) (注意:请将答案写在答卷上。 注意:请将答案写在答卷上。 小题, Ⅰ.听力(四个部分,共 20 小题,计 20 分) 听力(四个部分,
根据所听内容,选择相应的图片。 第一节 根据所听内容,选择相应的图片。
  1.How’s the weather today?
听下面一段对话, 听下面一段对话,回答 9-10 小题 ( )
  9. What's the matter with the man? A. He finds it difficult to go to sleep at night. C. He was seriously ill. ( )
  10. How many days has the man been like this? A. Two days. B. Three days.
B. He can't sweep the floor.
C. Four days.
听下面一段对话, 11听下面一段对话,回答 11-12 小题 ( )
  11.When is Jack’s father’s birthday? A.This Sunday. B.This Thursday. C.This Saturday. ( )
  12.What are they going to do for Jack’s father's birthday? A.They’re going to have a party. B.They’re going to have a picnic. C.They’re going to have a big dinner. 听下面一段短文,然后判断正误, 第三节 听下面一段短文,然后判断正误,正确写 A,错误写 B。 , 。 ( )
  13. David has to go back to America because he has to do something important there. ( )
  14. David’s flight will leave Guangzhou at 11:35 tomorrow morning. ( )
  15. Li Hong will have a party this weekend. ( )
  16. David may come back to China next month. 笔录要点:根据你所听到的内容,填写下面的表格,每空不超过三个单词。 第四节 笔录要点:根据你所听到的内容,填写下面的表格,每空不超过三个单词。 First place to visit: 17 Time to meet: 19 How to go: 18 Phone number: 20

  2.Which animal will they see first?

  3.What is Ben’s favorite sport?
知识运用( II. 知识运用(20 分)
单项选择( A) 单项选择(10 分) ( )
  21. How did you learn math and physics when you were young? I learnt them by the teachers questions. A. ask B. asking C. asked ( )
  22. Mike didn’t use to early, but now he’s got used to earlier than his parents. A. get up, getting up B. getting up, getting up C. get up, get up ( )
  23. Students the school without the teachers’ permission on schooldays in Jiangsheng Middle School. A. aren’t allow to leave B. aren’t allowed to leave C. aren’t allowed to leaving ( )
  24. What would happen if there were no cars on the road? There would be no pollution it would be difficult for people to travel about. A. because B. although C. so that ( )
  25. I don’t like singers wear strange clothes on stage. A. what B. which C. who ( )
  26. I hear Louis didn’t pass the exam and felt upset. Let’s . A. cheer up him B. cheer him out C. cheer him up ( )
  27. Taking his umbrella made me . A. embarrassed B. embarrassing C. embarrass ( )
  28. Did you catch the train to Guangzhou yesterday? No, it had left I arrived at the station.

