A:Where have you ever been ? B:I’ve already been to ….But I haven’t been to…yet. Chongqing Chengdu
Let’s think about it.
Where will we go?
Section A
Task 1
If you are going on a vacation, what should you do before you leave?
search the Internet
go shopping
do the chores
pack things
A: What are you going to pack when you go on vacation? B: I’m going to pack the camera.
medicine camera mobile phone
beach towels
sunglasses travel guidebook suit
umbrella bathing
If you want to go on a beach vacation, a city vacation. What do you want to pack? Choose the three most important things. Then write down.
A beach vacation
Sightseeing in a city
bathing suit sunglasses beach towels
street map bike mobile phone
Suppose you are going on a vacation tomorrow. You have done many things. Let me guess what you have done.
A: Have you fed the dog yet? B: Yes, I have.\ No, I haven’t.
A: Have you fed the dog yet? B: Yes, I have.\ No, I haven’t.
fed the dog
packed the sports shoes
locked the door
packed your money cleaned out the refrigerator ( fridge ) put the car in the garage
A: Have you watered the plants yet? B: Yes, I have already watered them.
packed the camera
watered the plants
locked the windows
bought a travel guidebook bought a street map packed the beach towels
water the plants lock the garage
feed the cat
clean out the refrigerator
What are they going to do?
Listen and check ( ) the chores the people have already done.
packed the camera. watered the plants. locked the windows bought a travel guidebook. bought a street map. packed the beach towels.
Look at the picture. This is Tina, and that is Mark.
What have they done? Listen
Listen. Who said each thing? Write 2a “ M ”for Mark or “ T ” for Tina.

  1.No. I haven ’t cleaned out the refrigerator yet.
  2.I ’ve already put it in the garage.

  3.But I haven ’ t locked the garage yet. T
  4.I ’ ve already done most of my jobs. M
  5.Not yet. I ’ ll do it in a moment.
  6.Yes, I have.
Listen again . Match each question below with an answer from 2a.
5 Have you fed the cat yet? What about your bike? Are you ready, Tina? 2 1
6 Have you turned off your radio?
填空。 用already 和 yet填空。

  1. I’ve already packed the camera. yet
  2. Have you bought a street map ? yet
  3. I haven’t done my homework .
  4. Have you cleaned my room ? yet already I’ve cleaned your room.
A: Hi, my boy. We are going out right now. Are you ready 1? B: Yes, I’m ready, mum. A: Let me see. 2? Have you fed the cat B: Yes, I fed the cat half an hour ago. A: Good. 3 the dog? What about B: Oh, sorry. I forgot it, but I’ll fed it
  4. at once Have you packed your bathing suit A: 5 yet? We’ll go swimming there. B: Yes, I’ve already packed my new bathing suit.

  1. I have already seen the film.(改为一般疑问句 改为一般疑问句) 改为一般疑问句 Have you seen the film yet ?
  2. He has already had his lunch.(改为否定句 改为否定句) 改为否定句 He hasn’t had his lunch yet . 作否定回答)
  3. Have you ever met each other before? (作否定回答 作否定回答 No , we haven’t.
  4. They finished cleaning their classroom two minutes ago. The floor is clean. (改为现在完成时 改为现在完成时) 改为现在完成时 They have justcleaned their classroom.
  5. In 1990, Liu Ying went to the Great Wall. She visited it again last year. (据此完成句子 据此完成句子) 据此完成句子 been to the Great Wall twice . Liu Ying has 6 Ms Wang has taught in this school for ten years.(就划线部分提问) How long has Ms. Wang taught in this school?

  1. Review the new vocabulary and grammar.
  2. Write down the conversation you role played in class.


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