Unit 1
  1.listen to tapes
  2.ask the teacher for help
  3.make flashcards
  4.watch English-language videos
  5.read aloud
  6.practice pronunciation
  7.speaking skills
  8.too …to
  9.ask about
  10.the best way to learn English
  11.specific suggestions
  12.watch the actors say the words
  13.find watching movies frustrating
  14.get lots of writing practice
  15.not at all
  16.get excited
  17.end up doing sth.
  18.spoken English
  19.practice speaking English
  20.join an English club
  21.laugh at
  22.make up conversations
  23.first of all
  24.to begin with
  25.write down
  26.later on
  27.write my own original sentence
  28.do a survey
  29.It’s difficult for sb to do
  30.make mistakes in grammar
  31.get the pronunciation right
  32.It doesn’t matter.
  33.be afraid to do sth/be afraid of doing sth/ be terrified to do sth /be sth. terrified of doing
  34.make complete sentences
  35.help a lot
  36.help a little
  37.one of the secrets
  38.take notes
  39.a good language learner
  40.start doing /start to doing
  41.enjoy doing sth.
  42. be impressed

  43.have difficulty doing sth/have problems doing sth/have trouble doing sth
  44.look up …in a dictionary
  45.win a prize
  46.deal with /do with
  47.worry about
  48.be angry with /be mad at
  49. stay angry
  50.Time goes by.
  51. see sb doing sth
  52.have disagreements
  53.solve a problem
  54.regard problems as challenges
  55.complain about
  56.change sth into /turn …into
  57.It’s our duty to do sth
  58.try one’s best to do /do one’s best to…
  59.with the help of sb./with one’s help
  60.compare …to …
  61.do one’s duty
  62.paint pictures Unit 2
  1.used to do …
  2.be used to doing …
  3.be used to do …
  4.be used by sb.
  5.What does he look like?
  6.What did he use to look like?
  7.start school
  8.be worried about
  9.all the time /always
  10.walk to school
  11.take the bus
  12.my biggest problem
  13.these days /at present /now /at the moment
  14.get up early
  15.stay at school all day
  16.go right home
  17.sb. spend time doing sth
  18.not any more/no longer
  19.chat with sb.
  20.take sb. to concerts
  21.hardly ever

  22.How I’ve changed!
  23.How time flies!
  24.in the last few years
  25.my daily life/my everyday life
  26.make you stressed out
  27.join sb
  28.take part in …/join in…
  29.move to …
  30.grow hair long
  31.He seems tired./He seems to be tired./It seems that he is tired.
  32.make lots of trouble/cause lots of trouble
  33.get bad grades
  34.a 15-year-old kid/a kid of 15 years old
  35.a problem child
  36.a recent conversation
  37.can’t afford sth/can’t afford to do sth
  38.pay for
  39.take care of sb/look after sb
  40.take good care of sb /look after sb well
  41.be interested in studying
  42.get into trouble with the police
  43.be patient with…
  44.give up doing sth/stop doing sth
  45.at last /in the end /finally
  46.make a decision to do sth /decide to do sth
  47.send stb to …
  48.It’s necessary for sb to do sth
  49.to one’s surprise
  50.even though /even if
  51.be proud of /take pride in
  52.make sb do
  53.pay attention to
  54.pay full attention to…
  55.It’s very important for parents to be there for their children .
  56.feel good about oneself
  57.a boys’ boarding school Unit3
  1.a sixteen-year-old child
  2.get to class late
  3.be strict with sb.
  3.be strict in sth.
  4.fail a test

  5.at present
  6.have Fridays off
  7.an old people’s home
  8.pass a test
  9.the other day
  10.concentrate on…
  11.reply to
  12.get ears pierced
  13.a part-time job
  14.go to the mall
  15.driver’s license
  16.not serious enough
  17.instead of
  18.on school nights
  19.go to the movies
  20.stay up /sit up
  21.clean up
  22.take a test
  23.school uniforms
  24.look smart
  25.would like to do sth.
  26.be good for …
  27.keep sb. happy
  28.start an English club
  29.an English-English dictionary
  30.an English-Chinese dictionary
  31.basketball practice
  32.a real mess
  33.The coat looks good on you./You look nice in the coat.
  34.at least
  35.eight hours’ sleep/eight-hour sleep
  36.ten minutes’ walk/ten-minute walk
  37.perform a play
  38. a primary school
  39.write for a newspaper
  40.volunteer at the newspaper office
  41.once a week
  42.be sleepy
  43.in the newsletter
  44.make my own decisions /make decisions for myself
  45.get in the way of…
  46.a running star