  4.What does the man want to buy?
听对话,然后选择正确答案. 第二节 听对话,然后选择正确答案. 听下面四段对话, 完每段对话后回答一个小题。 听下面四段对话,听完每段对话后回答一个小题。
  5. What will the weather be like the day after tomorrow? A. Windy. B. Cloudy. C. Sunny. 6 What did the man do in Harbin? A. He went skiing. B. He went skating.
  7. Where do the elephants come from? A. Africa. B. Asia. C. America.
  8. How far away is the post office? A. About two blocks. B. About four blocks.
C. He went swimming.
C. About six blocks.
A. after B. while C. before ( )
  29. Have you ever Jiuzhagou Village before? Yes, I’ve never seen such a beautiful place before. A. gone to B. been to C. went to ( )
  30. Could you please tell me where to find the supermarket? . Thank you all the same. A. Sorry to hear that B. Glad to hear that C. Sorry, I’ve no idea. You’d better ask the policeman B)完形填空 (10 分) ) Young Louis Barnett is the envy (被羡慕的人) of children everywhere. The 16-year-old 31 boy has his own chocolate factory in Bridgenorth, a small town in the English countryside. But Louis' life wasn't always 32 . At school, he had difficulties reading and writing. He was often bullied (欺负). That's why Louis 33 school at 11 to be taught at home. One day, Louis saw a book on cakes and chocolates by accident. It gave him the 34 to make them himself. In a garage, he began to make chocolate for his friends and family. Soon, he found everyone wanted his 35 . Louis' parents put their 36 into Louis' chocolate business. They set up a room just to make chocolate. very hard. He often works until 3 or 4 in the morning, although his parents help him. He Louis 37 makes boxes, chocolates and fillings, and does the packing (包装). He says chocolate will be his 38 . "It's not just a 39 to me anymore… There are so many different kinds of coco beans. “I've read lots of books about it,” said Louis. At first Louis sold them to local stores and over the Internet. But now his products are in two supermarkets ; he is their 40 supplier (供货商). His business, Chokolit, has taken off and now he has his own factory. ( )
  31. A. Japanese B. Chinese C. British ( )
  32. A. difficult B. easy C. boring ( )
  33. A. went to school B. left C. hated ( )
  34. A. money B. gift C. thought ( )
  35. A. products B. factory C. book ( )
  36. A. feeling B. house C. money ( )
  37. A. studies B. works C. tries ( )
  38. A. life B. wife C. parents ( )
  39. A. drink B. food C. friend ( )
  40. A. oldest B. kindest C. youngest
or Taiwan,” said Zhang. Luckily, the Chinese government sent chartered flights (包机) to bring the people back. Now, all the Chinese tourists are safely back home. “The moment the plane left Thailand, we cheered for joy,” said Zhang. Last week Thailand’s prime minister Somchai Wongsawat stepped down and the airports opened again. But the country’s tourism industry needs time to return to normal(正常). Tourism is the biggest part of the country’s economy (经济). Thailand is called “Land of Smiles” and has some of Asia’s best beaches. It has made $17 billion (十亿) from
  15.5 million tourists this year. ( )
  41. Zhang Jin had a dangerous experience in Thailand because of an earthquake. ( )
  42. Nobody was killed or hurt in the street battles. ( )
  43. Thousands of Chinese tourists returned home in the chartered flights. ( )
  44. Thailand’s economy mostly depends on the tourism and it also has the best beaches in Asia. 阅读下面的两篇文章,选择正确的选项( 第二节 阅读下面的两篇文章,选择正确的选项(16 分) (A) About five hundred years ago, an earthquake happened in a small village. Luckily for them, nothing was destroyed(毁坏) and no one was hurt. But a huge stone fell from a nearby mountain and stopped in the middle of the road. When the earthquake stopped, many people came to the road and saw the stone(石头). Some of the strongest men tried to lift the stone out of the road. But they couldn't move it. They tried to push it but failed. They tried to pull it with ropes(绳子) but nothing worked.? “Well,” they said sadly, “there's nothing we can do about it. We'll have to change the way.” At this time a boy about 12 years old said, “I think I can help you to move the stone away.” “You?” they shouted. “What are you talking about?” The men all laughed at the boy.? The next morning, some people came into the road. One of them shouted, “The stone is gone.” More people ran out to see what had happened. It was true. The stone wasn't on the road any longer. It wasn't even near the road. The boy walked over to where the stone had been and said, “I buried it.” The people looked rather surprised. “You see,” he said, “I dug a deep hole next to the stone and I dug a small incline (斜坡) up to the stone and the stone rolled(滚) down into the hole itself. Then I covered it with earth(泥土).” The villagers shouted, “Clever boy! Clever boy!” And some of them said, “Why didn't we think out this good idea?” ( )
  45. Around 500 years ago, this story happened in a small .? A. town B. village C. city ( )
