Unit 15 We’re trying to save the manatees?section A 3a,3b,4
Teaching procedure:
  1. Revise the last lesson.
  2. Reading3a, 3b
  3. Have a debate4
  4. Do some exercises
  5. Homework
Revision: Can you guess what animals they are? Can you guess what animals they are?
1 They look like a cow, but they live in the water.
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2 They are furry enough to keep out the cold. They are all white and only live in the North pole.

  3. They are enormous, have long trunks. They live in Africa and Southeast Asia.
  4. They only live in Australia and have pockets to keep their babies safe.
  5. They look like monkeys but bigger than monkeys. They can imitate what people do.

  6.They are spotted and aggressive. They run fast.

  7.They live only in China and eat bamboo.
8 They are shy , have red eyes, like eating carrots and can run quickly.
9 They are soft and have long bodies. They can “walk”quickly on the water without feet.
10 They can learn to speak. They’re playful.
Let’s talk: After watching the video, what do you think about it?
Do you think building zoos is a good way to protect the animals? Now let’s read the text first.
3a Read the letter and underline the reason why the writer is opposed to zoos. Suitable 合适的 tiny 极小的 disgusted 厌恶的 cage 笼子
1 Zoos are terrible places for animals to live. 2 The animals are kept in tiny cages and hardly move at all. 3 They are only given food once a day.
3b Read this letter to the editor. What’s “Animal Friend”opinion about the zoo?
Educate 教育 care for 关怀 urge 强烈要求
He thinks that the zoo is an important place for the animals. And it is like a living textbook for young people.
Debate: Do you think zoos are good for animals?
Useful expressions
I think that….. I believe that…. I feel that….
I agree with you. I disagree with you. I agree that….
Firstly zoos are places for people to see many different kinds of animals from all over the world. Secondly, zoos look after the animals very well. Thirdly, zoos protest the animals and keep them from becoming extinct.
Most animals are kept in small cages. Most cages are not clean, either. The food in the zoos is not natural. In the forest they can find the food by themselves.
Write a letter to the editor and give your opinion.
Dear Editor, sincerely …….
Exercises I : 根据汉语完成下列句子.
我反对在我们镇上建新的动物园. am I against a new zoo in our town. building 我发现那里几乎没有人,我感到非常惊讶.
surprised to find I was very hardly anyone there.
他们为许多濒危动物提供家园,并且帮助教育公众关心它们. provide for endangered They home many animals and help the public about them. to educate caring for 我强力要求每个人参观我们的动物园. urge to visit I everyone our wonderful zoo.
Exercise II <新干线练习册 新干线练习册>P102 新干线练习册
Make a poster to introduce one endangered animal and give your opinion about how to protect the animals.
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