九年级英语动词时态练习 九年级英语动词时态练习 动词时态

  1. I?m going to listen to the radio. Please (not talk) any more.
  2. The students (do) their homework from four to five this afternoon.
  3. The students (be) busy now. They (have) an English exam next Monday.
  4. Mary must (look) after her little sister because she is too young.
  5. (he) you waiting for a bus now?
  6. This coat is very cheap. I (take) it now.
  7. I?ll tell him about it when he (come) back.
  8. Could you tell me how .I (can get) to No 3 Middle school.
  9. He said that the new teacher (give) the students an English lesson now.
  10. I (milk) a cow three times.
  11. Edison?s mother (teach) him herself.
  12. He (watch) TV once a week.
  13. Don?t speak loudly . The baby (sleep).
  14. I won?t go out until .I (finish) my homework.
  15. Could you tell me when the train (arrive).
  16. I often hear the sound of children (read) English in the room.
  17.He asked me (help) him with his English this evening.
  18. Their work is (clean) the streets.
  19. Did he enjoy (work) in China.
  20. We will stay at home if it (rain) tomorrow.
  21. Be quiet! The boy (sing) an English song.
  22. you your homework yet (start)?
  23. Who (teach) them English last term.
  24. There (be) a telephone call for you just now.
  25. Please keep everything (clean).
  26. Peter won?t have a rest until he (finish) his work.
  27. I watched TV, so I (forget) (do) my homework.
  28. When I (walk) along the river ,I met my friend, Tom.
  29. When Mother came ,the little girl (play) with a cat.
  30. When I was five , I _ __ _ (get) to know the earth (move) around the sun.
  31. They (see) a boy (fall) into the river while they (pass) it yesterday.
  32. (study) hard at your lessons and (not talk) in class.
  33. You (have) better (not eat) the bad food.
  34. While I (do ) my homework , my parents (watch) TV.
  35. He ( not finish) (read) the book.
  36. I (get) up very early this morning. I (read) English now.
  37. He (hurry) to school every morning.
  38. Our teacher (not stop) (work) until eleven o?clock last night.
  39. If he (know) it ,he (be) very happy.

