Front desk/reception 前台/接待处 Front office 前厅部 Reservation 预订 Laundry 洗衣 Bussiness center 商务中心 Room service 送餐服务 Bar 酒吧 Lobby Bar 大堂吧 Cashier’s 收银处 Healthy room 健身房 KTV rooms KTV房
Public Area Banquet hall Conference hall Chinese restaurant Western restaurant Supermarket Operator Bellboy Floor attendant Receptionist Cashier Supervisor
公共区域 宴会厅 会议室 中餐厅 西餐厅 超市 接线员 行李生 楼层服务员 接待员 收银员,出纳 主管
General Manager 总经理 Front office department 前厅部 Front office manager 前厅部经理 Assistant Manager 大堂副理 Sales department 销售部 Sales manager 销售经理 Food and beverage department 餐饮部 Housekeeping department 客房部 Personal and training department 人事培训部 Financial department 财务部 Engineer department 工程部 Security department 保安部
1 How do you do? 您好 2 How are you? 您好吗? 3 Good morning(afternoon,evening) 早上好,中午好,晚上好 4 Good night. 晚安 5 Nice to meet you! 很高兴见到您 6 Welcome to our hotel! 欢迎光临我们酒店 7 Hope to see you again! 欢迎再次光临 8 Thank you! 谢谢 9 You are welcome! 不客气 10 I’m sorry! 对不起
Never mind. 没关系 12 Excuse me. 请原谅/打扰了 13 This way please. 这边请 14 Take care. 请慢走 15 Goodbye. 再见 16 Please wait a moment. 请稍等 17 See you later. 回头见 18 I see. 我明白了 19 Have a nice day. 祝您今天心情愉快。 20 It’s my duty. 这是我应该做的
21 I’m sorry to disturb you. 对不起,打扰您了 22 Please take this elevator. 请乘这部电梯 23 I’m glad to serve you. 很高兴为您服务 24 I’ll do it for you right now. 我马上为您去办 25 Please follow me. 请跟我来 26 After you,please. 您先请 27 Here you are. 给您 28 Please take a rest. 请休息一会 29 Wish you success in your work。 祝您工作顺利 30 Happy birthday to you. 祝您生日快乐
31 May I have your name,please? 我能知道您的名字 吗? 32 Can you spell your name,please. 您能拼写您的名字 吗? 33 I beg your pardon(Please repeat) 请再说一遍 34 Can you speak slowly. 您能说慢点吗? 35 Please sign your name here. 请在这里签名 36 Sorry to have kept you waiting so long 很抱歉让您 久等了 37 Would you pay by cash or credit card? 请问你是付现 金还是刷卡 38 Here is your change. 这是找您的零钱 39 Go straight on, please. 请一直往前走 40 Turn left(right) please. 请往左(右)走
Air conditioner Dressing table Night table TV set Bathtub
空调 梳妆台 床头柜 电视机 浴缸
Curtain Laundry bag Key Lock Lamp Carpet
窗帘 洗衣袋 钥匙 锁 灯 毯子
Pillow 枕头 Quilt 被子 Towel 毛巾 Bath towel 浴巾 A pair of slippers 拖鞋
Tooth-brush Soap tooth-paste Lotion Toilet paper Ashtray
牙刷 肥皂 牙刷 润肤乳 卫生纸 烟灰缸
Laptop Hairdryer Service guide Control panel 开关
手提电脑 吹风机 服务指南 床头灯
Luggage rack Safety box Switch Socket Mini-bar
行李架 保险箱 开关 插座 小冰箱
Hope you have a good time in our hotel.希 望您在我们酒店入住愉快 What can I do for you,sir? 有什么能为您 效劳的,先生 Anything else I can do for you,sir? 还有什 么能帮您的,先生 Please don’t worry. 别担心 It’s very kind of you. 您太客气了
Where is the lobby bar? 大堂吧在哪? It’s on the first floor 在一楼 How long will it take to the railway station? 去火车站要多久 It takes about 15 minutes by taxi 坐 出租车大概十五分钟 Where can I get my money exchanged? 哪里可以兑换钱
Is this your luggage,sir? 这是您的行李吗,先生 Let me help you with you luggage 我能帮您提行李吗,先 生。 Would you please show me with your room card?请问能出 示下您的房卡吗? May I have your room number,please? 请问您的房号是多 少? What are the service hour of the supermarket? 超市几点钟 营业
It’s from 8:00am to 10:00 PM. 从早上八点到 晚上十点 We provide 24-hour service here. 我们这里 提供24小时服务 I’m sorry,I’m afraid that is not allowed 对不 起。恐怕这是不允许的 Hope you will understand me. 希望您能理解 Thank you for you staying here. 感谢您的光 临
What time is it?
It’s 10:30 in the morning. 早上十点半 Please keep it. 请保管好
What do you think of our service. 您对我们的 服务有什么意见 Thank you for your comments. 谢谢您的意见
I’m sorry,we don’t accept tips in our hotel.对不 起,我们酒店是不收小费的 I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for the damage.您 必须要赔偿 We’ll give you 10% (ten percent) discount 我们 给您九折的优惠 Sorry to have caused you so much trouble.很抱 歉给您造成不便 I assue you it won’t happen again.我保证以后不 再发生了
Do you have reservation,sir? 先生请问您有预定吗 Let me check if there is a room available. 让我查下是否 有空房 May I know you arrival and departure date? 请问您的抵 离店日期是什么时候? Sorry,the line is busy now. 对不起,电话占线 You’re wanted on the phone,sir, 先生,有您的电话 Thank you for calling our hotel.感谢您致电我们酒店。 We look forward to seeing you soon.我们盼望您的到来。



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