A. cost, spend (
B. cost, spent B. three hundreds B. arrived B. pick up it B. Luckily B. is cleaning B.
  2.26-metre-tall B. late B. are used to eating
C. spends, cost C. hundreds of C. reached to C. pick up them C. Because C. is cleaned C.
  2.16 metres tall C. instead of C. are used to eat B. become interest in
D. spent, costs D. three hundreds of D. arrived in D. pick them up D. So D. cleaned D.
  2.26 metres D. instead D. get used to eat
  6. There are readers in the library. A. hundred of )
  7. John Beijing the day before yesterday. A. arrived at )
  8. Don’t throw litter around. Please. A. pick it up )
  9. It was raining hard. he didn’t have an umbrella. A. Unfortunately )
  10. Our classroom every day, so it’s very clean. A. cleans )
  11.Yao Ming is a boy who is helping the Houston Rockets in NBA. A.
  2.16-metres-tall )
  12. I’m not sure if I’m going to the cinema, I may take my family to the concert. A. early )
  13.Now those foreigners Chinese food. A. used to eat )
  14.Many young adults foreign cartoons now. A. be interested in C. show great interest in D. show great interested in
九年级英语单元测试(Unit11- Unit
  12) )
姓名 班级 座号 成绩
( ( (
单词归类: Ⅰ。.单词归类:把下列单词进行归类,并请写出更多的该类单词。10% 单词归类 把下列单词进行归类,并请写出更多的该类单词。 spoon, stick, church, shake, restroom, inventor, chopsticks, bow, chef, fork, knife, staff, lend, translator, scoop, dentist, market, wipe, gallery, drugstore
( ( ( ( (

选择方框里的词或词组并用其恰当形式完成句子, 其中有两项是多余的。 Ⅱ. 选择方框里的词或词组并用其恰当形式完成句子 其中有两项是多余的。5% drop by, dress up , pick up, shake hands, hang out , make noise , hand in

  1.In China friends often when they meet .
  2.I with my friends at the mall last Sunday.
  3. He likes his friend’s homes on weekends.
  4. Her father usually as Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.
  5. I t’s not polite to while you are eating. 选择填空:15% Ⅲ.选择填空 选择填空 ( )
  1.-Could you tell me the way to the department store? ?. Walk along the road until you reach the end. A. Sure ( ( ( ( A. of A. polite A. What B. Great B. for B. nice B. How many C. Good C. from C. kind C. How much D. No D. with D. rude D. Which )
  2.The table manners are different ours. )
  3. In France, it’s to say you are full. )
  4. do you know about table manners in Korea? )
  5. This interesting book only me ten yuan and I ten month reading it. (
  15.Could you tell me get to the mall?
A. How I can B. how to C. how D. A and B 口语应用:10% 选择方框中适当的句子完成对话。 Ⅳ、口语应用 选择方框中适当的句子完成对话。 要去英国学习, 了解英国的有关礼仪。 (Ling ling 要去英国学习,她向她的网友 Mary 了解英国的有关礼仪。 ) Ling ling:I’m going to England as an exchange student. Mary:Great! Ling ling:But I don’t know much of the customs and manners in England. Mary:Sure. Ling ling: 2 . Mary:Well, they think it’s important to be on time when you’re invited to dinner .3 . As it is usually planned to have the meal at the exact hour given in the invitation. Ling ling:Then how long may I stay there? Mary: 4 ., let you seem to have come only for the meal. An evening dinner invitation usually 5 . The hostess often plans some after-dinner entertainment. implies that 1 .
A. you stay for the whole evening B. Could you help me? C. After the meal is over, it’s not polite to leave at least half an hour. D. It’s impolite to arrive late. E. What rules do they have in England?