  47.on the school running team
  48.a professional athlete
  49.achieve one’s dreams
  50.have an opportunity to do sth.
  51.the importance of working hard
  52.be of great importance to sb.
  53.be serious about …
  54.very few people
  55.a very difficult dream to achieve
  56.care about
  57.Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.
  58.spend time on sth.
  59.be unhappy with sb.
  60.be pleased with sb Unit4
  1.share…with sb
  2.put it in the bank
  3.give it to charity
  4.medical research
  5.If I were you ,I would wear a shirt and tie.
  6.give advice on…
  7.what if…
  8.everyone else
  9.What would you do if you had a million dollars?
  10.I hope I could fly to the moon.
  11.get pimples
  12.take a big exam
  13.help with this problem
  14.take a long walk
  15.in public/in a public place
  16.do a personality survey
  17.give a speech /make a speech
  18.in front of the whole school
  19.without permission
  20.be in a movie
  21.be friends with sb.
  22.have a cold
  23.introduce oneself to…
  24.wait for sb. to do sth.
  25.invite sb. to do sth.
  26.not …in the slightest/not …at all

  27.annoy sb.
  28.come to sb.
  29.rather than
  30.would rather do than do
  31.all day
  32.have confidence in sb.
  32.be confident of doing sth.
  33.at lunch time
  34.an English speech contest
  35.represent the class in the school contest
  36.come top in the school exams
  37.let …down
  38.come up with … /think of/think up
  39.the solution to the problem
  40.know of …
  41.be faced with…,face sth
  42.a first-aid book
  43.on the nearby shelf
  44.have a lot of experience dealing with teenagers
  45.have experience in sth.
  46.come out
  47.by accident /by chance
  48.cover sth. With sth.
  49.be covered with …
  50.fall downstairs
  51.hurry to…
  52.medical help
  53.find out
  54.put the burned area under cold running water
  55.get along (well) with…/get on (well) with…
  56.plenty of …
  57.in history
  58.hide sth. from sb.
  59.ask sb for advice Unit5
  1.The magazine belongs to Carla./The magazine is Carla’s.
  2.Hemingwei is her favorite author.
  3.classical music
  4.He might know the way to the hospital.
It’s possible that he knows the way to the hospital.
  5.Jack must be selling cars./It’s certain that Jack is selling cars.
  6.The house can’t belong to that woman. /It is certain that the house isn’t that woman’s.
  7.the lock on the door
  8.the key to the door
  9.a set of keys
  10.go to the concert
  11.have a concert/take a concert /listen to a concert
  12.give a concert/hold a concert
  13.during the concert
  14.in the symphony hall
  15.be at one’s appointment
  16.have an appointment with sb
  17.make up 30% of the final exam /count 30% to the final exam
  18.worry about sb/be worried about sb/be anxious about sb
  19.What does “anxious” mean?/What’s the meaning of “anxious”?/What do you mean by “anxious”
  20.because of /thanks to
  21.make a movie/be in a movie
  22.a strange creature
  23.in Bell Tower neighborhood
  24.in our neighborhood
  25.What happened to the girl just now? She had a traffic accident.
  26.have fun
  27.the local school teacher
  28.in the hallway
  29.There is a shop selling school things in our school.
  30.There is a girl crying over there.
  31.get in the window
  32.in front of her house
  33.the director of the local zoo
  34.escape from… Unit6
  1.prefer…to…/like …better than…

