九年级英语上册 九年级英语上册 Unit1 周练
总分 100 分 卷面分 3 分 词汇: 一.词汇:(
  20) 词汇 (A)根据句意,中文提示或首字母填入所缺的单词。 根据句意,中文提示或首字母填入所缺的单词。 (
  10) 根据句意
  1. Are you (熟悉 ) with the star signs? (充满活力的) boy.
  2.He is an
  3.He is very (大方) with money.
  4.Jim is a(谦虚的) person.
  5.Sometimes he is(心灵手巧的).
  6. This girl is polite and (文雅). We all want to make friends with her
  7. Human beings are(有创造力的) animals.
  8. Millie is the most s person for the job.
  9.Paul fell off the bike last week. L , he wasn't badly hurt.
  10. He pays little a to what I’m saying. (B) 根据单词的适当形式填空:(
  10) 根据单词的适当形式填空:
  1. Casper was born on 22nd- August. He is a strong and (confidence) person.
  2. How stubborn he is? You can't make him give up(easy).
  3. Kitty is confident and she believes her own (able).
  4. You’ll (give) some more money for your excellent work.
  5.We made a (decide) at yesterday’s meeting
  6.She often makes mistakes. She is a girl. (care)
  7. It's patient of you (wait) for me for 2 hours
  8.It is silly of you (not forgive) others for their faults.
  9.Would he mind (do)some extra work?
  10. I don't like fishing. I'm an (patient) boy.
小题; 二、单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) 单项填空(

  1. We all think is kind you to give your seat to a young lady with a baby in her arms yesterday. A. that, for B. it, for C. it, of D. that, of
  2. The person with the star sign Taurus is said to be and doesn’t like to change. A. clever B. stubborn C. selfish D. modest

  3. Mike is very because he always gives money to others. A. curious B. patient C. active D. generous

  4. ?I’ll have an English exam about star sign next Monday. ? . A. Bad luck B. That’s great C. Glad to hear that D. Good luck to you
  5. Millie is getting on well with her friends but she is a little selfish . A. in time B. on time C. at times D. at a time
  6. Don’t eat meat any more. You are fat now. A. too much; much too B. too many; many too C. much too; too much D. many too; too many

  7. I can’t decide . A. to buy which one B. which one to buy C. to buy which D. which to buy one
  8.Are you reading the newspaper now? What does it ? A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk
  9. Although Maths is very difficult, you can’t . A. give in it B. give it in C. give up it D. give it up
  10.Tommy is go for a walk alone. A. enough old B. enough old to C. old enough D. old enough to
  11. Would you mind the book to us? A. explain B. explaining C. to explaining D. to explain
  12. It’s polite you to say hello to your neighbours every day. A. of B. to C. for D. at
  13. You can the cake ten pieces. A. divided, into B. be divided, into C. divide, into D. be divide, into
  14. I hope you can me. A. agree with B. agree about C. agree to D. agree on
  15. The scientist is very modest. He never . A. show off B. shown on C. shows off D. show on
  16. Stamps are usually used letters. A. to sending B. to send C. for send D. for sent
  17. It's difficult her the job by herself. A. to, to doing B. for, to do C. for, to doing D. to, to do
  18. A: Which colour do you , red or black? B: Red, I think. Because it looks good me. A. prefer, to B. prefer, on C. favorite, to D. favorite, on
  19.It’s so kind of you to give me a ride to the station. A. It doesn’t matter B. Never mind C. Don’t mention it D. Not at all. It’s a pleasure
  20.“Do you mind if I sit here?” “ .It’s for Mr. Brown.” A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not 三.按要求写句子.(
  22) 按要求写句子
  1.. Millie spent a lot of time washing the coat.(改为同义句) It Millie a lot of time the coat.

  2.这个问题使我很不愉快。 (make) This me .
  3.My sister is very kind.she likes to take care of others.(合并句子) It is my sistertake care of others .
  4.Learning English well is important for us . (改为同义句) It is English well.
  5.你有足够耐心等很长时间而不会生气。(翻译句子) You are to a long time . 四.完形填空(15 分) 完形填空(
Alice was a beautiful girl. She liked nothing except dressing __1__ and dancing when she was at school. Of course she wasn’t good at her __2__. But the boys were ready to help her with her lessons _3__ they liked to dance with her. And after she finished middle school, she __4__ found work in a big shop. The __5__ had a son and he wanted the girl to marry him. Alice _6__ though the young man wasn’t clever enough. But she __7__ all kinds of clothes and shoes. She lived in the beautiful house with a big garden and she __8__ did anything at home. She didn’t love her __9__ but she lived a city life. Once Mrs. Evans called Alice. The woman said she bought a few _10__ pictures and asked her to appreciate (欣赏) them. She _11__ nothing about the art but she was afraid to be laughed at and got there in time. She saw several women there. They were __12__the pictures when she went in. She thought for a long time and said, “Look! They’re all _13__. Why didn’t you buy the new ones?” The women looked at each other but they tried not to __14__. And when they were appreciating a picture “Tramp (游浪汉) she said, “I don’t think the artist could draw! Such a__15__ man had ”, no money to have a portrait taken(请人画像)!”
  1. A. him B. himself C. her D. herself
  2. A. classes B. English C. maths D. language
  3. A. when B. while C. because D. after
  4.A. hardly B. easily C. no longer D. happily
  5. A. bookseller B. shopkeeper C. gatekeeper D. policeman
  6. A. agreed B. hated C. preferred D. failed
  7. A. sold B. was sold C. gave D. was given
  8. A. always B. sometimes C. never D. often
  9. A. husband B. son C. brother D. uncle
  10. A. cheap B. expensive C. terrible D. strange
  11. A. liked B. interested C. watched D. knew
  12. A. looking up B. looking for C. talking about D. hearing from
  13. A. old B. clean C. dirty D. thin
  14. A. stop B. smile C. laugh D. lie
  15. A. busy B. clever C. rich D. poor
  10) 阅读理解( ) In China, people talk about “Shuxiang”, which is very interesting. For example, 2006 is a “dog year”, and when a baby is born in this year, we say he or she is a little dog. Shuxiang usually brings people good luck. There are 12 animals below. social, having rich feelings, friendly but complaining hard, ordered, but keeping old brave, confident, but careless peaceful, having a good manner, a business head but cold emotion
active, outgoing, popular but selfish
fascinating(迷人的), thoughtful, but doubtful
active, self-confident, wise but proud and angry
kind, helpful, elegant but sad wide, clever, warm, unsatisfied but slick(圆滑的)
confident, helpful, happy, but dressy
realistic, loyal(忠诚的), practical hard, honest, simple, lucky but careless .
  1. When a baby is born in 2008, we can say he or she is a little A. pig B. rat C. tiger D. snake
  2. If we call a boy a little horse, when was he born? A. In 19
  98. B. In 20
  00. C. In 20
  02. D. In 20
  3. Mr Lu, our English teacher, was born in 1976, a dragon year. Can you choose the right description of his characteristics? A. He is a active, self-confident, resourceful but proud and angry B. He is kind, helpful, artistic but sad C. He is active, outgoing, popular but selfish D. He is fascinating, thoughtful but dressy and doubtful
  4. If someone is brave, confident but careless, we can guess he was born in a year. A. rat B. dog C. horse D. tiger
  5. Which of the following is not True? A. In China, when me talk about “Shuxiang”, it means twelve animals. B. From the passage, we can know 2010 is a hare year. C. Shuxiang perhaps brings you good luck, but we shouldn’t believe it. D. A cock year always comes after a monkey year.



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