  40. It (take) us half an hour (read) English every day.
  41. The children (run) in the street now.
  42. There (be) two meetings tomorrow morning.
  43. My father (sleep) when I (get) up this morning.
  44. When I (go) to see Tom, he (not write) anything.
  45. Sorry, when you (call) me, I (think) and (not hear) you.
  46. Mr. Green (leave) his notebook at home yesterday.
  47. I (want) to buy a new coat next Sunday.
  48. His father (read) newspaper when I got there.
  49. It (be) five years since he (buy) the motorbike.
  50. We found it was very difficult (get) a car.
  51. Mrs. Green hates (travel) by air.
  52. We are too tired .let?stop (have) a good rest.
  53. He (begin) to teach in our school about ten years ago.
  54. She often (invite) me to her birthday party.
  55. She (have) to leave now. Her mum is ill.
  56. When is it sate (cross) the road?
  57. My mother (bring) me to visit my aunt yesterday.
  58. Noise makes us (feel) very bad.
  59. Jim came (help) me with my lessons.
  60. Everyone (laugh) at the woman?s mistake now.
  61. Miss Yang (teach) in this school for about five years.
  62. It?s very nice of you (say) so.
  63. The plane (arrive) in twenty minutes.
  64. (be) there a football match last week?
  65. What would you like (have) for supper?
  66. Could you land me your bike? Mine is (break).
  67. How long your father (work) in the office.
  68. Do you know when he (be) back?
  69. It?s time for class. All the children stopped (play) football.
  70. Do you mind my (trouble) you ?
  71. Do you know he (go ) to Beijing.
  72. Will you please (tell) the story in English.
  73. Did he catch the bus or (miss) it last night.
  74. My mother (work) at this school since it (open)
  75. There (be) a shop near my home for several years.
  76. What your sister (do) when you (go) to see her yesterday?
  77. Ask him to call me as soon as he (reach) Shanghai.
  78. The old man (lie) on the ground . Let?s go and see what’s the matter with him.
  79. Don?t stop (have) a rest before you finish doing your work.
  80. The dog ( eat) up all the food on the plate. Now there is nothing left.
  81. Luckily I (catch) the early bus this morning.
  82. Mr. Brown (do) about six hours of sport every week, and (eat) a
lot of fruits and vegetables everyday.
  83. My son says he (be) a doctor when he (grow) up.
  84. You must finish the work before you (go) out.
  85. If you see him tomorrow, (give) him this letter.
  86. Jim (sick) since Monday.
  87. They (stay) here for three days.
  88.She called to see how he (be).
  89. you ever (read) Lao She?s works when you were at school?
  90. I just (arrive) when he left.
  91. She (be) to Australia three times before she was twenty.
  92. I said I (show) him the picture when I had finished it.
  93. I (be) free next Sunday.
  94. I (read) a novel at that time.
  95. He (swim) in the river when it began to rain.
  96. While she was shopping someone (come) to the house.
  97. Give me some water (drink).
  98. He has no house (live).
  99. I went there (see) him. 1
  00. He was kind enough (excuse) me. 1
  01. He works hard (pass) the exam. 1
  02. I?m sorry (have) kept you waiting. 1
  03. He lived (see) his son a great man. 1
  04. He must be very rich (buy) that big house. 1
  05. This is too difficult (understand). 1
  06. English is not easy (learn). 1
  07. The picture had better (not be) put up on the wall. 1
  08. Would you like (go ) out or would you rather stay here? 1
  09. The room is large enough for 100 people (have) a meeting in. 1
  10. Music (love) by everybody in our small town. 1
  11. The bridge (repair) now. 1
  12. Let it (not touch). 1
  13. The book (write) by Lao She in 19
  48. 1
  14. Don?t you notice that smoking (not allow) here? 1
  15. You must not go higher, or you (fall). 1
  16. We all went into the classroom when the bell (ring). 1
  17. You?d better leave now. Your pupils may (wait) for you at the school gate. 1
  18. Do you think we shall (lose) the game the day after tomorrow? 1
  19. If you do so ,you (break) the rules. 1
  20. The girl ( sing) a happy song and cake into the room. 1
  21. The house (build) for about ten years. 1
  22. When the room (shine) upon the river , the scene was very beautiful. 1
  23. His father (leave) for Australia last night. 1
  24. We (start) at eight if it (stop) raining by that time.
  25. I didn?t know anything about it until you (tell) me. 1
  26. I (have) my breakfast when the morning post came. 1
  27. Yesterday a man (hit) my car. 1
  28. A dog was found (lie) on the found. 1
  29. A dog was found (die) on the ground. 1
  30. When I (see) Mr. Smith tomorrow, I?ll tell he the good news. 1
  31. Have the man started to work on your new house? Yes, it (build) now. 1
  32. They told me he (be) back tomorrow. 133This job can (do ) quite easily. 1
  34. All the questions (answer) already. 1
  35. The winds (blow) the clouds away before we went out for shopping. 1
  36. The fish (taste) good. 1
  37. Just at the moment his cat (drop) into the water. 1
  38. You?d better have someone (repair) it for you . 1
  39. I?m not afraid (speak) the truth. 1
  40. You must take care (not catch) a cold. 1
  41. He held the door open for us (enter). 1
  42. Water (freeze) at 0 centigrade. 1
  43.I?ll phone you when I (arrive) there. 1
  44. The train (leave) at ten thirty-two. 1
  45. I (graduate) from school last year. 1
  46. He (spend) all his childhood in Scotland. 1
  47. you (watch) TV at 8 o?clock yesterday evening. 1
  48. I never (see) a ghost. 1
  49. He (be) in love four times in his lite. 1
  50. His father (die) ten years ago. 1
  51. His father (die) for ten years. 1
  52. Great changes (take) place in my hometown these years. 1
  53. It (rain) all the week. 1
  54. He (work) all day. 1
  55. I only (know) Jane for two days. 1
  56. He (work) for ages. 1
  57. When I arrived at the station , the train already (leave). 1
  58. I real led that I (meet) him somewhere before. .



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