  2.remind of
  3.Yellow River
  4.suit sb fine
  5.to be honest
  6.be bad for…
  7.be good for …
  8.keep away from/stay away from
  9.be in agreement
  10.tag question
  11.dance to music
  12.sing along with music
  13.I like music that I can dance to.
  14.I prefer music that I can sing along with .
  15.I prefer musicians who play different kinds of music
  16.What kind of music do you like?
  17.What’s the name of your favorite CD?
  18.What do you dislike about this CD?
  19.What do you think of this CD?/How do you like this CD ?
  20.Brazilian dance music
  21.That’s not really important to me.
  22.over the years
  23.look for entertainment
  24.It does have a few good features.
  25.be sure to do
  26.at the Lido Gallery
  27.in the world today/in the modern world
  28.one of the best-known Chinese photographers
  29.in this exhibition
  30.on show/on display/on exhibition
  31.photos of people
  32.photos of the countryside
  33.interest sb
  34.world class
  35.whatever, however, whoever ,wherever
  36.musical groups with pretty strange names
  37.see sb come and go
  38.make us happy
  39.go on vacation
  40.There’s nothing better.
  41.can’t stand
  42.make me feel sick

  43.write a reply to sb
  44.have to be honest and say
  45.a good place to visit
  46.Chinese music concert
  47.tradinional music
  48.go for Italian food
  49.many different kinds of food
  50.my host family
  51.take sb to an Indian film festival
  52.I only eat food that tastes good.
  53.keep healthy/stay healthy
  54.a group of young people
  55.get together
  57.fast food
  58.junk food
  59.French fries
  60.healthy food
  61.it’s been found in laboratory testing that…
  62.some types of oil
  63.cause cancer
  64.increase the risk of cancer
  65.increase by …
  66.increase to …
  67.The population has increased by 200000 to 500000
  68.well cooked
  69.a balanced diet
  70.The main thing is to have a good balance.
  71.an exclamation
  72.a contraction
  73.tasty food
  74.a strict vegetarian
  75.fried food
  76.on a hot day Unit 7
  1.hold on to
  2.one day/some day
  3.take it easy
  5.hope to do
  6.plan on doing sth.
  7.lots to do
  8.in general
  9.thousands of
  11.be willing to do
  12.quite a few/not a few /a good few

  13.dream of /dream about
  14.come true
  15.trek through the jungle
  16.in the Amazon jungle
  17.fly over the Pacific
  18.a tired person
  19.a tiring job
  21.a fascinating love story
  22.go trekking
  24.an exciting vacation
  25.stressed out
  26.on beach
  27.Niagara Falls
  28.Eiffel Tower
  29.Notre Dame Cathedral
  30.in Florida
  31.in Hawaii
  32.in San Francisco
  33.Why don’t we all go to San Francisco together? It has everything-beautiful views, friendly people, exciting things to do…
  34.pay for
  35.travel spotlight
  36.consider doing sth.
  37.For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Paris?
  38.the capital of France
  39.one of the liveliest cities
  40.one of the most famous churches
  41.fantastic sights
  42.take the underground train
  43.quite an expensive place
  45.brainstorm a list of…
  46.a summer job
  47.at a travel agency
  48.go somewhere warm
  49.where would you like to visit?
  50.where would you like to go on vacation?
  51.I’d love to somewhere relaxing.
  52.I hope to go to France someday.
  53.It’s best to do…/had better do sth.
  54.What else can you tell me?
  55.take a trip

  56.provide sb with sth./provide sth. for sb.
  57.some information on…/about…
  58.Would you mind closing the door? Not at all. I’ll do it right away.
  59.Would you mind me/my smoking here? Please don’t. I’m having a cough.
  60.do lots of outdoor activities
  61.a room with a kitchen
  62.save money
  63.Could you please give me some suggestions?
  64.this time of year
  65.pack some light clothes
  66.pack some warm clothes
  67.I’d love to sail across the Pacific.
  68.walk across the desert
  69.flow through the desert
  70.in the future
  71.the findings of a survey
  72.thousands of students across China
  73.continue doing sth./continue to do sth.
  74.go to university
  75.according to
  76.all kinds of
  77.at the 2008 Olympics
  78.work as tour guides
  80.less realistic dreams
  82.achieve one’s dream
  83.have a good education
  84.It is very important to dream, so hold on to your dream; one day they may just come true. Unit8
  1.work outside
  2.clean up
  3.help to do sth.
  4.help sb do sth./help sb. to do sth./help sb with sth.
  5.give out/hand out
  6.cheer up
  7.sick children/sick kids
  8.in an after-school study program
  9.Clean-Up Day
  10.think up/come up with/think of
  11.put off

