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初三年英语单元测试卷( 初三年英语单元测试卷(Units1?
  2) )
(总分:100 分 时间:60 分钟)
第一部分:听力测试( 第一部分:听力测试(共 20 分)
I.听录音,选择正确的图画,每小题读两遍。 分) (5
1 2 3 4 5 II.听句子选出恰当的应答语,每小题读两遍。 分) (5 ( )
  6. A.Yes,please. B.Not at all. C.Here you are. ( )
  7. A.Thanks. B. Help yourself. C.Thank you for your help. ( )
  8. A.I’m glad. B.Thank you. C.The same to you. ( )
  9. A.Yes,you can. B.Who are you? C.Who’s that? ( )
  10.A. I’m always careless. B.I’v made a mistake. C. I have a bad cold. III.听对话和对话后的问题,选择最佳答案,读两遍。 分) (5 ( )
  11. A. At home. B.In a hospital. C.At a bus stop. ( )
  12. A. Three yuan. B.Seven yuan. C. Twenty-one yuan. ( )
  13. A.She wants to watch the game,but she can’t. B.She can’t watch the game with him. C.She doesn’t agree with the man. ( )
  14. A.At 8:
  00. B.At 9:
  00. C. At 8:
  30. ( )
  15. A.More than 15 years. B.More than 3 years. C.More than 100 years. IV.听短文,选择最佳答案,读两遍。 分) (5 . ( )
  16. This story is about New Year’s Eve in A.Italy and Japen. B.Spain and Japan. C. Italy, Spain and Japan. ( )
  17.People in Spain welcome New Year by after twelve. A.Eating grapes. B.Eating noodles. C.throwing old things. ( )
  18.In Spain,people start eating the grapes when twelve o’clock comes. A.on the mountain B. at home C.in the street. ( )
  19.The Japanese climb Mount Fuji to . A.look at the stars B.look for new year’s wishes C.watch the sun coming up ( )
  20.The people in hope to get a long life from their New Year’s food. A.Japan B.Italy C.Spain
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第二部分:基础知识与运用( 第二部分:基础知识与运用(共 20 分)
IV.选择题。 (20 分) you any books on science? Yes, I have. ( )
  21. A. Do, have B. Have ,got C. Did,got D.Did have ( )
  22. My hobby is all kinds of stamps A. to pick up B.collect C.to collect D.picking up. ( )
  23.Has your sister found a job ? A.already B.still C.also D.yet the moon and the sun? ( )
  24.Have you got any books A.for B.at C.on D.after ( )
  25.I couldn’t find my key . A.where B.everywhere C.somewhere D.anywhere my watch everywhere, but I couldn’t it. ( )
  26. I A.looked,find B.looked for,find C.found, look for D.found,look ( )
  27.We were very tired when we home last night. A.returned back B.returned C.returned back to D returned to ( )
  28.They will go to Shanghai a train next week. A.on B. by C.with D.at ( )
  29.This morning I went to school in such a hurry that I my book at home. A.missed B.lost C.left D.forgot ( )
  30. the students, Tom is studying . A.In; harder B.From; the hardest C.Between; hard D.Among; hardest ( )
  31.Tom’s watched the TV play before,and . A.so has Ann B So Ann has C.so was Ann D. so Ann was ( )
  32.I live in the village,so I know it very well. A. use to B.have used to C.used to D.am used to ( )
  33.We are being Chinese. A.proud of B.famous for C.excited at D.pleased with ( )
  34.?Would you like to have some apples? Yes, . A.I would B..I like C.I’d like. D.very much ( )
  35.?Have you eaten fish and chips? No, never. A.yet B.once C.already D.ever ( )
  36.We have friends the world. A.all over B.over all C.all above D.above all ( )
  37.The children were walking the fields then. A.cross B.across C.through D.over ( )
  38.?Have you finished your homework ? Not .I’ll need another two hours. A. yet;yet B. already; still C.yet;still D.ever;yet ( )
  39.?My parents to America. Really? When they there? A.have gone; have……gone B.have been; did……go D.have gone; Have……been C.went; Have……gone
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  40.Bob a lot of money on books, he is not rich. A.uses; because B. pays; so C. spends; although D.costs; but
第三部分:阅读理解( 第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 分)
V.阅读下面三篇短文,根据文章的内容选择最佳答案作答 4155 小题,每小 题各 1 分
