九年级英语单选练习( ) 九年级英语单选练习(
( )
  1. I’m sorry I can’t you. Would you please speak more slowly? A. realize B. impress C. follow D. lose ( )
  2. My grandmother found watching TV but I enjoyed it very much. A. frustrated B. frustrating C. exciting D. excited ( )
  3. I’m trying to find a better way to my old books. A. look on B. find out C. break off D. deal with ( )
  4. What we read usually our thinking. A. believes B. regards C. influences D. memorizes ( )
  5. What about his telephone number in my notebook? A. looking after B. looking up C. looking for D. looking at ( )
  6. The hospital opened 5 years ago. It for 5 years. A. opened B. opens C. has been open D. has opened ( )
  7. ? Can I get you a drink? ? That’s very nice of you. I’ve already got . A. it B. one C. that D. this ( )
  8. Where live before you came here? A. did you used to B. did you use to C. use he to D. he used to ( )
  9. No one likes him . A. still B. never C. anymore D. too ( )
  10. It that he has been ill for a long time. A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if ( )
  11.?Jim enjoys listening to pop music. ? . A. So does Helen. B. Also is Helen C. Helen likes also D. So Helen does ( )
  12. Our English teacher is very strict us and he is strict his teaching. A. with, at B. with, with C. at, at D. with, in ( )
  13. They said I should not be allowed here. They don’t allow __in the waiting room. A. smoking, to smoke B. to smoke, smoke C. to smoke, smoking D. smoking, smoking ( )
  14. He doesn’t do his homework , though he has . A. carefully enough, enough time B. enough carelessly, time enough C. carelessly enough, enough time D. enough carefully,enough time ( )
  15. Everyone to have at least eightsleep at night. A. needs, hour’s B. need, hours’ C. needed, hour’s D. needs, hours’ ( )
  16. We should go to school at 8:00 school mornings. A. at B. in C. on D. of ( )
  17. Something is wrong with my PDA.I will get it . A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired ( )
  18. ??Excuse me, you are of my passing through. ??I’m sorry, here you go. A. on the way B. in the way C. out the way D. off the way ( )
  19. Jill didn’t finish the homework,. A. either B. too C. also D. neither ( )
  20. The children often take time to do things like. A. volunteer B. to volunteer C. volunteers D. volunteering ( )
  21.Whatyou if you got hurt at home?
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
A. has; done B. will; do C. would; do D. are; doing )
  22. Are you going to buy a camera? Yes, but there are so many kinds that I can’t decide to buy. A. what B. which C. how D. where )
  23.I found Tom easy to get along. A. to B .for C. with D. about )
  24.Tomorrow you must your exercise-book to me。 A. take B. bring C. carry D. get )
  25.Who do you think English best in your class? A. learn B. learning C. learns D. learned )
  26. This computer must be Mary’s, ? A. mustn’t it B.must it C.isn’t it D.can’t it )
  27. May I swim in the lake, Dad? No, you . It’s dangerous for you. A. may not B.mightn’t C.mustn’t D.needn’t )
  28.This book to Mary. A. belong B.belongs C.is belonged D.is belonging )
  29.When the father came home, the naughty boy pretendedhis homework. A. to do B.do C.doing D.being done )
  30.I think I mustthis book because I bought it two years ago. A. read B.be reading C.have read Dreads )
  31. English seems very difficult to me, Dad. Oh, don’tit.It may be difficult, but it is very useful. A. drop B. fall C.go D.stop )
  32.All the children like the teacherscan understand them. A. which B.who C.what D.whom )
  33.I prefer my homework rather thansuch a boring film. A. do; see B.doing; seeing C.to do; to see D.to do; see )
  34.We all expected him earlier yesterday. A. come B.comes C.coming D.to come )
  35.This song reminds memy hometown. A. for B.of C. with D.about )
  36.This is the only bookwas written by Lu Xun in this library. A. that B.which C.what D. A and B )
  37.I suggest the meeting off. A. take B.put C.putting D.to put )
  38.Have you met the personhe was speaking about? A. whom B.when C.if D.where )
  39. Who is the girlis making a telephone call? Sorry, I don’t know. A. that B.who C.which D. A and B )
  40.This is the first giftI got from my father. A. which B.that C.who D. A and B )
  41.The little girl often makes his mother him . A. talk, something interesting B. tell something interesting C. say, interesting something D. speak, interesting something
( )
  42.Exeuse me, would you please tell me buy a digital camera? A. what to B .where to C. what I can D. where can I ( )
  43. Can you provide us some information the computer? A. for, with B. with, about C. about, with D. with, with ( )
  44. Beijing is cold this time . You need warm clothes if you go there. A. of the year, to pack B. of year, packing C. of year, pack D. of year, to pack ( )