  12. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.=two weeks away=in two weeks’ time
  13.write down
  14.put up
  15.call up sb.=call sb.=phone sb.=ring up sb.
  16.set up/establish/start
  17.volunteer to do sth.
  18.volunteer sth. to do sth.(eg. They volunteer their time to help people.)
  19.It takes sb. some time to do sth./ sb. take some time to do sth./sb. spend time doing/in doing/ on sth.
  20.sth. takes sb. some time.
  21.put sth. to good use
  22.put sth. to bad use
  23.elementary school /primary school
  24. junior high school (美)junior middle school(英)
  25.senior high school(美) senior middle school (英)
  27.not only…but also…(eg.
  1.Not only we students but also the teacher likes playing games.
  2.Not only the teacher but also we students like playing games.
  3.Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do.)
  28.sb. use out of sth./use sth. up
  29.take after/look like/be similar to
  30.fix up/repair /mend
  31.give away/donate
  32.work out
  33.make a pen pal website
  34.hang out
  35.thank sb.
  36.thank sb. for sth./doing sth
  37.appreciate sth.
  38.help sb. out 3
  9.at once/ right away 4
  0.send sb sth./ send sth. to sb.
  42.homeless people
  43.be home to …
  44. a major commitment
  45.in the after-school care center
  46.a call-in center

  47.disabled people
  48.Animal Helpers Unit9
  1. What’s this ? It’s a heated ice cream scoop. What’s it used for? It’s used for scooping cold ice cream. Who was it invented ?It was invented by Chelsea. When was it invented ? It was invented last year .
  2. What are these ?They are battery-operated slippers. What were they used



   Generated by Foxit PDF Creator Foxit Software http://www.foxitsoftware.com For evaluation only. 资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 2 end up 3 make mistakes in sth 4 later on 5 be afra ...


   Unit 1 重点词组: 1.by making flashcards 经过做单词抽认卡 2. ask…for help 向某人求助 3.read aloud 朗诵 4.that way (=in that way) 经过那种方式 5.improve my speaking skills 进步我的会话技巧 6.for example (=for instance)例如 7.have fun 玩得快乐 8.have conversations with friends 与朋友对话 9.get e ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 2 end up 3 make mistakes in sth 4 later on 5 be afraid to do sth be afraid of sth/sb 6 laugh at sb 7 take notes=write down t ...


   仁爱版英语七年级下重点词组归纳 Unit 5 Our School Life Topic1 How do you go to school? 一、重点词语: 1. wake up 醒来,唤醒 get up 起床 2. go to school 去上学 go home 回家 3. go dancing / shopping / skating / swimming 去跳舞;购物、滑冰;游泳 go doing something 可用于表达去进行某种娱乐休闲活动。 4. 表示交通方式: on f ...


   初中英语重点词组 1. 初中英语教材中共出现近 500 个词组,其中 有一部分为常用词组,要求能熟练运用。 2. 在学习中,要注意词组的积累,特别要注意 介词词组和短语动词的积累。 9) be born 出生 10) be on 在进行,在上演, (灯)亮着 11) be able to do sth. 能够做…… 12) be afraid of (to do sth. that …) 害怕……(不敢 做……,恐怕……) 3. 对固定词组的意义,切不可望文生义。例如, 13) be ang ...


   Make ★be made to do do ★make +adj ★ be made in of【布,丝绸】 (看清楚材料的) from【木头】 (看不清原材料) Need 1.动词: (don’t)need sb/sth need to do ★need sb to sth 2.情态动词:need (not)…. 3.名词:people in need to do sth Hope +(that)从句 (I/you+can / could / will)或 一般现在时表将来 litter ...


   实用宝典: 实用宝典:英语四六级常考重点词组 四、六级常考重点词组 abide by,conform to , comply with 遵守 (be) abundant in(be rich in) 富于,富有 of one’s own accord(willingly)自愿地 ,主动地 in accordance with (according to) 依照,根据 in terms of 根据 take…into account(take into consideration)把..。考虑 ...


