2) 新目标九年级英语词法语法练习
  1. I study English by listening tapes 卡)。
  2. She goes to school by bus (坐公车)。 (练习对话) with your friends? (听磁带) and making flashcards (做闪

  3. Do you learn English by
  4. What about
  5. It improves
practicing conversations
reading aloud
(大声朗读) to practice pronunciation?
(提高) my speaking skills. go shopping (去购物)?

  6. Why don’t you
  7. Let’s
travel together
(一起旅游)。 specific suggestions learn new words was (明确的建议)。 by reading English magazines

  8. Some students had more
  9. The best way to
  10.Wei Ming feels differently (不同地)。 (令人沮丧的)

  11.Sometimes, however, he finds watching movies frustrating because the people speak too quickly.
  12.I thought my class mates might
  13.It helped
  14.She a lot laugh at me (许多)。 . studying English at all
.(她根本不喜欢学习英语) (以唱歌结束) 。

  15.The party
  16.She often
ended/ends up with singing makes mistakes (犯错误).
enjoys dealing with this kind of problem
(enjoy) (处理这种问题)

  18.They enjoy themselves
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  19.Shanghai is one of the most popular
  20.Ted decides to visit
  21.She is angry with
  22.She saw him
  23.The magician 第二单元
  1. My father used to
  2. Did he use to (过去常常) take me to (过去常常) play the piano? isn’t he have you? ?(不是吗) (不是吗) (不是吗) does she? (不是吗) the concerts (音乐会) 。 dancing changes/changed cities (城市) in China.
(决定拜访) his cousin. me.(她对我生气)。 (正在跳舞) in the classroom. the girl into a strange animal.

  3. Peter is a teacher,

  4. You haven’t finished housework,

  5. They hardly understood it, did they?
  6. She knows little information for this case,
  7. He is interested in
( 对 … 感 兴 趣 ) this book, because interested in talking about this book
interesting (令人感兴趣的) content, but he isn’t (对讨论这本不感兴趣)
  8. She spends much money finishing this story
(花费太多的钱)on this clothes. (完成这个故事)。

  9. He spend two years
  10. It
Takes me a day to read this story. (几乎不能理解) them.

  11. I can hardly understand
  12. She hardly has
(几乎没有) time to do it.

  13. 一个 15 岁的男孩 a fifteen-year-old boy
  14. 15 岁的男孩喜欢唱歌 fifteen-year-olds boy
  15. 我是 15 岁了。I am fifteen years old.
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  16. We should
  17. pay attention to 注意) our writing.
My brother give up practicing (放弃练习) English

  18. 我不在打篮球。I don’t play basketball any more.
  19. She usually go to sleep (入睡) before 10pm.
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