[教材全析] 教材全析] SECTION A Language Goal:Talk about how things affect you. 语言目标:谈论事情如何影响你。 1a Look at the two restaurants below.Which would you like to go to?Why? 看下面的两家餐馆。你喜欢去哪家?为什么? 1b Listen.What do Amy and Tina think of the two restaurants? 听录音。艾米和蒂娜觉得这两家餐馆怎么样? The Rockin’ Restaurant Rockin 餐馆 The Blue Lagoon 蓝湖餐馆 The awful pictures make Amy sad. 这些糟糕的图画让艾米感到难过。 1c.Look at Amy’s and Tina’s opinions in the chart.What is your opinion? 看表格中艾米和蒂娜的观点。你的观点是什么? A: I’d rather① go to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant because I like to listen to quiet music while② I’m eating. 我宁愿去蓝湖餐馆因为当我吃饭的时候喜欢听轻柔的音乐。 例题探究: Lucy likes English,her twin sister Lily likes Chinese. A.when B.while C.as D.because 解析:本题之意为:露茜喜欢英语,然而她的双胞胎姐姐莉莉 喜欢汉语。 答案:B B:Oh,really?Loud music makes me energetic③. 噢,真的吗?大声的音乐让我感到精力旺盛。 A:Not me!Loud music makes me stressed out④. 我不是!大声的音乐使我感到紧张。 2a Listen and number the pictures[1-4] in the order that you hear them. 听录音,然后将图片按你听到的顺序用 1~4 编号。 2b Listen again and check(√) things that Tina and John said. 再听一遍,然后在蒂娜和约翰说的东西前打√。 2c Look at activities 2a and 2b.Role play the conversation between Tina and John.Use the example to begin your conversation. 看活动 2a 和 2b,分角色表演蒂娜和约翰的对话。用这个例子 来开始对话。 Grammar Focus 语法聚焦 Loud music makes me tense. 大声的音乐让我紧张。 Loud music makes me want to dance. 大声的音乐让我想跳舞。 That movie made me sad.
友情提示 1b make sb.+adj. 让 某 人 … … make sb.do sth.让某人干某事,注意用在被动 语态中这种情况要把 to 补上。
1c ①I’d rather 相当于 I would rather “宁愿” ,后跟动词原形。 ②while 在此引导时间状语从句, 强调主从句的动作同时发生,while 还 有“然而”之意,引导并列句。 ③make me energetic 让我精力旺盛 ④make me stressed out 让我紧张
用上活动 2a 和 2b 当中的信息。
make sb. do sth.使某人做某事。 make sb.+adj.使某人保持某种状态。
那部电影让我难过。 3a Read this article.Then write answers to the questions below. 读这篇文章,然后写出下面的问题的答案。 Restaurant science 餐馆科学 好句共享:
  1.Restaurant owners have to know how to make food. 餐馆主人必须知道如何来制作食物。 例题探究: I don’t know what (do).
  2.Here are some things they’ve learned from scientific studies. 这儿有一些他们已经从科学研究中得到的东西。 本句中 they’ve learned from scientific studies 作 things 的定语。 learn from 向……学习,scientific studies 科学研究。
  3.Many fast food restaurants,therefore,have red furniture or walls. 因此,许多快餐店有红色的家具或墙。 fast food restaurants 快餐店 fast food 快餐 therefore 因此
  4.Soft colors like pink and light blue make people relaxed,so they spend more time eating their meals. 柔和的颜色像粉红色和淡蓝色使人放松, 所以他们花费更多的 时间吃饭。 soft colors 柔和的颜色 spend some time doing sth.花费时间来 干…… 3b Tell your group about a place you know.Your classmates try to guess the place. 把你知道的一个地方告诉你的小组。 你的同学设法猜一下这个 地方。
  4.How do you feel about these things?Complete the survey.Then survey two other students. 你觉得这些事情怎么样?完成这个调查。然后调查另外两 个同学。 SECTION B 1a Match each slogan with one of the products. 将每个标语同其中一个产品对应起来。 Slogans 标语
  1.Whiter than white 白上加白
  2.For that mysterious look 使面孔神秘
  3.For the shiniest hair ever 让头发总是最有光泽
  4.For silky skin 使皮肤柔滑 1b Make a list of three products you like and three products you don’t like. 列举出你喜欢的三个产品和你不喜欢的三个产品。 2a Listen.Do the people like the products in activity 1a?Write
1 how to make food 如何制作食物 make food 制作食物,make money 赚钱 例题解答:to do 动词放在特殊疑 问词之后一般用不定式。 3a 答案:
  1.Red makes people hungry,and it makes them eat faster.