   高中英语重点词汇、词组辨析 1. above all, after all, at all, in all above all表示“最重要,首先”,常置于句首或句中,作插入语,起强调作用。 Above all, we have won the game. after all表示“毕竟,终究,终归,到底”,在句中位置较灵活。 Jessica has turned out to be a nice girl after all. at all表示“根本”。 I don’t like Mexic ...


   人教版高一至高三课文经典句子及重点词组归纳(附详解 附详解) 人教版高一至高三课文经典句子及重点词组归纳 附详解 1?2(BII): 1. This is the first time that I have ever tasted this kind of food. (It is the first time that…) 2. Only in this way can you learn English well. (Only in this way can/will/…sb. do ...


   外研新标准初中英语重点词组 ★成功之路 中考重点词组★ 1 table tennis 乒乓球 2 in front of 在…前面 3 dining hall 饭厅,饭堂 5 next to 在..旁边 6 have got 拥有 7 ice cream 冰淇淋 8 let us 让我们 9 what about 怎么样? 10 get up 起床 11 go home 回家 12 a pair of 一双;一对_ 13 lots of 大量;许多 14 a lot of 大量;许多 15 ...



   关于中国英语本科学生学习风格的研究 北京语言文化大学 余心乐   提要: 本文作者对北京三所高校部分英语本科生的学习风格进行了一次调查研究。 结果表明, 被试在学习风格上的性别差异不显著。 作者还对被试在学习风格上表现出来的总体倾向和差异作 了描述性的统计分析。 此外, 研究结果还表明, 有两项学习风格与英语成绩之间存在着显著的相关 关系。 关键词: 学习风格、 英语成绩 一、 引言 学生的个人差异在过去二十多年中受到 西方教育研究人员的普遍重视。 他们为认识 和分析学生的个人差异做了大量的 ...


   1.利用听录音前的时间,迅速地捕捉每小题题干选项所提供的信息,预测短文或 对话可能涉及到的内容,这样听录音材料时就会有的放矢,有所侧重,提高答题 的准确率。 2.克服犹豫不决的毛病,对自己有把握的试题应快速作答,对无把握的试题也要 在所听信息的基础上排除错误选项, 进行优化处理。 不会作答的, 立即暂时搁置, 准备听新的题目。 3.目前高考听力测试中短文理解大部分是记叙文或讲话稿, 所以听录音时重在听 懂每句话的意思和内涵,注意捕捉文中所涉及的人物(who)、事件(what)、时间 (whe ...

2010?201上学年上学期 英语组工作总结

   2010?201 上学年上学期 英语组工作总结 上学年上学期 本学期即将结束,在学校领导的关心、指导下,在每一位英语 教师的努力下,坚持以人为本,倡导创新精神。加强教学管理,优化 课堂教学。总结本学期外语教研组的工作,我们一直朝着以下几个方 面努力, 并取得了一定的成绩。 但也有一些值得思考的、 改进的地方, 现总结如下: 一.全体老师加强了日常教学工作的规范化,开学之初就确定了 各备课组的教学教研任务,确立了以各备课组为主体,促进了教学常 规和教学研究工作的开展。 二.组内的教科研的意识逐 ...


   江苏省初中英语 听力口语自动化考试 (培训教程) 培训教程) 江苏省教育厅 中国科学院自动化研究所 牛津大学出版社(中国) 牛津大学出版社(中国)有限公司 2010年 2010年1月 一,总体介绍 目录 考试简介 考试系统架构及功能展示 考试的组织 考试流程 二,英语教师 题型介绍 考生考试注意事项 三,计算机操作人员 考场准备,考试系统操作 常见问题解决方法 3 一,总体介绍 1. 2. 3. 4. 考试简介 考试系统架构及功能展示 考试的组织 考试流程 4 1.1 概述 江苏省初中 ...

上海通用少儿英语星级等级考试 一星至四星

   手 finger手指, thumb大拇指, nail指甲 身体 body身体, back背, belly肚子, chest胸 家居 living room起居室, bedroom卧室, kitchen厨房, bathroom浴室, dining room餐厅, shower沐浴, study书房, bathtub浴缸, sink洗涤槽, toilet马桶 动物 panda熊猫, hippo河马, wolf狼, elephant大象, lion狮子, camel骆驼, deer鹿, cow奶牛, ...