  46. After the earthquake, .? A. many people in the village died B. the whole village was covered with big stones C. a large stone fell down the mountain and stood in the middle of the road ( )
  47. The stone was moved out of the road by .? A. an old man B. a young man C. a boy ( )
  48. From the article, we can see that .? A. the boy was stronger than the villagers B. the boy was very smart and good at thinking ? C. the villagers were all proud of the boy before the earthquake happened (B) DIY is very popular in China now. Do you know what it is? Yang Chen works for a computer business in Beijing. Though he enjoys his work, it is hard for him to relax after work. "For a long time, 1 had no choice(选择) except going to a bar for a drink and karaoke to relax myself,"
III. 阅读技能
阅读下面的文章,判断文后的句子是否符合短文内容。 第一节 阅读下面的文章,判断文后的句子是否符合短文内容。符合的写 A,不符合的写 B。 , 。 Zhang Jin was excited to get the bonus (奖励) of a free trip to Thailand from his company. But the manager from Qingdao, Shandong Province, didn’t expect to have a dangerous experience. The next day, as soon as he arrived in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, he was frightened to find himself in a city filled with street battles (战斗) between two groups. The anti-government (反政府的) group has taken a number of actions recently. It took over the prime minister’s (总理) office in August and had street battles with the police. Two people were reported to be killed and hundreds injured. Last month the anti-government group took over two international airports in Bangkok and stopped all flights. About 240,000 foreign tourists, including over 3,000 Chinese people like Zhang, had to stay in the country. “We were nervous on the streets. But we felt at home with other Chinese from Hong Kong
he said. One day when he saw many toy dogs in a toy shop, he had an idea. "Why not do some kind of things and relax myself?" Then he began to make model planes, model ships and something else. The things he has made by himself don't look as professionally(专业的) made as those in the shops, but he enjoys doing it. "It is not as much fun to play with things which are bought expensively from the shops," he said. Now his bookshelves are full of many kinds of things he has made. They are very beautiful and his families and friends like them very much. More and more young people are like Yang, making or creating(创造) things on their own. They like to do it themselves. Though making things with our own hands may take much time, some people, DIYers - do - it - yourselfers, enjoy doing it very much. They can make all kinds of things they like. DIY is becoming more and more popular in China. It may be to the young, yet many people remember when it was once a way of life. During 1960s and 1970s, when there were not enough living things for people to live on, they had to use their own hands to do many things. Whitewashing the wall or making clothes was a part of life because there was no other choice. If you wanted something done, you had to do it yourself; and if you needed something, you made it yourself. But times have changed and DIY has also different meaning now. ( )
  49. What does Yang Chen most enjoy doing in his free time now? A. Going to a bar for a drink and karaoke. B. Whitewashing the wall. C. Making something by himself. ( )
  50. Many young people like making things by themselves because . A. they want to make more money B. they do it for fun C. they need them in their life ( )
  51. From the passage we know. A. more and more people are beginning to make model planes B. people liked making things themselves between 1960s and 1970s C. more and more young people begin to make things themselves like Yang Chen ( )
  52. What’s the main idea of this passage? A. The things Yang made don't look as professionally made as those in me shops. B. Planes bought from the shops are too expensive. C. DIY is a good way of life. 阅读图表, (8 第三节 阅读图表,从每题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 分) 、 、 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 (
House For Sale
Red Rose Garden, Pudong 3-story home, 509 sqm (平方米) total (总的) land area, 4
  28.8 sqm built-in, 3
  12.9 sqm garden. Asking RMB 13 million(USD
  1.57 million). 021021MP:13761973547 Tel: 021-58609228 Fax: 021-58609728
Job Wanted
Cherry, 24, a shining girl, good at spoken English and Putonghua. Now I am working at an international trade (国际贸易)company in Guangzhou. I am kind-hearted, hard-working and healthy, and would like part-time weekend work offering Putonghua lessons to foreign friends. If you are interested, please email me at cherrylf@hotmail.com.
Beijing Snow World Ski Park
Price: 18 yuan (ticket), 50 yuan/hour on weekdays and 70 yuan/hour on weekends, 120 yuan/four hours on weekdays and 190 yuan/four hours on weekends Tel:010-69191617 根据以上广告信息,回答下列问题: ( )
  53. If an Australian student wants to learn Chinese, he or she can . A. call 021-58609228 B. email cherrylf@hotmail.com C. t