the neighbors. But it was summer now, and there was no snow. (
  2)Joe wanted to buy a bike. He had asked his parents for the money and they said he must earn it ) himself. Just (
  3) then Joe saw one of his classmates, Dick, delivering newspapers. “I could do that ,” he thought, ) “Maybe I could even get the bike right away. I could pay for it a little each week.” (
  4)When Joe arrived home, he told his mother all about it. His mother smiled and said, “I think it’s a ) great idea.” (
  5)He ran to Dick, and asked a lot of questions about getting a paper route. He learned that the job ) took about three hours each morning. Dick gave him the phone number of the newspaper manger.
完型填空:10% Ⅴ.完型填空 完型填空 Mozart and an Old Performer One day Mozart (莫扎特)saw an old blind street performer (卖艺人) playing the violin in the street corner 1 a hat in front of him .He found out the old man was 2 one of his compositions (作品).The old man played for 3 ,but still nobody put any money into his hat. Mozart asked the old man, “Do you often play compositions by Mozart?” “Yes, 4 ,”answered the old man. “Now, everybody knows Mozart and likes his music.” “Do you 5 a living by playing the violin?” The old man said he 6 Mozart took over the violin from the old man and began to play. He played so well 7 all the passer-by stopped to listen the wonderful music and soon the old man felt very 8 that the man could play so well. He asked Mozart, “Who are you, sir?” “Your colleague (同行) , a poor 9 like you.” Then Mozart gave the 10 back to the old man and went away. ( )
  1、A.on B.by C.with D.to ( )
  2、A.writing B.playing C.reading D.listening ( )
  3、A.sometime B.sometimes C.some time D.some times ( )
  4、A.you B.it is C.Mr. D.sir ( )
  5、A.make B.buy C.give D.take ( )
  6、A.certainly B.did C.yes D.sorry ( )
  7、A.which B.how C.that D.what ( )
  8、A.happy B.worried C.disappointed D.surprised ( )
  9、A.musician B.artist C.scientist D.writer ( )
  10、A.money B.violin C.food D.hat 阅读理解:
  30%( Ⅵ.阅读理解 %(每小题 1 分) 阅读理解 %(每小题 (A) 重排短文段落,使其内容连贯,意思顺畅,并将正确序号填在短文后面的横线上。 重排短文段落,使其内容连贯,意思顺畅,并将正确序号填在短文后面的横线上。 But (
  1) how? He kept thinking about this as he walked home. Maybe he could clear the snow away for )
(B) When I was at university, I studied very hard. But a lot of my friends did very little work. Some did just enough to pass the exams. Others didn't do quite enough. Fred Baines was such a student. He spent more time drinking in the Tea House than working in the library. Once at the end of the term, we had to take an important test in Chinese. The test had 100 questions. Beside each question we had to write "True" or "False". While I was studying in my room the night before the test, Fred was watching TV. Fred usually worried a lot the night before a test. But on that night he looked very easy. Then he told me of his idea. "It's very simple. There are 100 questions and I have to get 50 right to pass the test. I'll take a coin into the room. I haven't studied a Chinese book for months, so I'll toss(掷,扔)the coin. In that way, I'm sure I'll get half of the questions right." The next day, Fred came happily into the examination room. As he sat tossing a coin for half an hour, he wrote down his answers. Then he left, half an hour before the rest of us. The next day, Fred met his Chinese teacher at the school gate. "Oh, good, "he said. "Have you got the results of the test?" The teacher looked at him and smiled, "Ah, it's you, Baines. Just a minute." Then the teacher reached his pocket and took out a coin. He threw it into the air, caught in his hand and looked at it. "I'm sorry, Baines, you failed!" 根据短文内容,判断下列句子是否正确 对的写"T",错的写 判断下列句子是否正确, 根据短文内容 判断下列句子是否正确,对的写 ,错的写"F"。 。 ( )
  1、Fred Baines was a hard-working student. ( )
  2、They had to take a Chinese test. ( )
  3、Fred usually worried a lot the night before a test. ( )
  4、Fred thought hard and wrote down his answers. ( )
  5、Fred passed the test at last. (C) Dear Rose,
I like your programmes very much. I’m now writing to ask you something about American social customs .My American friends want me to join them in their dinner party. I am very happy and have decided to go, but I’m a little worried about it, too. The social customs in my country are very different from here, so I’m afraid of making mistakes. Should I bring a present, such as sweets or flowers? Should I arrive on time or a little late? At the dinner table, how can I know which fork or knife to use? How can I let the family know that I’m thankful for their kindness? Wang Lin Dear Wang Lin, It’s a good idea to bring a small present when you go to a dinner party. Flowers are always nice, or you may bring a bottle of wine if you know that your friends drink it. You should arrive on time or five to ten minutes late. Don’t get there early. If you’re going to be more than fifteen minutes late, you should call and tell them. Try to be free at the dinner table. If you don’ t know about choosing the right fork or knife, just watch the other people, and follow them. If you still have no idea of what to do, ask the person next to you. If you like the food, say so. Of course, you’ll thank them for the meal and for their kindness. It’s also a good idea to send a thank you card the day after. Rose
  1. Wang Lin wants to . A. make friends with Rose B. know some social customs for a dinner party C. make her friends happy
  2. Rose is possibly . A. a good housewife B. a TV hostess (主持人) C. a member of the dinner party
  3. If you’re asked to a dinner party but not sure about what to bring as a present, it’s good to bring . A. some fruits B. a bottle of wine C. some flowers
  4. Which of the following is NOT proper(适当的)for joining in a dinner party? A. Get there 15 minutes earlier. B. Make yourself at home. C. Follow others to use forks and knives.
  5. From the letters we’ve learned it’s very to know something about American customs. A. difficult B. friendly C. helpful Ⅶ、书面表达:请写出五条中国的风俗习惯及餐桌礼仪。
  5% 书面表达:请写出五条中国的风俗习惯及餐桌礼仪。 %
  1. .

