九年级上册英语完形填空与阅读理解(一) Name Grades:
一、完形填空。 big eyes. There is good news for the children in the countryside. We may still remember the girl 1 Her big eyes are 2 us her dream: I wish to 3 ! In China, there are still 4 girls and boys like her. They want to go to school, but their 5 are too poor. If the family has two or three children, it is harder to 6 the money for all the children. So the parents often ask 7 to stay at home, and boys to go to school. Now they needn’t 8 the money. From 2006 on, children can go to school for free in some poor places. They don’t have to pay for books and other things. Some of them can even get money from the government (政府)to make their life 9 . Soon, all the children in the countryside can go to school for free. All families are very happy with the news. It is 10 great. ( )
  1. A. with B. on C. to D. in ( )
  2. A. saying B. telling C. speaking D. talking ( )
  3. A. go to work B. go to bed C. go to school D. go home ( )
  4. A. a lot B. 1ot of C. a lot of D. much ( )
  5. A. schools B. cities C. houses D. families ( )
  6. A. pay B. take C. buy D. lend ( )
  7. A. teachers B. girls C. boys D. all the children ( )
  8. A. look up B. turn on C. worry about D. make sure ( )
  9. A. better B. shorter C. longer D. worse ( )
  10. A. not B. never C. hardly D. really 二.阅读理解。 (A) Last summer, 15-year-old Bob had a problem. Like a lot of children. Bob was interested in doing many things. He liked dancing most and wanted to join a dancing group. But Bob’s high school didn’t have a boys’ dancing group but a girls’ group. He tried to join the girls’ group. And he made it. Bob thought his problem was over after he had been one of the dancers in the dancing group. But a bigger problem was just beginning. The school didn’t allow Bob to stay in the girls’ group. “If we let Bob stay in the group,” the school said, “other boys will want to join. Soon, there won’t be any girls in the group." They took Bob off the group. Bob was very angry about it, so he went to a judge (法官) The judge said it was not a right decision and . told the school to let Bob go back to the dancing group. ( )
  1. Bob’s favorite was . A. singing B. dancing C. drawing D. driving ( )
  2. It was difficult for Bob to join the school dancing group because . A. the school only had a girls’ dancing group B. the school didn’t allow boys to dance C. the group had enough dancers already D. he was not a good dancer ( )
  3. The school worried that if Bob stayed in the group. A. nobody would watch their dance B. other boys would join and the girls might leave C. other schools might laugh at them D. the parents would be angry about it ( )
  4. The judge thought the school’s decision was . A. useful B. necessary C. right D. wrong ( )
  5. We can infer(推断)that Bob felt when he went back to the group. A. hungry B. sad C. happy D. sure
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(B) Saturday,March 24th We have arrived in the hot, wet city of Bangkok. This is our first trip to Thailand(泰国). All the different smells make us want to try the food. We are going to eat something special for dinner tonight. The hotel we are staying in is cheap, and very clean. We plan to stay here for a few days, visit some places in the city, and then travel to Chiang Mai in the North. Tuesday, March 27th Bangkok is wonderful and surprising! The places are interesting. We visited the famous market which was on water, and saw a lot of fruits and vegetables. Everything is so colorful, and we have taken hundreds of photos already! Later today we will leave for Chiang Mai. We will take the train north, stay in Chiang Mai for two days, and then catch a bus to Chiang Rai. Friday,March 30th Our trip to Chiang Rai was long and boring. We visited a small village in the mountains. The village people here love the quiet life -- no computers or phones. They are the kindest people I have ever met. They always smile and say “hello”. Kathy and I can only speak a few words of Thai, so smiling is the best way to show our kindness. I feel good here and hope to be able to come back next year. ( )
  6. The diaries above show the writer’s days in Thailand. A. 3 B. 7 C. 15 D. 30 ( )
  7. It seems that visitors in Bangkok. A. often feel hungry B. can always find cheap things C. can’t take any photos D. can enjoy themselves ( )
  8. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the south of Thailand. B. The writer left Chiang Mai for Chiang Rai by bus. C. Chiang Rai is a boring city in the mountains. D. The writer is traveling alone in Thailand. ( )
  9. The people in the village . A. are friendly to others B. like to speak English C. are very weak D. hope to live in the cities ( )
  10. What is the best title(标题)for the whole diary? A. My First Travel B. The Outside World C. Traveling in Thailand D. A Country on the Train 参考答案: 完形填空:1-5 ABCCD 6-10 ABCAD 阅读理解:(A)BABDC (B)BDBAC
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