九年级英语第二次月考试题 班级 一.词汇:(20 分) (
  1)根据句意及首字母提示,完成单词。(10 分)
  1. Opeople can also break a world record.
  2. If you pass the f examination, we will give you a certificate
  3. I enjoyed the cookies s
  4. I f it r tomorrow, I'll have to stay at home..
  5. This shirt is very expensive , I can’t a
  6. Write a to sell your products it 姓名
( (

  2. we haven’t seen large cat. A. so a B. such a C. so D. such )
  3. have you been to Xi’an, Jenny? Twice, I think. A. how many B. how long C. how often D. how many times D. do up D. has he ?
( ( (

  4. The doctor told him smoking. A. put up B. cut up C. to give up )
  5. Jim’s never been to England, ? A. hasn’t Jim B. hasn’t he C. has Jim B more two days D two days another C. had gone C. to read D. is going D. reading B. what your teacher said D. what your teacher says )
  6. Do you want to stay here for A two another days C two more days

  7. Do you have the e of selling things that you make them yourself.
  8. Li Ming will come back in D of this year.
  9. The man is very old but quite h .
  10. Today, china’s divers have the most v . (
  2).根据句意及汉语提示,完成单词。(10 分)
  1. Zhuang Yong won the (女子)100-metre freestyle.
  2. Li Ming can run as (快) as Danny.
  3. Athletes don’t get tired (容易的) .
  4. Shanghai is (坐落) in the east of china.
  5. Please speak more(慢) next time.
  6. I met lots of old friends at the party but didn’t see (任何人) new.
  7. I think (阅读) is very important for us
  8. Danny is the world’s (最有趣的) dinosaur.
  9. Our Chinese teacher's officeis on the (第三) floor。
  10.We will be(成功) if we learn English. 二. 选择填空:(30 分) ( )
  1. Jack Smith is a swimmer. A. 23-year-old B. 23-years-old C. 23 year old D.23-years’ old
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( ( (

  7. My father told me that the earth round the sun. A. goes A. read B. went B. reads )
  8. The boy kept books all day. )
  9. Do you remember last time? A. what is your teacher saying C. what did your teacher say

  10. I don’t know if his father will come. I think he if he has time. A. will come B. comes B. of, to C. came D.would come D. to, for
( ( (

  11. That’s very kind you help me. A .of, A .fall A. clean for C. for, of )
  12. This river is more than
  1.5 metres . B. high C. wide D. long C . cleaning D . cleaned )
  13. You should keep the room B .to clean

  14. Li Ming was to read about the man who the train. A surprising, pull C surprising, pulled B surprised, pull D surprised, pulled ( ( ( B. Not at all C. Good idea D. Thanks a lot C. in a week C D. about a week D think A. B. the deeper, the harder D. Deep, hard (
A.enough strong A. learn A. long
B. strong enough C. to learn
C. too strong D. so strong D. learns D. most long D. How will I do it
  27.It takes me 2 hours Math every day B. learning B. Longer )
  28.Whose hair is ,Mary or Lucy ? C. the longest )
  29.I don’t knownext. A. how to do B. what to do C. what to do it )
  30.Would you like to drink? A.anything nice B. nice something C. something nice D. nice anything

  15. you dive into the water, you breathe. A. Deeper, harder C. The deep, the hard

