Hotel English Training
? ? ? ? ? ? Spoken English 日常口语 Reception English 前台英语 Operator English 总机英语 Reservation English 预定英语 Business Centre English 商务中心英语 Concierge English 礼宾英语
Spoken English常用口语
? ? ? 迎接客人: Good morning sir/madam , welcome to our hotel ,may I help you? 提供帮助: May I help you?/Can I help you ? What can I do for you? Is there anything I can do for you ? 询问姓名、房间号、电话等 May I have your name? How to spell? (Helen) May I have your room number? (25
  13) May I have your telephone number? (152267348
  96) May I have your passport ,please?我可以看一下您的护照吗? Here you are. 表祝愿: Have a nice day with us. (祝您在我们酒店居住愉快) Enjoy your stay with us. Have a pleasant journey. /Have a good trip.(祝您旅途愉快)
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Spoken English 常用口语

  5. 客人离店时 : Thank you for coming. 谢谢您的光临。 We hope to see you again. 希望再次见到你 We look forward to seeing you soon.我们期盼着你的再次光临。
  6. 听不清对方讲话时: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. 对不起,我没有听懂. I’m sorry, would you speak slowly? 对不起,您可以讲慢一些吗? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear clearly, would you repeat it? 对不起,我没有听清楚 能在重复一遍吗? I’m sorry, I beg your pardon? 对不起,请您再说一遍好吗?
  7.请稍等时: Just a moment/minute , please . 请稍等。 Wait a moment /minute ,please . Hold on ,please.(别挂断)
Spoken English 常用口语

  8. 对客人等候表示歉意: Sorry to keep you waiting !/Thank you for waiting! 对不起,让您就等了!
  9. 感谢与回答 ? Thank you. (You’re welcome.) ? Thanks. (That’ all right.) ? Thank you very much. (It’s my pleasure. ) ? That’s very nice of you. (Not at all .)
  10.电话用语: 注意:(接电话人自我介绍时不能说“I am ……而要用This is ......speaking.” 问对方是谁时不能说“who are you?而要说who is this ?”) ? 如:Good morning ,this is Tom speaking ,who is speaking? ? 早上好,我是汤姆,请问您是哪位?
Reception English 前台接待英语

  1. Do you have a reservation? /Have you a reservation? 请问您有预订吗?
  2.Mr. Wang, Just a moment please. I’ll check the computer. 王先生请稍, 我查一下电脑。
  3. Please fill in the registration form ? Thank you. 请您填写一下登好吗?谢谢.
  4.What method of your payment, by credit card or in cash? 我可以知道您的付 款方式吗?是用信用卡还是用现金?
  5. May I have some deposit? 您可以付一些预付金吗?
  6.We are open daily from
  8:00 am to 22:00 pm. 我们的营业时间是从早上8:00 晚上22:
  7. I’m sorry, our computer is out of order. 对不起,我们的电脑出障了。
Operator English 总机英语

  1.Good morning ,operator, may I help you ?
  2.Good evening ,Arcadia International Hotel ,can I help you ?
  3. I’m sorry, sir/madam. The line is busy, would you please call back later or leave a message? 对不起先生/小姐。电话占线,您是稍后再拔还是需要留言呢?
  4.May I have your room number and wake-up call time? 我可以知道您的房号 和叫醒时间吗? (morning call )
  5.Good morning, Mr. Wang. This is your wake-up call at six o’clock. Have a nice day. 早上好王先生,这是您的叫醒电话,祝您愉快
  6. One moment please, I will transfer your call to the reception to check for you. (put……through)把…转到… 请稍等,我帮您把电话转到前台查询一下。
Operator English 总机英语

  1. Our hotel telephone number is 52588
  88.Located inYunHeDistrict ,Cangzhou, Hebei China 0610
  01. 我们酒店的电话号码是52588
Reservation English 预定英语

  1.Good morning, reservation, may I help you? 您好,预订部 ,需要什么帮吗?
  2.We have standard room, deluxe room, suite room and so on. Room rate is 288RMB,358RMB,and518RMB.What kind of room do you like?我们酒店有标准间,豪华间,和套房。房价分别是…..,你想要什么样 房间?
  3. Would you like a single room or a double room? 您是要单人间还是双人间?
  4. When do you check in? 请问你什么时候入住?
  5.When do you check out ? 请问你什么时候退房?
  6. How long will you stay in the hotel? 你在酒店打算住多久?
Business Centre English

  1.May I have your fax number? 我可以知道您的传真号码吗?
  2. Excuse me, how many pieces? 请问您,复印多少份?
  3.Too light, Too Dark (复印件)太浅,太深。
  4.Excuse me, where to? /which Country? 请问,发传真到哪儿?发到哪个 国家?
  5. We offer typing in English and Chinese. 我们提供中英文打字服务。
  6.A4 size copying is two Yuan per page. 复印一张A4的纸需付2元钱。
  7. Our hotel fax number is 52599
  99. 我们酒店的传真号是52599
  8. It offers a wide range of services including typing ,photocopy, fax, IDD&DDD, air ticket booking service and so on. 商务中心提供广泛的服务,包括打字、复印、传达室真、国际国内直拨电话 机票预订等等。
Concierge English 礼宾英语

  1.Excuse me , may I take your luggage? 请问,我可以帮您拿行李吗?
  2. How many pieces of luggage do you have? 我可以知道您有多少件行李 吗?
  3. This way,please .请走这边。
  4. Follow me , please .请跟我来。
  5. After you . 您先请。
  6. Go on ,please. 请继续说。
  7. Please be careful. 请小心。
  8. Have a pleasant journey. /Have a good trip. 祝您旅途愉快。



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