  45. “I hope play soccer with us tomorrow. ” “Yes, I hope . ” A. him not to, not too B. he won’t, it too C. him not to, that too D. he won’t, so too ( )
  46. ?Jim takes his father. ?You mean he is similar his father? A. for; as B. to; with C. after; to D. away; from ( )
  47. ?Would you help me , Mr Lin? This question’s too hard for me. ?OK. Let me try. A. after B. out C. up D. with ( )
  48. ?We get knowledge from books from life. ?Yes, both are important. A. either; or B. neither; nor C. not; but D. not only; but also ( )
  49. Let’s planting the trees until to-morrow. I think it’s going to rain. A. put on B. put up C. put off D. put down ( )
  50. The good news of our football team winning the game everybody there. A. cheered out B. cheered up C. cheered on D. cheered for ( )
  51. Last weekend, an English play was in the school hall. A. put in B. put down C. put on D. put up ( )
  52. My computer has broken down. I’ll have it now. A. repairs B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired ( )
  53. ?What was Jimmy going to do? ?He was going to put some signs old books. A. up; asking for B. on; to ask to C. up; asking to D. down; asking for ( )
  54. ?Thank you for helping me. ?. A. That’s right B. My pleasure C. No, no thanks D. It doesn’t matter ( )
  55. We know that something to end it. A. must is done B. must be done C. must do D. must done ( )
  56. Please give me a piece of paper . A. to write B. to write on C. to write at D. writing ( )
  57. The rubbish smells . A. well B. badly C. terribly D. terrible ( )
  58. My father finished his work . A. in the end B. by the end C. at the end D. for the end. ( )
  59. It’s for me to see you. A. please B. pleasure C. pleased D. pleasant ( )
  60. The stones they carried were used houses and bridges. A. to build B. to be built C. for building D. A or C ( )
  61. The room as a study. A. used to being used B. used to be used C. was used to be used D. was used to being used ( )
  62. the new China on October 1, 1949 ? A. Did, found B Was, found C. Was, founded D. Did, be founded ( )
  63. I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I’ve my handbag at home.
( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
A. missed B. put C. forgotten D. left )
  64. bad weather! Yes, and it will last . A. What, two days B. What a, two days C. How, for two days D. How, two days long )
  65. Look! There deer with the tourists on Yinhe Square. A. are a number of, playing B. are a number of, play C. is a number of, playing D. is a number of, play )
  66.When did you ? I’ve for two months. A. get married; been married B. be married; been married C. get married; got married D. get married; married )
  67. do you think the population of China is? A. How many B. How much C. What D. Which )
  68. Every morning, we are asked taken our temperatures. A. if we have B. if have we C. if we had D. if had we )
  69. How long the film ? A. did; begin B. has; begun C. has; been on D. has; been )
  70. Lin Tao, could you me this book please? it for only half an hour. I haven’t finished it. Sorry, but I A. borrow; have had B. borrow; have bought C. lend; have had D. lend; have bought )
  71. Make some sentences, using the words. A. give B. gives C. gave D. given )
  72. They were all pleased with them. A. what you said B. what did you say C. what you had spoken D. what you had told )
  73、We found necessary to protect the environment. A. it B. this C. that D. what )
  74、 of the teachers in our school is 118, of them are women teachers. A. The number, first fourth B. The number, one fourth C. A number, one second D. A number, three quarters )
  75、Here are the photos in Beijing. A. who are taken B. that took C. which I was taken D. that were taken )
  76、If you don’t go to the meeting tomorrow, . A. I will, too B. I won’t, either C. So will I D. I don’t, either )
  77、I need this letter. Would you mind me your pen, please? A. to finish; lending B. writing; to give C. to see; borrowing D. finding; drop )
  78、―Will you please us a story, Mr Andrew? ―OK. Shall I it in English or in Chinese. A. say; speak B. talk; speak C. tell; say D. talk; say )
  79、In the examination, the you are, the mistakes you'll make. A. careful, little B. more careful, less C. careful, few D. more careful, fewer



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学英语的办法Office Word 文档

   最重要的一点,就是:...如果想比别人成功,就一定要走捷径。不要期盼自己比别人幸运, 也不要指望自己比别人更聪明或者更勤奋。从智力上说,从机遇上说,自己和别人都是差不 了多少的,想超过和自己差不多的人,就一定要走捷径,捷径,捷径! 背单词捷径的第一条,就是:一定要每次都大量地背。因为自己不比别人聪明,所以背完单 词,别人忘掉五分之一,自己决不会比别人忘得少。然而,别人每天背十个单词,自己却可 以背一百个,忘掉五分之一,还剩八十个,是别人最聪明状态下的十倍。每天一百个是最低 限。其实背到后来您 ...


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