Unit 4 (8B)
Teacher: Ding Hong xia. Wangjie Middle School
Sydney opera house
口语训练:Charity shows 口语训练
? 例一 要点 要点: ?
  1.当我被选为义演的主持人时我感到很高兴 当我被选为义演的主持人时我感到很高兴; 当我被选为义演的主持人时我感到很高兴 ?
  2.在演出之前 我们做了大量的练习 然后重 在演出之前,我们做了大量的练习 在演出之前 我们做了大量的练习;然后重 要的那一天来了,剧场的大门打开了 剧场的大门打开了,人们蜂 要的那一天来了 剧场的大门打开了 人们蜂 拥而入;流行歌手的歌迷们发出很大的响声 流行歌手的歌迷们发出很大的响声; 拥而入 流行歌手的歌迷们发出很大的响声 为了让观众听见我说话,我不得不大声讲话 为了让观众听见我说话 我不得不大声讲话; 我不得不大声讲话 ?
  3.那天 很多人为‘‘希望工程”捐了钱。 那天,很多人为‘‘希望工程 那天 很多人为‘‘希望工程”捐了钱。
口语训练:Charity shows
? 例二 要点: 要点: ?
  1、6月3日将有一场义演,它将在北京阳光学校 、 月 日将有一场义演 日将有一场义演, 举办,组织这场义演为的是给“希望工程”捐款; 举办,组织这场义演为的是给“希望工程”捐款; 希望工程”帮助建造学校, “希望工程”帮助建造学校,也帮助穷困的孩子 上学; 上学; ?
  2、义演的门票为每张 元;义演于晚上 :30 、义演的门票为每张20元 义演于晚上
  6: 开始, 结束; 开始,9:30结束;希望你们都会来并支持“希望 结束 希望你们都会来并支持“ 工程” 工程”
microphone curtain exit
stage performers seats lights audience
根据首字母,中英文释义及上下文,填出正确的单词: 根据首字母,中英文释义及上下文,填出正确的单词:
  1. We held a show in a big hall last week. There were a lot seats座位 of (座位)in it. 座位)
  2. We invited some people to come to watch our charity audience show. We called them . microphone
  3. The host came on the s with a tage (it can make his voice sound louder) in his hand. performers
  4. His job was to introduce the (perform) in the show. curtain
  5. When the show was over, the (it hangs in front of the stage) came down and the people went out of the hall through the e. xit
? What can we do at the theatre? watch films listen to music hold a meeting watch a drama act a play give a fashion show
hold a charity show
Can you still remember them?

  1、最初;一开始 、最初;
at the beginning
  3、在网上登广告 在网上登广告 advertise on the Internet
  5、许个愿 许个愿

  2、重返学校 重返学校 return to school
  4、在恰当的时候 在恰当的时候 at the right time
  6、关心 关心 care about
make a wish
  8、实现 得到大力支持 、 come true have a lot of support
  10、搭建舞台 组织慈善演出 搭建舞台 organize a charity show set up a stage
  11、只要;要是 只要;
  12、准时做每件事 只要 准时做每件事 do everything on time only if
  13、从从现在开始 、 from now on ?
  15、出差 、 on business ?
  17、分发;散发 、分发; give out

