Unit 4what would you do? 1 what if 如果```将会怎么样 2 not…in the slightest 一点也不 3 plenty of+可数 n / enough+n. 4 get along with 5 let down 6 come up with 8 come out 拥有 100 美元 10 medical research 11 wear a tie /necktie 13 get pimples 14 what if 得了小脓疱 补考 医学研究 戴领带 很多的,足够的 与`````相处 针对问题提出想法 出饭,发表 使```失望或沮丧
26 get/be annoyed at sb 对某人生气 annoy ab 使某人生气 相当自信 一个好的听众 代表 赶上 提出;赶上 使某人失望 27 fairly confident 29 a good listener 31 let sb down 32 run up with sb 33 come up with 30 represent our class

  34.get the medical help 取得医护帮助
  35.make sb + adj(comfortable) 使某人舒服
  36.stay with sb 与某人呆在一起 受伤的面积 (冰)自来水 停止做某事
  37.put sth under sth 把某物放在某物下
  38.the burned area
  40.stop doing sth
  39.(cold) running water
9 have/find a million dollars
12 worry about=be worried about 担心 如果...将会怎么样 通过考试 考试不合格 感到有活力的
15 take an exam/test (later) 16 pass the exam 17 fail the exam 18 feel/be energetic

  41.have a lot of experience 有许多经验
  42.be confident of sth 对某物自信
  43.millions of
  44.hundreds of 成百上万 成百上千
19 feel/be confident 感到自信 have confidence in sth/dong sth 做某事有自信 20 a shy person 一个害羞的人 不允许 21 without permission 允许某人做某事 24 bother sb 打扰某人

  46.talk to sb about sth 与某人谈论某事
  47.hide 。。from sb 藏起来不让人找到 。
  48.Internet friend
  49.in a public place
  50.make/give a speech 网友 在公共场所 发表演讲
22 permit (allow) sb to do sth

  51.in the front of (在内部)在````前面
  52.in front of (在外部)在```前面
  53.talk a lot 健谈

  54.get nervous
  55.look terrible
  56.lucky you
紧张 看上去糟糕的 你非常幸运
80 be covered with sth 82 go upstairs 83 go downstairs 84 fall downstairs accident 86 be burned 上楼
81 press sth hard 用力挤压 下楼 从楼上摔下

  57.introduce sb to sb 把某人介绍给某人
  58.do a personality survey 做一个性格调查
  59.speak in public 在公共场合说话
  60.hardly ever
  62.do sth better
  63.have a cold
  65.without permission 询问某人的允许
  67.be in a movie
  68.with a new student 在某人家里吃晚饭
  70.pretty/rather/fairly confident 相当自信 社会情况 你想要的内容 剩余的东西 休息
  71.social situations 72….what you want 74 the rest of sth 75 have a rest/break 拍电影 和一个新学生 几乎不 做某事更好 感冒 没经允许
85 burn /hurt/injure oneself by 被烧伤
87 injure one's knee 某人的膝盖受伤 88 feel some pain 感到有些疼 89 feel painful 90 offer sb sth 91 refuse sb sth 92 refuse to do sth 93 be helpful 感到疼痛 提供某人某物 拒绝某人某事 拒绝做某事 有帮助的

  64.borrow sth from sb 从某人那借某物
  66.ask for one’s permission
94 treat sb as sth 对待某人为… 95 give money to charity 给慈善机构捐钱 96 give money to medical research 给医学研究捐钱 97 put money in the bank 把前放入银行 98 watch it grow 99 buy snacks 100 build a school 为我家买一个大房子 102 travel around the world 游览全世界 103 help other people 帮助其他人 104 newspaper article