  16. Shall we bring some food for our trip? . A. I’d love to
( ( ( (

  17. He will finish the work . A. after a week A think over A. happy B. for a week )
  18. I can’t his name at the moment. B think about C think of D sadly )
  19. As soon as the baby saw his mother, he laughed . B sad happily )
  20. Mr Zhou, all of the students in our group, who lives ? A. far B. farther C. farthest D. f urthest D.A 8--Weeks )
  21.children have holiday in summer A.an--8--week B. a 8--week C. an 8--weeks )
  22..Don’t worry ,Tom, Let we you A. help B. to help B. an C, helping C. x D. helped )
  23.He is playing piano A. a D. the D. played D. luckily )
  24.I often see them games in the classroom
三. 根据语言情景,在对话空白处填入一个单词. (10 分) A:Excuse me. Is there a near here? I want to buy some books on the computer. B:No. the one is on the third street. A: How is it from here? B:It’s about three from here. A: Can I go there bus? B: Yes. You can take a 18 bus. A: the bus stop? B: Go down this and turn right at the second crossing. The bus stop is on your left. A: a lot. B: You’re . 四.句型转换:(10 分)
  1. I don’t know what I should do.next.(同义句) I don’t know what .next.
  2. “I am popular at school.” he thought.(宾语从句) He thought popular at school.
  3. The policeman told the boys to play football in the street.(否定句) The policeman told the boys play football in the street.
  4. He was reading a book on the playground.(划线提问)
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( ( ( ( ( (
A. to play B. playing C. play A. happily B. unhappy
  25.They look ,because they lost the match. C. angrily )
  26.He is to carry the heavy box
he on the playground?
  5. “What is it?”,He asked me(变为间接引语) He asked me I 6000 yuan it the computer one foot
  8.The shirt cost me 50 yuan(划线提问) the shirt ?
  9.Bob is
  1.87 meters tall, Mr Read is
  1.87 meters tall, too(同义句) Bob is My brother is Mr Read boy in his class
  10. My brother is taller than any other boy in his class(同义句) 五.:用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (15 分)
  1.Would you like(buy)my cookies.
  2.Ann wants to go ( swim) very much.
  3.Why not (think)of a way to work out the problem.
  4.This question is as (easy)as that one.
  5.There’re thousands of ( business) from other countries here in our city.
  6.. I’m sorry (hear) that.
  7.. You should (give) me back my money.
  8.. She said she (go) to the park the next week.
  9.. We see Kate (walk) down the street carrying the bag.
  10.. you ever (be) to another country?
  12. He does (well) in swimming than I.
  13.. I think the twins have some (different)
  14. It's important (try) to understand other people. Ho, never.
  11.. There are also famous stories about (make) products. .
  6. The computer cost me 6000 yuan(同义句)
  7.Stand on one foot(变为否定句)

