in love with a very nice middle-class girl. It was the best 64 that could have happened to me. I 65 I wanted to do something positive with my life because I wanted to prove to 66 that what people said about me was 67 . Especially her mother, who had said to me, “You have 68 at everything you have ever done.” So I tried hard with my 69 and went to college. My first novel 70 while I was at college. After college I taught during the 71 in high schools and attended evening classes at London University, where I got a 72 in history. I became a lecturer at a college and was thinking of 73 that job to write full time when I was offered a part-time job at Leeds
University. I began to feel proud of myself 74 was a working-class boy who’d left school early, now teaching at the university. My writing career took off when I realized my own 75 . Now I am rich and famous, have been on TV, and met lots of film stars. But what does it mean? I just wish all the people that have put me down had said: “I believe in you. You will succeed.”
  61. A. bright B. useful C. simple D. hopeful
  62. A. never B. sometimes C. often D. seldom
  63. A. low B. poor C. good D. useful
  64. A. support B. happiness C. surprise D. thing
  65. A. admitted B. decided C. planned D. told
  66. A. me B. them C. her D. it
  67. A. wrong B. right C. stupid D. foolish
  68. A. succeeded B. failed C. aimed D. fired
  69. A. experiment B. practice C. writing D. pencil
  70. A. came on B. came in C. came back D. came out
  71. A. day B. night C. month D. year
  72. A. graduation B. pass C. degree D. success
  73. A. giving in B. giving back C. giving out D. giving up
  74. A. there B. here C. it D. that
  75. A. style B. body C. room D. space
Ⅲ。在下列各句的每个空格内填上一个适当的完整的单词,该词的首字母或前两个字母已 在下列各句的每个空格内填上一个适当的完整的单词, 给。
  96. The father said to the son, “It gave me much p to hear of your achievements.”
  97. Our difficulties are i, but we’re confident of success.
  98. The professor was so kn that all the listeners admired him very much.
  99. I have something p to discuss with you, either my own or your intimate affairs(切身的事). 1
  00. If everyone makes a contribution to protecting our en, our world will become much more beautiful. (B)根据下列句子及所给汉语注解,写出单词的正确形式。 1
  01. Sometimes it’s very difficult to make a (决定). 1
  02. His father is very (耐心), but his mother isn’t. 1
  03. You can’t drive if you haven’t the driving (执照). 1
  04. Can you (可能) lend me 10 pounds? 1
  05. It was Madame Curie who (发现) the element radium(镭元素).



   中考综合练习题( 凯风教育 中考综合练习题(一) I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure) 选择填空( ) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 (答案涂在答题卷上) 31. Some foreign teachers will visit our school a time. A. in; week’s B. after; week’s C. in; weeks’ D. after; weeks’ 32. The 29th Olympic ...


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   英语 英语(English)是联合国的工作语言 之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言.英 语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日 耳曼语支,并通过英国的殖民活动传播 到世界各地.由于在历史上曾和多种民 族语言接触,它的词汇从一元变为多元 ,语法从"多屈折"变为"少屈折" , 语音也发生了规律性的变化.根据以英 语作为母语的人数计算,英语可能是世 界上第三大语言,但它是世界上最广泛 的第二语言.世界上 60%以上的信件是 用英语书写的,上两个世纪英国和美国 在文化 ...



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