   Unit4复习教案 九年级英语新目标 Unit4复习教案 学科:英语 课型:复习 年级:九年级 主备人:袁红亮 审核:张彩霞 课题:Unit 4 What would you do ? 学习目标: 1 掌握 should 表示建议的表达方法 2 掌握由 if 引导的虚拟语气 3 用自己的努力去实现梦想,学会鼓励学生用智慧去帮助别人。 4 能听说读写本部分短语和句子。 自学质疑: [重点词组] 1. in public 公共的、公众的 2. in the slightest 一点也;根本 3. ...

九年级 英语教案

   年级: 层次: 年级:九年级 层次:60 分以下 日期: 时间: 日期:3.26 时间:10:00-12:00 课型: 课型:总复习课 内容: 内容:七年级 Chapter One & Chapter Two 考点 1:特殊疑问句 : 特殊疑问词短语的用法区别: 特殊疑问词短语的用法区别: how far 对距离提问 how often 对频率提问 how soon “多久后” 对表示将来时的时间状语提问 多久后” how long 对时间或长度提问 , 例句:How many pe ...


   2008-2009 学年度第二学期九年级 英语试卷分析 2009 河北中考英语试题的试卷结构严谨合理,试题类型丰富,内容科 学规范,难易度和区分度适中,较好地体现了升学考试试题的选拔与甄别 功能。充分体现了新课程的理念,贴近社会,贴近学生生活。 整套试卷题型仍分为 I 卷(客观题)和 II 卷(主观题)两部分,但稳中有变 即卷 I、 II 分数变化和试题结构微调, 卷 分数变化体现在卷 I 的分数由 08 年的 95 分减为 85 分,卷 II 的分数由 08 年的 25 分增为 35 分; ...


   青蓝教育中心英语科组 1. friends(怎样交朋友) How to make friends(怎样交朋友) It’ It’ It’s hard to make friends if you stay alone all the time. It’s easier to make friends when you have similar interests. on’ Don’r be afraid to show people what you are really good at. T ...


   2010-2011 学年度九年级下期 英语教学计划 科任教师:宋通平 本学期我继续担任九(2)的英语教学工作,根据学校制定的教 学工作计划,现对本学期的具体工作做如下计划: 一、教材分析: 教材分析: 因为上学期已经上完了初中英语人教版第五册教材的全部内容, 本学期以复习为主。为了达到目的,有章可循,我选择了《贵州中考 导学》这本书作为主要复习资料。本书教学内容健康,有利于提高学 生的思想情感素质,新增内容较多,尤其是一些练习题很接近近几年 我们地区的中考特点。它是按专题剖析、专项突破、专题 ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 摘要: 英语书面表达是初中英语教学的重点和难点. 本人对所任教九年级学生的英语书面表 达能力现状进行了简单分析, 对如何提高初中生的英语书面表达能力进行了教学实践, 认为教师 在教学过程中要持之以恒对学生进行大量的教学指导训练,注重学生平时的单词拼写与组句能 力,提醒学生积累常用表达方式,要求阅读背诵精彩段落,同时教师要利用教材话题资源,结合 多种训练与评价方式, 提升学生思维能力, 强化 ...


   初三英语专项复习之: 初三英语专项复习之 宾 语 从 句 The Object Clause 宾语从句的概念: 宾语从句的概念: 更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 更多资源 宾语部分是一个句子 宾语部分是一个句子. For example: He is a doctor. 宾语从句) 宾语从句 他说他是一个医生. (宾语从句 他说他是一个医生 He says that he is a doctor. 2.他住在哪儿 Where does he live ? 他住在哪儿? 他住在哪 ...


