九年级英语(上)第一单元水平测试卷 年级英语( 第一单元水平测试卷 英语 单元水平测 班级 姓名得分 第一卷 选择题 一、单项选择。(每小题
  1.5 分,共 30 分)
  1. Our teacher told us to speak English as much as possible. A. as much as we could B. much more C. as much as I can D. much quickly
  2. Can you keep up with the class in math this term? A. caught up with B. catch up with C. come up with D. put up with
  3. When she was only five years old he was able to swim well. http://www.qicq1
  68.cn A. can B. may C. could D. might
  4. Please try two more times. A. another two B. two another C. other two D. the other
  5. How many times can you jump rope in one minute? A. throw B. catch C. skip D. kick
  6. She set a world record the 100-meter swimming event a time of
  54.48 seconds. A. for; in B. at; with C. in; with D. for; for
  7. They brought us news and every one was at it. A. amazing amazing B. amazed amazed
C. amazing amazed D. amazed amazing
  8. He did his best to make his parents . A. pride B. proud C. to feel proud D. feel pride
  9.All the spectators at the swimming pool jumped up and down . A. cheered B. to cheer C. cheering D. cheer
  10. She has more apples than . A. Tom B. Tom’s C. Tom has D. Tom’s apples
  11. We need everything ready before the party. A. getting B. to get C. get D. got
  12. No one knows . A. where is the post office 您正在阅读的文章由无忧教学吧收集整理,请牢记我们的网址:www.qicq1
  68.cn 以便下次 继续访(yi3 bian4 xia4 ci4 ji4 xu4 fang
  3)问! B. where the post office is C. the place is the post office D. the post office is the place
  13. I can jump you. A. as good as B. as farther as C. as long as D. as far as
  14. If you don't study hard you won't other students.
A. come up with B. catch up with C. agree with D. play with
  15. Mary won in the race last week. A. woman's 400-metres B. women's 400-metre C. woman's 400-metre D. women's 400-metres
  16. We must to improve our English. A. do our well B. do our best C. do one's better D. do one's best
  17. When the students heard the good news they jumped in the classroom. A here and there B. up and down C. now and then D. front and back
  18. She asked Linda if have a good rest. A. could she B. she could C. she can D. she may
  19. Linda said the moon round the earth. A. travelled B. has travelled C. travells D. had travelled
  20. Did you know ? A. who he was looking after B. who was he looking for C. who he is looking for D. who he is looking after 二、完形填空。(每小题
  1.5 分,共 15 分)
Everyone in our school loves sports. Every morning 21 we get up we do morning exercises. After the second class we do exercises again. We only have 22 classes twice a week but we do physical training(锻炼)at five every afternoon. The most popular sport is basketball. The 23 enjoy playing it and many of the girls like it too. 24 popular sport is football and in every class there are 25 football fans. Volleyball is often played when the 26 is fine. We have school teams in basketball football and volleyball. Our teams often 27 friendship matches(友谊赛) with teams from other schools. When there is a match 28 of us go to watch it and cheer for our team. Besides ball games some of us like track-and-field events(田径项目) 29 we often practise running jumping and throwing. Every term we have tests in these events and once a year we hold a 30 . www.qicq1
  21.( ) A. while B. when C. before D. after
  22.( ) A. English B. Chinese C. P.E. D. music
  23.( ) A. teacher B. boys C. students D. people
  24.( ) A. Some other B. Other C. Another D. The other
  25.( ) A. a lot of B. few C. no D. a little
  26.( ) A. team B. class C. weather D. meal
  27.( ) A. see B. have C. look at D. watch
  28.( ) A. some B. few C. much D. many
  29.( ) A. because B. but C. or D. and 您正在阅读的文章由无忧教学吧收集整理,请牢记我们的网址:www.qicq1
  68.cn 以便下次 继续访问!
  30.( ) A. sports meet B. place C. game D. rest 三、阅读理解。(每小题 2 分,共 10 分) Olympia a beautiful small town in the south of Greece is well known all over the world for its first holding the Olympic Games in 776 BC. At that time the Games were held once every four years. This custom(风俗) lasted for about 1170 years but stopped with the rule of Rome in 394 AD.
The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 to promote(促进) the international understanding(理解) through players in Athens Greece. The Olympic motto(箴言) is“Faster Higher Stronger”. Xu Haifeng won China’s first gold medal in shooting at 1984 Olympics. China won 28 gold 16 silver and 15 bronze medals at 2000 Sydney Games in Australia. At 2004 Athens Greece China won 32 gold 17silver 14 bronze medals and ranked(排 名(pai2 ming
  2)) No.2 only behind the U.S. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing
  31.( )The Olympic Games were named after . A.country of Greece 冀教版九年级英语 B. a man called Olympic C.the name of the capital city of Greece Olympia D. a beautiful small town of Greece Olympia
  32.( ) The city of Olympia has a history of . A.776 years B. about 200 years C. 2008 years D. more than 2770 years
  33. ( )China won the first gold medal in in the modern Olympic Games. A. 1170 B. 1896 C 1984 D. 394 AD
  34. ( )At 2004 Olympic Games,won the most medals. A. China B. The US C. Greece D. Australia
  35. ( )The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in China to . www.qicq1
  68.cn A. give players a good chance to get the medals B. increase (增加) friendship among players from different countries C. make much more money for China
D. find the difference in politics(政治) among different countries 四、选项补全对话(5 分)
A. What's the matter with you? B. What about you? C. I feel very fired. D. Are you worried about something? E. You are just too nervous. F. I'm sorry to hear that G. Anything else?
A: Tom you don't look well. 36( ) . B: Oh Jack. I think I'm ill. A: 37( ) . Why do you say I so? B: 38( ) . And I don't feel like eating even if the food smells and looks delicious. A: 39( ) . www.qicq1
  68.cn B: Yes. I'm very afraid of the coming exam. If I fail I won't get a good mark to enter the higher school. A: I see. There's nothing seriously wrong with you. 40( ) . You should do more exercise. B: Should I take some medicine? A: Yes you need some medicine to help you calm down.(平静) 第二卷 非选择题 五、词汇知识(共 25 分) A.根据首字母和汉语提示填空(每空 1 分,共 5 分)