  69.have dinner at one's house
看着它上涨增值 买小吃 建立学校
101 buy a big house for my family
76 have a first-aid book 有一本急救书 78 My book come out yesterday. 我的书昨天出版 79 cover sth with sth 用某物盖住某物
105 do with=deal with
属于某人的 5 have a picnic=go on a picnic=at a picnic 野餐 6 (im)possible 形(im)possibly 副 不可能/可能 maybe/probably/perhaps 配镜师有约 可能 9 at an optometrist appointment/date 与 have an appointment/date with sb 与某人有约 =date with sb (They are dating. ) 11 be crucial to sb 对某人来说至关重 12 be crucial for sth 对某事来说至关重要 13 It’s crucial to do/that 从句 15 count from 1 to 100 从 1 数到 100 16 discount 打折 期末考试 最后 17 final exam
106 give advice on sth different situations 不同情况下给某物一些建议 107 ask sb for advice 向某人寻求建议 108 clean cloth 109 a deep cut 1
  11.how to get 110 hurry to do sth 纱布 一个深的伤口 快速做某事 一群… 怎么样得到
  16.a company/crowd of … 1
  17.be easy to get along with 容易交往/相处 1
  19.A rather than B 宁愿做 A 也不愿做 B 1
  22.say something bad 123 have a problem 英语演讲比赛 1
  26.come top 名列前茅 127 in the school exams 1
  28.a top student 1
  29.let sb down 1
  24.English speech contest
A 胜于 B
  20.would rather do A than do B 说坏话 有一个问题
18 finally=at last=in the end 在校考试 对…忧虑
19 be/get/feel anxious about sb/sth 20 be/get/feel worried about=worry
一个尖子生 使人失望
  30.be terrified of doing sth 1 belong to 2 hair band 3 use up 属于 发带 用完
about 21 the owner of 追赶某人 23 in the shy 在天空中 24 a strange creature/animal
Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.
22 chase sb=run after sb to catch him/her
4 belong to (sb) = must be sb’s
一种奇怪的动物 25 catch sth/the bus 28 make noise(不可数) 29 be noisy(adj) 在…附近 31 footsteps in the hallway 走廊上的脚步声 32 the director of… 主管 33 escape (from +地点) 从…逃跑 34 The dog is barking 那只狗在叫 35 strange smell 36 smell strange 37 lift a big stone 38 pretend to do sh 假装正在做某事 40 attempt to do sth 43 little kid because +从句 45 strange people 46 next door neighbor 47 little by little 49 strange event 50 used to 陌生人 邻居 一点一点的 奇怪的事 过去常常
51 in our neighborhood 在我们的附近 赶上某物 制造噪音 吵闹 52 local school teacher 当地学校老师 53 strange noise 奇怪的声音 54 extremely worried 55 be interviewed 57 call the police 58 have fun 60 at first 71 have one`s own idea 有某人自己的主意 72 get in the window 从窗户进来 73 escape from+地 从…逃跑 74 get off get on 做某事不成问题 It is less of a problem to help her. 上车 下车 59 anything strange 首先 非常担心 被采访 打电话给警察
27 extreme fellow/kid/guy 极端的人
30 in the neighborhood (of….)
56 local newspaper 当地报纸 开玩笑
奇怪的味道 闻起来奇怪 举起一块大石头 假装做某事
39 pretend to be doing sth 意图做某事 小孩 因为…
75 be less of a problem to do sth
42 favorite author 最喜欢的作家 44 because of +n /doing sth


九年级英语Unit 4w翻译

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   Unit 4 I.Phrases: 1. board a plane=get on board a plane 2. on board 在[到]船、飞机或车上 3. go on board 上船; 上飞机, 上火车 4. collections of poetry 诗歌集 5. call up 唤起, 使想起; 打电话给;调动 (力 量,人员等) ;提出(议案等) 6. put…together 把……结合成一整体; 装配 7. stand out 明显;醒目; 突出;杰出;坚持; 支撑 t ...

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   动词的虚拟语气 概念 语气有三种:陈述语气,祈使语气和虚拟语气. 语气有三种:陈述语气,祈使语气和虚拟语气. 语气表示说话人对动词所表示的动作或所 处的状态持有的态度或看法. 处的状态持有的态度或看法. 虚拟语气表示的动作或状态不是客观存在的, 虚拟语气表示的动作或状态不是客观存在的, 而是说话人的主观愿望 假设或推测. 主观愿望, 而是说话人的主观愿望,假设或推测. 假设 事实 虚拟条件 句的时态 主句的谓语动 词的构成形式 主语+ 主语+ should/ would/ could / m ...


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