  2.They want people to eat quickly and leave,so more people can come in.
  3.(你可以根据你自己的认识来看 待这个问题)如:I think it’s fair.... 也可 以说:I don’t think it’s fair....
3b make me stressed 让我紧张
1a 答案: The picture should be numbered in the following order: 4 3 1 2
“Yes” for the products they like and “No” for the products they don’t like. 听录音,人们喜欢活动 1a 中的产品?给人们喜欢的产品写 “Yes”,给他们不喜欢的产品写“No” 。 2b Listen again.What do the people say about the products?Draw lines to match. 再听一遍。 人们关于这些产品说了什么? 画线将其对应起来。 2c Look at your list in activity 1b and make conversations. 看活动 1b 的清单然后编对话。 A:Have you ever had a Twisty Treat? 你曾经有过扭伤的治疗吗? B:Yeah.And it made me sick. 是的。它让我很难受。 3a What’s the article about?Do you agree with it? 这篇文章是关于什么的?你同意它的观点吗? 好句共享:
  1.Others①hate ads,saying that they make our cities and countryside look ugly. 另外一些人讨厌广告, 说广告让我们的城市和乡村看起来很丑陋。 saying that 在此作伴随状语,make our cities and countryside look ugly 是短语 make sb. do sth.的用法。 例题探究: Some of the students in our class are playing football, are playing basketball. A.other B.others C.the other D.the others 解析:在这儿表示在某个范围内除一部分人之外其他所有的, 而 the other 后面应该跟 students 才完整。 答案:D
  2.Many ads are aimed specifically at②teenagers,and some young people see more than③100 advertisements a day. 许多广告专门瞄准青少年们,并且一些年轻人一天看不止 100 个广告。
  3.It’s true that④some ads can be very useful⑤. 有些广告可能非常有用的说法是正确的。
  4.For instance,they can help you to compare two different products so that you can buy the one you really need. 例如, 广告可以帮助你对比两种产品以便能够买到一个你真正 需要的产品。 for instance “例如” ,相当于 for example。 so that 在此引导目的状语从句, “以便” 注意它可以与 in order , that 来互换,并且还可用 so as to 或 in order to 来变简单句。但不要
2c sick“生病的,恶心的,厌烦的” , 同义词为 ill,但 sick 可以作定语和表语, 而 ill 般只作表语。 如一个 “生病的男孩” 应为 a sick boy.
①others 表示其他的人,相当于 other people,注意它与 the others 的区别, the others 表示在某个范围内除一部分 之外,其他所有的。 ②aim at 是“瞄准”的意思。 ③more than 多于,不止 ④It’s true that 在此表示“……是正 确”的。 ⑤useful “有用的” ,是 use 的形容 词 。 像 这 样 的 单 词 还 有 : helpful, beautiful,hopeful,careful 等等。
忘了 so...that 还可引导结果状语从句,意思为“如此……以致” 。 例题探究: He studies hard so that he can go to Oxford University. (请改为简 单句) He studies hard go to Oxford University. 解析:so that 改简单句要用 so as to 或 in order to 答案:so as to 或 in order to
  5.When prices are listed,you can go to the store with the lowest price. 当价格被列举出来的时候,你可以去价格最便宜的商店。 本句是由 when 引导的时间状语从句, are listed 是被动语态, with the lowest price “价格最便宜” 作 the store 的定语。 ,
  6.Ads also tell you when stores are having sales. 广告也告诉你商店什么时候正在进行廉价出售。have sales 廉 价出售。
  7.At other times,the picture in an ad looks a lot better than the real thing. 在别的时候,广告里的图画看起来比实际的东西好得多。 at other times “在别的时候” 。 a lot 用来修饰比较级,表程度,a lot better 好得多。 3b Complete this article using the information about two or more products in activity 2a. 用活动 2a 中两个或更多的产品的信息来完成这篇文章。 SELF CHECK 1 Fill in each blank with the correct word given.Change the form of the word if necessary.Then make your own sentence with each word. 用所给的恰当的单词来填写每个空白处。 如果需要可以改变 单词的形式。然后用每个单词来造句。 2 Read the diary,and then write words to show how Ming feels at different times during the day. 读这篇日记, 然后写一下显示明在一天当中不同的时间里感觉 怎样的单词。 好句共享:
  1.I thought today was going to be①really hard. 我原以为今天会相当糟糕。 这是一个宾语从句,主句 thought 用了过去式,因而从句用了 过去将来时态,这种时态一般用于宾语从句当中。
  2.To start with②,it was raining,and rainy days make me sad. 首先,天正在下雨,并且下雨天让我难过。
  3.Mom and Dad hadn’t left me a note③. 妈妈爸爸也没给我留便条。 本句用了过去完成时态的否定形式,表示
3a 答案: (What’s the article about?) Advantages of ads: help you compare different products; help you save money. Disadvantages of ads: make our city and countryside look ugly;ads can be confusing and misleading;can lead you to buy something you don’t need at all. (Do you agree with it?) You can anwser it according to your own ideas.You can say:“Yes,I agree with it.” Or you can say:“No,I don’t agree with it.”
tell the truth “讲实话”,其反义词 组为 tell the lie “说谎” 。
①was going to be 过去将来时态: 表示过去发生的动作或状态。 ②to start with 首先,而 start with 是“以……开始” 。
  4.She didn’t say anything either④. 她也没有说任何事情。 anything “任何事情” ,一般用于否定句或疑问句中,肯定句 中一般要用 something。
  5.In class,the teacher asked me for⑤ my homework,but as I was so tense when I left home,I had forgotten to bring it with me⑥. 在课堂上, 老师问我要我的作业, 但是因为我离开家时如此紧 张,以致忘了随身带上它了。 例题探究: Don’t forget (turn) off the lights before you leave home. 解析:本句意思为:在离开家之前不要忘记关灯。 答案:to turn
  6.That made me annoyed with myself. 那让我很恼火自己。 annoy with sb. “生某人的气” ,相当于 be annoyed with 或 be angry with。 Just for Fun!小笑话! They make me scared.他们令我害怕。 Really?They make me hungry. 真的吗?他们让我感到饥饿。 Reading:Receiving money makes me uncomfortable. 收到钱让我感到不舒服。 Section 1 1a Write how you would feel if you received the following gifts. 写一写如果你收到下列礼物的时候你的感觉会是怎样的。
  1.If my best friend gave me a history book,I would feel.
  2.If my grandmother gave me some home-made cookies,I would feel.
  3.Receiving a new school bag would make me feel. 1b Discuss your answers with a partner.Would you have the same feeling? 跟你的同伴讨论你的答案。你有相同的感觉吗? Section 2 Learning Strategy 阅读策略 PERSONALIZE WHAT YOU LEARN 使你所学的东西个人化 To learn something effectively①,it is important to “make it your own”. Instead of ② learning the example in the create one yourself,using your own experience and ideas. 为了有效地学习,把它变成你自己的很重要。取代课本当中所
③leave sb.a note 给某人留便条
④either 用于否定句句末, 用于 also 句中,too 用于肯定句或疑问句句末。
⑤ask sb. for sth.向某人要某物 ⑥forget to do sth.忘记去干某事, forget doing sth.忘记干了某事,在这句 话中也用了过去完成时态。 bring sth.with sb.随身携带某物
答案: angry,annoyed,surprised midmorning,late morning
同学们现在掌握了本单元的语 言目标-如何谈论事情对你的影响了 吗?
1a home-made 自制的这三句中的 would 表示的不是过去将来时态,而是 一种趋势。
1b the same feeling 相同的感觉 ①effectively 有效地,副词,其形 容词去掉 ly。 ②instead of“取代,代替”后跟名
学的例子,用你自己的经验和观点来创建一个你自己的例子。 好句共享:
  1.It really made me feel embarrassed③,because to be honest④,I thought the purse was really ugly! 这确实让我感到很窘迫, 因为说实在的, 我认为这个钱包确实 很


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