[教材全析] 教材全析] SECTION A Language Goal:Debate an issue 语言目标:辩论一个问题 debate 争论、辩论,同义词为 argue。 1a Here are some words that describe animals.Write these words in the boxes below.Then write other words you know. 这儿有一些描述动物的单词。把这些单词写在下面的方框里。 然后写出你知道的其他的单词。 gentle 温和的 furry 毛皮的 enormous 巨大的 playful 好玩 的 noisy 吵闹的 shy 羞怯的 aggressive 侵略性的 gray 灰色的 fast 快速的 spotted 有斑点的 1b Listen and circle the words in activity 1a that Victor and Ginny use to describe the animals. 听录音并圈出活动 1a 中维克托和吉尼用来描述动物的单词。 1c Think of an animal that is the same as you in some ways.Write a statement about you and the animal.Read your statement without saying the name of the animal.The class guesses what kind of animal you are like. 想一个和你在某些方面相同的动物。 写一个有关你和这个动物 的陈述句。读出你的陈述句,不要说出这个动物的名字。全班同学 来猜你像哪种动物。 I am like this animal because I am strong and intelligent.I like water,and I like to eat vegetables. 我像这个动物是因为我是强壮的和聪明的。 我喜欢水, 并且我 喜欢吃蔬菜。 例题探究: He is his father. A.likes B.liked C.like D.look like 解析:句意为“他像他的父亲” ,在此需要一个介词。 答案:C 2c Use the facts in the chart above to role play a conversation between a student and a zoo attendant. 用上面表格当中的事实分角色表演一个学生和一个动物管理 员之间的对话。 单词 feet 在这里表示“英尺” ,其单数为 foot,10 feet long 10 英 尺长,像这样的表达方式还有:2 metres long 两米长, 3 pounds heavy 三磅重, weigh about 1000 pounds 重约 1000 磅。 Grammar Focus 语法聚焦 Review 复习 We’re trying to save the Present progressive
友情提示 1a possible answers: African elephants:enormous,gray Chimpanzees:noisy Kangaroos:playful Manatees:gentle,shy Cheetahs:spotted,fast Polar bears:aggressive,furry
like 在这里是介词“像” ,它可以与 其他动词构成短语如:look like,sound like,seem like,be like 等。 like 还作动词, “喜欢”之意,其后 可跟动名词 或动词不定式。 What do you look like? 你长得怎么样? What are you like? 你是一个什么样的人?
2c how big 多大,how long 多长,how far 多远, how often 多长时间一次, how old 多大年龄,how heavy 多重等等,你 还能举出多少 how 的例子?
请注意时态及语态谓语动词的构 成方式:
  1.现在进行时态: be+v.-ing
manatees. 我们正设法拯救水牛。 Manatees eat about 100 pounds of food a day. 水牛一天吃大约 100 磅食物。 There used to be a lot of manatees. 过去常有很多的水牛。 In 1972,it was discovered that they were endangered. 在 1972 年,发现它们要绝种 了。 Some of the swamps have become polluted. 一些沼泽地已经被污染了。
现在进行时 Present 一般现在时 Past with “used to” 用“used to” 过去时 Passive voice 被动语态

  2.一般现在时态: 动词原形或第三 人称单数
  4.被动语态:根据时态不同其谓语 动词的构成方式也不同,基本上是: be+v.(p.p)
Present perfect 现在完成时态 3a be opposed to 反对 注意写信的格式: 信头:写信人的地址和写信的 时间。 称呼:一般用 Dear...。 正文:写信的内容开始要空 3~5 个 字母, 在信的末尾一般加上祝愿语, 如: Good luck,I hope everything goes well 等。 结束语:一般用 Yours,Yours love,Sincerely 等。 署名:写上写信人的名字。 外国人很重视名字,把名字写得非 常清楚,甚至用打印字体。
3a Read the letter to the editor and underline the reasons why the writer is opposed to zoos. 读这封给编辑的信并且划出作者反对动物园的原因。 好句共享:
  1.I am writing to say that I am against building a new zoo in our town. 我写信是为了说明我反对在我们的城镇里建一个新的动物园。 本句话含有一个宾语从句,用的是现在进行时态。 be against “反对” ,除此之外 against 还有“靠着”的意思, 它是介词,后跟动名词形式。 He is against the wall.他靠着墙。