Listening material
笔试部分: 笔试部分:
单词归类: Ⅰ。.单词归类:把下列单词进行归类,并请写出更多的该类单词。10% 单词归类 把下列单词进行归类,并请写出更多的该类单词。
  1.地点名词:church 地点名词: 地点名词 restroom market gallery drugstore Ⅰ。选择与所听句子意思相符的图片,按顺序将相应序号填在横线上: 选择与所听句子意思相符的图片,按顺序将相应序号填在横线上:
  1.I want to go to the bank to change some money..
  2. If I had a million dollars, I would travel around the world.
  3.He hurt his leg while riding his bike yesterday.
  4.I am supposed to help my father wash the car once a week.
  5. When I got to the bus station, the bus had left. So I had to run to work. 根据对话选择正确答案: Ⅱ.根据对话选择正确答案: 听第一段对话, 听第一段对话,回答第
  1、2 小题: 、 小题: A: Hi, Ann. You look worried, what happened to you ? B: My mother is badly ill. I wan to get her some medicine. Could you tell me where the drugstore is ? A: Sure. Take the escalator to the second floor . The drugstore is next to the restroom. 听第二段对话, 听第二段对话,回答第
  4、5 小题: 、 、 小题: A: You must be really excited about leaving for Japan, Lucy. B: Yes, but I’m a little nervous ,too. Because I don’t know the customs in Japan. A: Don’t worry. Let me tell you . I have been there twice. 1-5: A C D C 口语运用: Ⅳ. 口语运用:
  1. B .
  2. E
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A B 6-10: C D B A C 11-15: B D B C D B: What are people supposed to do when they meet for the first time? A: They are supposed to bow when they meet for the first time. B: What am I supposed to wear when I go to a party? A: You are supposed to wear a dress. B: Thanks a lot , Mary! I feel better now. A: You are welcome. 听短文,选择正确的答案,短文读三遍。 % Ⅲ。听短文,选择正确的答案,短文读三遍。
  5% Peter was a small boy. He lived with his parents in a small house near some hills. The people there were all poor. One night i



   A. cost, spend ( B. cost, spent B. three hundreds B. arrived B. pick up it B. Luckily B. is cleaning B. 2.26-metre-tall B. late B. are used to eating C. spends, cost C. hundreds of C. reached to C. pick up them C. Because C. is cleaned C. 2.16 metr ...

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   Go for it J9 更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 更多资源 Tina up late. got had By the time she got up, her brother gotten already in the shower. By the time she got outside, the bus had left already . She all the way to school. ran When I got to school, I realized ...

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   Cache Memory:高速缓存 Virtual Memory:虚拟内存 Power supply:电源 Operating system:操作系统 Sound card:声卡 Graphics card:图形卡 Removable storage:可移动存储 Commercial software:商业软件 Floppy disk:软盘 CD-R(recordable):可记录 CD-RW(rewritable):可改写 FireWire:火线 Modern:调制解调器 Memory m ...