  14、把某人介绍给? 、把某人介绍给 introduce sb. to
  16、在演出结束时 、 at the end of the show

  18、积极加入;积极参加 、积极加入; take an active part in ?
  20、发出很大的噪声 、 、 need to be done\need doing make a lot of noise ?
  21、兴奋地叫起来 、 shout with excitement ?
  23、保持安静 、 keep quiet\silent
  22、志愿做某事 、 volunteer to do sth.
  24、流行歌星的歌迷们 、 the fans of the pop stars
Fill in the blanks after reading the text: Ricky wrote a letter to his cousin Kitty. He held a
charity raise show. They wanted to some money for . He felt very because the Project Green Hope happy organizers chose him to be the . But he was also host because of the TV . Ricky started nervous cameras to work on the show two months ago. He said his job was to each star. It was hard work so he practised introduce a lot before the show. He had to remember to look at the right beginning right camera at the time. In the , it was difficult for him. But slowly everything became a little bit . easier
? When the night before the show came, Ricky sleep ? couldn’t at all because he was very . excited success ? “ Will it be a ?” He kept asking himself. ? Then the day came. Many people big came to the show. fans ? The of the pop stars made a lot of so Ricky had to speak noise . loudly
? Everything seemed to happen fast that day. At last a lot of people money to donated Project Green Hope and everyone was very generous ? . support ? They had a lot of from local ? . So Ricky hope they can have businesses events more like this to raise money for charities.
Revision of grammar
Passive Voice
Passive voice in simple present tense
? They plant the trees in the park ? A B C D
The trees are planted in the park by them
? Jim does the homework everyday ? A B C D
The homework is done by Jim everyday
Passive voice in the past tense
? He cleaned the room yesterday ? A B C D
The room was cleaned by him yesterday
? Lily bought some books in the bookshop ? A B C D
Some books were bought by Lily in the bookshop
Passive voice in simple future tense
We will have a class meeting this afternoon.
A class meeting will be had (by us) this afternoon
They are going to choose Jan to be their monitor. I am going to visit my grandmother next Sunday.
My grandmother is going to be visited by me next Sunday Jan is going to be chosen to be their monitor (by them).
Passive voice in present perfect tense
? They have finished their work.
Their work has been finished (by them).
? Sandy has learnt English for 3 years.
English has been learned by Sandy for 3 years
? We have raised money for Project Hope
Money has been raised for Project Hope (by us).
Passive voice with modal verbs
? We should keep our classroom clean
Our classroom should be kept clean (by us).
Everyone must hand in your homework on time.
Your homework must be handed in on time.
You can borrow my bike.
My bike can be borrowed (by you).
Passive voice with “to-infinitive”and others.
? I need to wash the clothes
The clothes need to be washed (by me)
? She makes the girl laugh
The girl is made to laugh (by her)
? Bob let the workers work over 10 hours a day.
The workers were let to work over 10 hours a day (by Bob)
Work out the rules
  1、一般现在时的被动语态 一般现在时的被动语态 主+is\am are+Vpp ?
  2、一般过去式的被动语态 、 主+was\were+Vpp ?
  3、一般将来时的被动语态 、
主+will +be +Vpp /主+is\am are+going +to+be +Vpp 主
  4、现在完成时的被动语态 、 主+have\has+Vpp ?
  5、带有情态动词的被动语态 、
  1、Don’t discuss the problems with your 、 B partner unless you__to do so. ? A.ask B.are asked C.will ask D.will be asked (2009常州) 常州) 常州 ?
  2、--Do you know the result of the 、 B competition??No.It__. ? A.hasn’t announced B. hasn’t been announced. C.didn’t announce. D.wasn’t announced.(2009扬州 扬州) 扬州 ?
  3、It__that our government has taken action 、 C to control the spread of H1N
  1. A.reportsB.has reported C.is reported ? D.was reported. (盐城 盐城20
  09) 盐城
C ?
  4、Chinese__in many countries today.Maybe you 、 will teach chinese in France in the future. A.is speaking. B.speaks. C.is spoken. D.speak.(2009 镇江) 镇江 ?
  5、?Do you know__,Mike?__Sure .From May B 、 1,2010 to October 31,20
  10. ? A.when will World Expo Shanghai be held B.when World Expo Shanghai will be held. C.how soon will World Expo Shanghai be held. D.how soon World Expo Shanghai will be held.(2009南通 南通) 南通 D ?
  6、In my hometown,the old over 100__not only by 、 their families but also by the government. A.is taken good care. B.are taken good care. C. is taken good care of. D. are taken good care of. (2009南通 南通) 南通
D ?
  7、It said that smoking won’t bein indoor public or work places in China soon.(2010镇江) 镇江) 镇江 ? A、attacked B、admired C.attractedD.allowed. 、 、 B ?
  8、The fire was completely__shortly afterwards 、 with the help of the firemen. (2010连云港) 连云港) 连云港 ? A.cut down B.put out C.give out D.floaed away ?
  9.-Can you sing this English song??Of course,I can.It__many times on the radio. D ? A.taught B.has taught C.is taught D.has been taught.(2010南京) 南京) 南京 ?
  10.-Our city looks more beautiful.-Yes. Lots of A trees and grass__since last year. A.have been planted.B.are planted.C.will be planted.D.were planted.(2010徐州) 徐州) 徐州
  1、这篇文章是以日记的形式写成的.(翻译)( 、这篇文章是以日记的形式写成的 翻译)(2009苏 翻译)( 苏 州) was written in the form of a diary ? The article. ?
  2、上周他被指控闯入电脑系统。 、上周他被指控闯入电脑系统。 was charged with breaking into He the ? computer system last week.(完成句子)( 完成句子)( 常州) 完成句子)(2009常州) 常州 is heard ?
  3、Usually the thunder(hear)after the 、 lighting.(2009无锡) 无锡) 无锡 ?
  4、In the old days the working people in our 、 were looked country (look)down on.(2009无锡) 无锡) ( 无锡
  5、你的申请表务必准时上交。Your application form 、你的申请表务必准时上交。 be handed in on time must. 无锡) (2009无锡) 无锡
  6、Every year,lots of charity shows 、 are organized (organize) to raise money for the poor people in the world.(2009泰州) 泰州) 泰州 was given ?
  7、A pair of pandas(赠 、 赠 连云港) 送)to Australia months ago.(2010连云港) 连云港 ?
  8、You musn’t touch the machines unless 、 are allowed you(allow)to.(2010常州) 常州) 常州 ?
  9、With the development modern medicine, a lot 、 of common can be cured or prevented diseases(能 能 够治愈或预防)(2010无锡) 够治愈或预防
Writing work
假如你是Sandy,你班决定举行一场义演,你写信 你班决定举行一场义演, 假如你是 你班决定举行一场义演 邀请Mr 邀请 Wu,希望他能参加这场义演。 ,希望他能参加这场义演。
  1、义演名为“Sunshine For All” 、义演名为“
  2、4月29日7:30-9:30举行。 举行。
  3、目的是为希望工程募集钱,它能发挥很大的 、目的是为希望工程募集钱, 作用。 作用。
  4、每张票 元。 、每张票20元
  5、同学们志愿做些工作:我和 设计海报; 、同学们志愿做些工作:我和Kitty设计海报; 设计海报 Millie将是女主持,她也将帮助Simon组织剧 将是女主持,她也将帮助 组织剧 将是女主持 将唱一首歌。 目;Daniel和Kitty将唱一首歌。 和 将唱一首歌
你希望Mr 来参加。 你希望 Wu 来参加。 Dear Mr Wu Our class has decided to hold a charity chow.
We hope to see you there. Sandy.


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