  2.I’ve visited a lot of zoos in my life,and I have never seen one I liked or one that was suitable for animals to live in. 在我的一生中我已经参观了许多的动物园, 并且我从未见过一 个我喜欢的动物园或者说一个适于动物在里面居住的动物园。 注意:be suitable for “适合于” 。 one I liked or one that was suitable for animals to live in 是一个 定语从句,注意此处用 live in,因为 live in 与前面的先行词 one 之 间有逻辑上的动宾关系,意为 live in one zoo。 例题探究: I have a pen . A.to write B.to write in C.to write with 解析:我用一枝钢笔写字。单词 pen 与后面的动词有逻辑上的 动宾关系,还原之后为:to write with a pen 用钢笔写字。 答案:C
  3.The animals are kept in tiny cages and can hardly move at all. 这些动物被饲养在一个极小的笼子里而且几乎一点也不能动。 这句话是被动语态:are kept “被饲养” 。...hardly...at all “几 乎一点也不” ,hardly 用在句中是“几乎不”的意思。not at all 一点
3a 答案: Terrible places for animals to live.... Animals are kept in tiny cages.... Can hardly move at all.... Only given food once a day....
也不。 例题探究: There is hardly any water in the river.(改为反意疑问句) 解析:反意疑问句的特点是前否后肯,前肯后否,而 hardly 用在句中是否定句。 答案:There is hardly any water in the river,is there? 3b Now read this letter to the editor.Do you agree with “Disgusted” or “Animal Friend”?Write a letter to the editor and give your opinion. 现在读这封给编辑的信。你同意“厌恶动物”还是“动物是朋 友”?写一封信给编辑并且给出你的观点。 好句共享: ①be surprised to do sth.惊奇地……
  1.I visited our zoo yesterday and I was very surprised to①find hardly anyone there. 昨天我参观了我们的动物园,我非常惊奇, 在那儿几乎找不到任何动物。 hardly 意思相当于 almost not,用在 句中为否定句。 ②living “活着的” living textbooks ,
  2.They are like living textbooks ②for young people. 它们对年 活的教科书。注意:living 和 alive 的 轻人来说就像活的教科书。在此 like 是介词“像” 。
  3.They provide homes for③many endangered animals,and help to 区别,living 可作定语,而 alive 只能 作表语。 educate the public about caring for④ them. ③provide for 他们为许多要绝种的动物提供家, 并且帮助教育公众来照料 为……提供 他们。 ④care for 关心,照顾 help to do “帮助干……” 。educate 动词“教育” ,其名词为: education,about 介词,后跟动名词。 ⑤urge 还可作名词,表示“强烈愿 望、恳求”等。
  4.I urge⑤ all of your readers to visit our wonderful zoo soon. He has an urge to become a movie 我渴望你们所有的读者不久以后来参观我们精彩的动物园。 urge “强烈要求,渴望” ,后跟名词或动词不定式,还可用 star. 他渴望当电影明星。 动词不定式作宾补,如 urge your help(+n.),urge to go home (+to do),urge her to study hard 渴望她努力学习,此为动词不定式作 宾补。 3b 答案不惟一。 I urge to study English well. ①be good for 对……有好处 我渴望学好英语。 I urge you to study English hard. ②take turns doing/to do sth.轮流干 我强烈要求你努力学习英语。 某事 Please take turns asking me 4 DEBATE 辩论 questions. Make two teams.Team A,you think zoos are not good for① Please take turns to ask me animals.Team B,you disagree. Take turns② giving your opinions.Use the expressions below. questions. ③disagree with “不同意” 其反义 , 组成两个队。A 队,你们认为动物园对动物没有好处。B 队, 词组为:agree with, “同意” ,指的是同 你们不同意。用上下面的短语轮流给出你的观点。 意某人或某人的观点或意见。 I disagree with you.I feel that zoos provide clean and safe places for endangered animals to live. 1a
我不同意你的观点。 我觉得动物园给那些濒临灭绝的动物提供 了清洁安全的地方。 SECTION B 1a Saving endangered animals is one thing we can do for our world.How else can we help save the planet?Rank these items from the easiest (
  1) to the most difficult (
  5). 挽救将要绝种的动物是我们要为世界做的一件事情。 帮助拯救 地球我们还能怎么做?将下列条款从最简单(