Here is a mark table(分数表) about the students’ English competition. Find some useful information on the following questions. Items(项目) Group Group Group Group Four One Two Three
  1.Answer correctly 67 71 76 78
  2.Answer quickly 76 80 79 62
  3.Answer 69 68 81 77 humorously
  4.Speak freely 81 86 84 85
  5.Speak clearly 88 86 83 86
  6.Speak loudly 90 93 91 91
  7.Have a good 79 74 75 79 manner
  8.Co-operate( 合 作 ) 82 63 88 84 well Average(平均分) 79 77 82 80 ( ( ( )
  41. is the most humorous of all the four groups. A.Group One B.Group Two C.Group Three D.Group Four )
  42. Group Two is thought to have spoken as as Group Four. A.clearly B.quickly C.freely D.loudly )
  43. Group Two did worst in “”. A. Answer quickly B. Speak freely C. Have a good manner D. Co-operate well )
  44. In “Answer correctly”, Group Three got more marks than Group One. A.4 B.5 C.9 D.11 )
  45.According to the table, which of the following is Not true? A. Group Three is the winner of the competition. B. Group One did as well as Group Four in “Answer quickly”. C. All groups did best in “Speak loudly” of all the items. D. The average of Group Two is 5 marks less than that of Group Three.
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You might think the largest library in the world would be in Europe(欧洲).But it isn't. It's in Washington D.C.. It's called the Library of Congress(国会). President( 总 统 ) John Adams started the library in 1800 for members of Congress.He wanted them to be able to read books about law(法律).The first 740 books were bought in England.They were set up in the room where Congress met.Then Thomas Jefferson sold Congress many of his own books.He felt Congress should have books on all subjects not just on law. This idea changed the library for good. The library grew and grew. Now it covers(覆盖) acres( 英亩) of land. There are 20 million books and many pictures, movies, and machines. Many different kinds of Experts(专家)work there.Hundreds of people call every day with all kinds of questions. Many of them get answers right over the phone. ( )
  46. The large library in the world is in . A. Europe B. England C. Canada D. America ( )
  47. The first books in the library were on . A. law B. history C. language D. all subjects ( )
  48. People can borrow from the library. A. books B. pictures C. movies D. all of the above ( )
  49.There are books in the library. A.20000 B.20,000 C.20,000,000 D.20,000,000,000 ( )
  50. The best title(题目) for this passage should be . A. A Library B. The Largest Library in the World C. Books D. President John Adams
The date was like any other day in his life. After school Bill walked past the shop on the street corner. he stopped to look at the front row of shoes, and he felt sorry for himself. He really wanted to have a pair for his birthday. He sadly walked away and thought of what to tell his mother. He knew she would give him anything if she could. But he also knew very well she had little money. He decided not to go home at once, as he looked worried and he didn't want to make his mother worry about it. So he went to the park and there he sat on the grass. Then he saw a girl in a wheel chair(轮椅). He found that the girl moved the wheels with her hands. Bill looked at her carefully and was surprised to see that the girl had no feet. He looked down at his own feet. "It is much better to be without shoes than without feet," he thought. It was not right for him to feel so sorry and sad. He went away and smiled, thinking he was more lucky in life. ( )
  51.Bill was sorry that . A.the shoes in the shop were not the right size for him B.he forgot to bring any money with him C.his shoes were worn out
D.he walked past the shoe shop
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( )