  15. All the students are busy (prepare) for the final exam. 六、改错,下面各题中均有一项错误,找出并改正(5 分) ( )
  1:Do you know where did they go last Sunday? A B C D
  2. The teacher asked us don’t to forget to do our lessons. ( ) A B C D
  3. He’s good at speak. ( ) A B C D
  4. He made his little brother to wash clothes by himself. ( )
  5. A B C D
  5. He knows only little Chinese, doesn’t he? ( ) A B C D 七.根据汉语完成英语句子,每空一词(10 分)
  1、张老师要我举一个例子来解释这个单词。 Mr. Zhang asked me to to explain the word.
  2、我认为你不会倒骑自行车。 I think you ride a bike.backword.
  3、 life”意思是什么。 “ What “life”?
  4、他祖父 30 岁的时候去了台湾。 30, his grandfather went to Taiwan.
  5、那位科学家已经在数学方面取得了成功 The scientist . Math.already. 八、完型填空( 10 分) “Wow!”said Tom as he jumped out of bed. He was so (
  1) that he went all the way to the school singing a song. It was (
  2)of school! After today, he could (
  3)more time with his best friend Mike. In class everyonE thanked Miss Zhou for (
  4) such a great job teaching. Tom was so happy (
  5)he promised (许诺) Miss Zhou he would take a math book with him (
  6)his summer holiday to America.All the teachers stood at the door and waved (
  7) to their students. the teachers looked (
  8) sad to see their students (
  9). Then Tom remembered that he forgot the math book. When he went to get it, he saw Miss Zhou and all (
  10)teachers dancing a tango! “that’s odd!” he thought. “I wonder what made them so happy!”
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( )
  1. A. excite B .exciting C .excited ( )
  3. A. cost ( )
  4. A. do ( )
  6. A. in B. pay C. take B. does B. on C. did B. or C. that C. at B. hello B. leaving
D .to excite
A. the university basketball team C. his high school first ( )
  4. He is often called “” .
B. the NBA D. the Chicago Bulls D. Most Valuable Player
( )
  2. A .the first day B. the last day C. the second day D. the end day D. spend D. doing D. this D. of C. sorry C. left A D. wishes D. are living D. the others
A .Rookie B. the NBA C. Air Jordan A. he was young
( )
  5. A. though ( )
  7. A. goodbye ( )
  9. A. leave ( )
  10. A. other
( )
  5. The NBA was very surprised at the superstar when . B. he joined the basketball team in his high school B The largest animal ever to live on earth is the blue whale. It weighs about 80 tons more than 24 elephants. It is more than 30 metres long. A new-born baby whale weighs as much as a big elephant. Cats can survive(存活) falls from a very high place because they can turn themselves to the right way so as to keep their body safe. One cat fell 32 floors on to the street, but was just hurt a little. A bear can run as a horse. A new-born panda is smaller than a mouse, and weighs about 100 grams. Elephants are the most careful animal in their love. A male elephant may show his lady love for up to three years until the lady takes his love. They often show their love by touching each other’s body. Usually, wolves do not attack people. For years a Canadian newspaper says that they would give anyone quite a lot of money if they could show that a wolf had attacked a person. But nobody could do that. Wolves do not usually go together though they may do this in winter. ( )
  6. how much does a new- born blue whale weigh? . A. 10 tons C. as much as 10 elephants A. they can keep themselves safe C. they can keep themselves away
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C. he joined the university basketball team D. he joined the Chicago Bulls
( )
  8. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little B. the other C others
九. 阅读理解:(30 分)
Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player in the world. He was born in Brooklin, New York. He didn’t like to talk to other people about himself. He was also very short. He didn’t play very well when he joined the basketball team in his high school at first. But the next year things changed greatly for him as he grew much taller. Michael Jordan became famous when he joined the university basketball team in North Carolina. Michael used his speed and strength(力量) to reach the basket again and again. He played so well that people called him “Air Jordan”. After college, Michael became a basketball team member in the Chicago Bulls. The NBA was very surprised at this high-flying player. He was named “Rookie” (新秀) of the year in 1985 and “Most Valuable(价值的)Player” in 19
  87. He once set a record by getting 63 points in one game. ( )
  1. Jordan is a basketball superstar in . A. England B. America C. Canada D. Japan ( )
  2.When he joined the basketball team in his high school, he __ at first. A. didn’t play very well C. grew much tall B. played very well D. set a record
B. as much as a small whale D. more than 3 tons B. they are small D. moving their bodies
( )
  7. Cats can survive falls because .
( )
  3. He began to become famous in .
( )
  8. Elephants show their love by. A. looking at each other C. courting each other B. touching each other D. moving their body (
C. Because she might send him another telegram D. Because she couldn't leave her husband by himself in New York )
  13. Where did Dick stay in New York? A. In the center of the city. C. In a restaurant. D. didn’t D. that they have babies ( ( B. In a hotel. D. At his friend's house. B. The police office. D. His wife.
( )
  9. A male elephant keep following a lady elephant to show his love for a long time until the lady takes his love. A. will B. won’t C. shall ( )
  10. A wolf won’t attacked people except . A. in a special case C Dick lived in England. One day in January he said to his wife, "I'm going to fly to New York next week because I've got some work there." "Where are you going to stay there?" his wife asked. "I don't know yet." Dick answered. "Please send me your address from there in a telegram (电报)," his wife said. "All right," Dick answered. He flew to New York on January 31st and found a nice hotel in the center of the city. He put his things in his room and then he sent his wife a telegram. He put the address of his hotel in it. In the evening he didn't have any work, so he went to a cinema. He came out at nine o'clock and said, "Now I'm going back to my hotel and have a nice dinner." He found a taxi (出租车) and the driver said, "Where do you want to go?" But Dick didn't remember the name and address of his hotel.。"Which hotel are my things in?" he said, "And what am I going to do tonight?" But the driver of the taxi d



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