  5)按等 级排列起来。 recycle① books and paper 循环利用书纸 turn off② the lights when you leave a room 离开房间 时要关灯 1b Compare your answers.比较你的答案。 A: Recycling① paper is really easy. 回收利用纸真的很容易做到。 B:I agree.But it’s hard to② stop riding in cars. 我同意,但是不用汽车就太难了。 2b Listen again.Check (√) the things that Julia is doing now,the things she will do in the future,and the things she would never do. 再听一遍。用(√)标出朱丽亚现在正在做的事情,她将要做 的事情,还有她绝不会做的事情。 现在进行时态,构成方式: be+v.-ing Look!He is making dumplings. There will be robots in people’s homes. 2c Role play a conversation using the information from the chart above.Say what is true for you. 用上面表格中的信息分角色表演对话。 说一说对你来说什么是 正确的。 A:We really shouldn’t① use paper napkins,you know. B:I know.I stopped② using them last year. 3a Read the article.Imagine that you are going to interview Amy Winterbourne.Write down five questions you would like to ask her.Share your questions with another student.Say why you would like to ask these things. 读这篇文章。假设你将去采访艾米文特波恩。 写下你想问 她的五个问题。 跟另外一个同学分享你的问题。 说说为什么你想问 这些事情。
①recycle 循环,回收,自行车 ②turn off “关闭” ,其反义词组为 turn on “打开” 。 1b ①recycling 动名词作主语,注意谓 语动词用单数。 ②be hard to do sth.干某事有困难 e.g.It is hard to study English. 学英语挺难。
  1.一般将来时态构成方式: (
  1)will+v. (
  2)be going to+v. (
  2. 过 去 将 来 时 态 构 成 方 式 : would+v. 2c ①should not=shouldn’t 不应当 ②stop doing sth.停止干某事
3a 答案: 答案不惟一,但必须包括: Who taught her how to make her house? What isn’t made out of trash in her house? When did she start making her trash house? Where is the house? Why did she use trash to build a house? How long did it take to build her house? ①hear of 听说, hear 听到,hear from 收到……的来信
  1.You have probably never heard of①Amy Winterbourne,but she is a most unusual woman. 你可能从未听说过艾米文特波恩,但是她却是一个非常不寻 常的女人。 例题探究: 用 hear of,hear,hear from 来填空: (
  1)Have you ever Lu Xun? (
  2)I him singing at this time yesterday. (
  3)Did you your sister?
例题解答: (
  1) of 你曾经听说过鲁迅吗? hear (
  2)heard 昨天这个时候我听到他 在唱歌。 (
  3)hear from 你收到你姐姐的信 了吗? ②used to be called “过去常被叫 做” ,这个短语是 used to call 的被动 语态。

  2.The stuff used to be called②trash,but now it’s called “recycled” material. 这些废物过去常被叫做垃圾,但现在它被叫做“再生”资源。 一般现在时态的被动语态其谓语动词构成方式:is/am/are+v.(p.p) They are seen in the library every day. 每天看见他们在图书馆里。 不定式的被动语态其谓语动词构成方式:to+be+v.(p.p) He has to be hanged.他得被绞死。
  3.The windows and doors came from old buildings around the town that were being pulled down③. 窗子和门来自于城镇周围正被摧毁了的旧建筑物。 过去进行时态的被动语态其谓语动词构成方式: was/were+being+v.(p.p) The house was being pulled down at this time last year. 去年这个时候这所房子正被摧毁。
  4.The walls are made from④ old glass bottles that are glued together. 墙是由旧玻璃瓶子粘合在一起制成的。
  5.She makes model toys out of old TVs,and sells them to raise money for the Children’s Hospital. 她用废弃的旧电视来制作模型玩具, 并且把它们卖了来为儿童 医院筹钱。 make...out of “由……制成”,同义短语:be made from, be made of。 They make desks out of wood. raise money 筹钱,make money 赚钱 3b Look at the pictures below and complete the article.Use the phrases “made from”


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