   ………密…………封…………线…………内…………不…………要…………作…………答…………………… 2010-2011 学年度第二学期 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 单词竞赛试 (试卷满分:100 分 考试时间:40 分钟) 考号: 题 号 得 分 一 二 三 四 五 总 分 一、将下列英文翻译成中文(20×2=40) 1.do morning exercises 2.eat breakfast 3.have English class 4.play sports 5.eat ...


   寒假预习 U13??刘乃嘉 Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad . 一 背诵下列短语 1、the uses of "make"(1) make a kite / 、 plane制作 制作 make money赚钱 赚钱 (3) make up ( be made up of ...) 组成 (4) make sure确定 确定 (5) make friends交朋友 交朋友 (6) make faces做鬼脸 做鬼脸 (7) be made of ...


   小学三年级英语上册教案全册 Unit 1 Hello ! 教学目标: 教学目标: 1. 用习惯用语与人打招呼: Hello ! Hi ! Good morning ! Good afternoon ! 2. 向别人介绍自己: I’m Miss Han . I’m peter . 3. 离开时的礼貌用语: Goodbye . Bye-bye . 教学准备: 教学准备: 1. 本课出现的人物名字卡片。 2. 教学磁带和录音机。 教学过程: 教学过程: 第一课时 Hello! Hi! 一、 1.老 ...



   人教版高三英语(必修)重点词汇、短语与句型汇编 Units 1-2 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.set down 记下;写下 首先;第一;原先 2.in the first place 3.burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生某事物 4.centre on/upon 将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点 5.concentrate on 专心致志于 6.Tour de France 环法自行车赛 7.keep track of 记录;掌握……的线索;保持对……的联系 8.stand ...


   剑三下 1--8 单元词组总结 1. have a picnic 2. have a swim try rest ride drink… 3. enjoy the sunshine 4. enjoy one’s life 5. enjoy oneself 6. enjoy doing sth. 7. pick up 8. play with snowballs 9. make a snowman 10. ride on a sledge 11. It’s time to do sth. 12 ...


   2010 考研英语翻译试题分析 文章来源: 作者: 更新时间:2010-01-15 关键字: 今年考研英语翻译试题的特点表现在以下三个方面:首先,五个划线句子中超纲或比较难翻译的词汇 并不多;其次,句子结构不是很复杂,没有特别难分析的句子;最后,今年翻译的话题是我们广大考生比 较熟悉的,也就是说,有关生态环境保护的话题.翻译原文选自一本外文的书籍,该书是一本环保生态的 经典著作,中译本已经由中国社会科学出版社出版. 考研翻译的选材经常来自外文书籍,这一点是广大考 生熟悉.看完翻译试题之后,大 ...


   鲤鱼网(http://www.iliyu.com) 50 条考研英语作文模板 第 第 第 第 第 1 2 3 4 5 页:一、用于开头的句式 页:二、用于结尾的句式 页:三、用于过渡的句式 页:四、描述漫画的句式 页:五、图表作文的句式 以上内容列举了 50 条最常规但又最“给力”的考研英语作文模板,看看哪些你已经放 入自己的模板体系了 一、用于开头的句式 1.With the rapidly growing popularity of …, the quality of our lives ...


   全国最大家教 家教平台 找家教,到阳光 阳光家教网 全国最大家教平台 家教, 【强烈推荐! 】极好的学习资料!涵盖了高中英语【各种词汇搭配】 ,非常的全,非常实用! 是各位学子应考必备的学习资料! 高一高二高三都很适用! 不得不传啊! 大家不下载会后悔! 最后祝各位支持小妹的学子【学业有成,步步青云! 】 a short cut 近路/捷径 abandon oneself to sth 沉湎于… be able to do sth. 有能力做某事 be capable of doing st ...