  41. Zhang Ning won a s medal at Athens Olympics in 20
  42. M means “today”and“now”.
  43. I have a d that I will be a film star one day.
  44. The Great Wall is an (古代的) structure.
  45. We can (相信)him he never tells a lie. www.qicq1
B.用所给词的正确形式填空(每空 2 分,共 20 分)

  46. One of the (win)is my classmate.
  47. Now more and more countries want (coach).
  48. China’s divers have the most (victory).
  49. Look! They are swimming in the (swim)pool.
  50. You were very (luck)to come to the party
  51. It’s necessary for us to practice (speak) English every day.
  52. Marlin told me that he (want) to be a scientist in the future.
  53. At the 28th Olympics I (compete) with him for silver medal.
  54. By the end of last term I (learn)three English songs.
  55. She left home without (say)any words. 六、书面表达(15 分) 以 My favourite athlete 为题,介绍一下你最喜欢的运动员,说说你为什么喜欢他,在他 身上有什么东西值得你学习等。要求:
  1. 词数
  60-80 字。
  2. 提供的词或词组必须用上。
  3. 表达通(biao da tong)顺,结构完整。 提示词:favourite one of give up practise do one’s best some day.



   Unit4复习教案 九年级英语新目标 Unit4复习教案 学科:英语 课型:复习 年级:九年级 主备人:袁红亮 审核:张彩霞 课题:Unit 4 What would you do ? 学习目标: 1 掌握 should 表示建议的表达方法 2 掌握由 if 引导的虚拟语气 3 用自己的努力去实现梦想,学会鼓励学生用智慧去帮助别人。 4 能听说读写本部分短语和句子。 自学质疑: [重点词组] 1. in public 公共的、公众的 2. in the slightest 一点也;根本 3. ...


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