九年级上册英语 1-4 单元测试听力材料
  1. Xiao Tao rides his bicycle to school every day.
  2. Water is important to all of us . We should save it .
  3. The students are saying “Bye-bye” to each other after school .
  4. When we are reading in the library, we must be quiet .
  5. My uncle and aunt are traveling in Shanghai . 第二节
  6. How do you go to the West Lake ?
  7. Sorry ,I’m late . May I come in ?
  8. What’s the date today ?
  9. Happy New Year !
  10. Don’t draw on the wall . 第三节.
  11. M: Betty, you’re late for school, aren’t you? W: Yes, I stayed up to do my homework until 1:
  00. So I got up late misdeed the early bus Q: why did betty come to school late?
  12.The young trees need water, I think W: yes, I’ll water them, Q: should the young trees be watered?
  13.M:How much is that nice notebook computer? W:Oh .we have only ten Yuan. wee can’t pay for it ? Q: Did they have enough money to buy the computer?
  14.M: Excuse me .Are you a new student ? W: yes, I am. M: Glad to meet you. I’m James Green. What’s your name? W: my name is Linda. Q: Who is the new student?
  15. M: Do you think it’s good or bad for teenagers to wear their own clothes? W: I think it’s good because we would feel more comfortable. But our teachers disagree with us. They think it’s bad for our studying. Q. How does the teachers think?
  16. M: If you won a million dollars, what would you do? W: I’d put it in the bank. Q: What would the woman do?
  17. M: Are you shy talking in front of many people? W: No, I’m very confident. Q: Is the girl shy?
  18. M: I really want a dog, but dogs can be a lot of trouble. W: If I were you, I would get some goldfish. Q: what would the woman do?
  19. M: what cant I do for you?
W: I’d like an English-Chinese dictionary. Q: where are they talking?
  20. M: which country is richer, India or Australia? W:Australia. Q: Australia is more developed, isn’t it? 第四节. Maybe the word “hello” is used more often than any other one in the English language. Every one in the United States and other counties uses the word, again and again, every day of the week. The American inventor Thomas Edison is believed to be the first person to use “hello” on the telephone soon after the invention of it. At first, people began their words, He wasted no time , the first time he picked up the telephone, he did not ask if anyone was there, he was sure someone was there and only said “hello”. From then on, “hello” is often heard when you picked up the telephone.



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   Unit 1 Let’s try Amy : Mike, when do you get up? Mike: I usually get up at 6:30. Amy: When do you eat breakfast? Mike: At 6:50 Amy: When do you go to school? Mike: At 7;20. Let’s try Amy: What do you do on the weekend, Mike? Mike: On Saturday, I re ...


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   一.动词 be(is,am,are)的用法 我(I)用 am, 你(you)用 are,is 跟着他(he),她(she),它(it)。单数名词用 is,复数名词全用 are。变 否定,更容易,be 后 not 加上去。变疑问,往前提,句末问号莫丢弃。还有一条须注意,句首大写莫忘记。 二.this,that 和 it 用法 (1)this 和 that 是指示代词,it 是人称代词。 (2)距离说话人近的人或物用 this, 距离说话人远的人或物用 that。如: This is a flo ...


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   『基础英语讲座【7】』 【动词be的用法】: 在英语中,动词be 是一连系动词,它有多种形式,如:am,is,are,was,were,being,been。其中前三个是我们学过的单词。在句子中,不同的主语要选用不同的动词be 的形式,例如: I am a student. 我是一个学生。 We are students. 我们是学生。 You are my friend. 你是我的朋友。 He is a worker. 他是一个工人。 They are good students. 他们是 ...


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   严重影响社会秩序 seriously disturb social order 促进经济和社会发展 to promote economic 对健康有好处 make for good health 对健康有危害 a hazard to health 破坏环境、污染环境 poisoning the environment 环境保护 protect the environment 浪费时间、浪费金钱、浪费精力 a waste of money,time and energy 促进学习 facilit ...