  52.Which of the following is right? A. Bill's mother had much money. B. Bill's mother was a kind-hearted woman. C. Bill's mother wouldn't buy him anything. D. Bill's mother often bought presents for Bill's birthday. ( )
  53.Why didn't Bill go home at once? A. Because his mother was at work. B. Because his mother wouldn't give him any money. C. Because he wanted to sit on the grass in the park. D. Because he didn't want to give his mother any trouble. ( )
  54.In the park, Bill found a girl . A. without hands C. looking down at his shoes ( )
  55.At last Bill . A. decided to buy a new pair of shoes D. didn't know what to do with his shoes B. left the park sadly C. thought he was more lucky in life than the girl in the wheel chair B. without feet D. walking slowly
第四部分:情景交际与运用( 第四部分:情景交际与运用(共 15 分)
VI.单词填空:根据对话情景,填人适当的单词。(共 10 分) (Li Lei is talking with Miss Yang in the school library ) L: Good morning, Miss Yang . Y: Good morning, Li Lei. What can I do for you ? L: I’m here to _56this book . Y: It’s great you’ve just finished it. Lucy came here for the book a few minutes _
  57.I told her to come back tomorrow .Are there _58books you want to borrow today ? L: Yes .I’d like some books __59__ the computer . Y: ( a few minutes later) How about this __60__ ? L: Let me have a look. Well , it’s a _61 too difficult ,I’m afraid. Y: Maybe this one is easier , I think, L: Ok . I’ll take it. Thank you. Y :__62__ All right . _63 the way ,don’t forget to _64 it back _65two weeks. L: I won’t .Thanks .Goodbye . Y: Bye . VII. 常用句式:根据情景提示,写出恰当的句子以完成问答。 注意: 必须用完整句式作答, 所写句子必须传达一定的信息, 只回答 “Sorry ,I don’t know.”视为无效答案。
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A: Have you got any books about art? B: A: What kind of books do you like reading ? B : A: Could you find out who has taken it ? B: A: B: Only David has been to Hawaii. A: B: The waves are great.
第五部分:阅读与综合填空( 第五部分:阅读与综合填空(共 18 分)
VIII.完形填空(本题共 10 分,每小题 1 分) 根据短文的内容,选出能填入文中空白处的最佳答案,将代表答案的字母标 号填入题前的括号中。 There are 71 kinds of libraries in the United States: university(大学) libraries and public( 公 共 ). If you are interested in finding an article 72 computer applications(应用), a university library would have more kinds of articles than a 73 library. If you want 74 an article about the most recent World Cup matches, a public library would have more magazines(杂志) about sports. For this reason(理由), you 75 use public library to find some of the readings for this course(科目). 76 libraries are free and 77 can use materials(材料) in them. get a library card. You can’t If you want to check our library books, you can 78 check out materials 79 a card. You can only use this kind of card in the library shops. and not use it 80 ( )
  71. A.one B.two C.three D.some ( )
  72. A.of B.on C.to D.for ( )
  73. A.university B.school C.public D.sity ( )
  74. A.find B.to find C.look at D.to find out ( )
  75. A.have B.had better C.had better to D.have had ( )
  76. A.university B.school C.public D.sity ( )
  77. A.nobody B.somebody C.everything D.anybody ( )
  78. A.easily B.most C.hardly D.carefully ( )
  79. A.with B.use C.without D.in ( )
  80. A.another B.other C.the others D.others IX.翻译(本题共 8 分,每空 1 分)
  81.课余期间他常在一家咖啡屋打工。 After classes he often a part-time assistant in a coffee house.
  82.当她踏入祖国大陆的那一刻,她的梦想实现了。 Her dream when she stepped onto the mainland.
  83.我们为他而自豪。 We’re him.
  84.不要放弃练习,否则你就会在竞争中失败。 Don’t practice, or you’ll fail in the competition.
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第六部分:写作( 第六部分:写作(共 12 分)
X.看图写句子( 本题共 4 分,每句 1 分) 根据图示和提示词,写出恰当的句子。 (要求:
  1、 使用全部的提示词;
  2、写 出完整的句式结构;
  3、每题限用一个句子表达。 )
  1. (keep, schoolyard, so far)
  2. (they, abroad, train)


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