九年级英语期末复习教学案( 九年级英语期末复习教学案(七) 复习内容: 一. 复习内容: 8BUnit4 A charity show 教学课时: 二. 教学课时:3 教时 重点、难点: 三. 重点、难点: (一) 听力训练 《中考听力冲刺》第十一篇 中考听力冲刺》 (二) 重点词语辨析 charity /charities host /hostess/act/actress advertise /advertisement
introduce /introduction exit /enter /entrance
/successfully succeed/success/successful /successfully decide /decision busy/business/businessman speak /speech
donate/donation/contribution/opearation/celebration/ connection/congratulation/direction (三)重点短语 /wish+从句 从句/hope wish sb sth /wish sb to do /wish+从句/hope to do raise/collect moneyfor sb /sth instead of /take one's place in the beginning/at the beginning of donate money to
give out/up /in /off
volunteer to do sth /do voluntary work pay attention to keep asking sb
decide to do /make a decision to do with sth in one's hand
make money by selling goods
make a lot of/much/a noise hand in /out
talking about holding a charity show organize a charity show
[巩固练习] 巩固练习] A) 填入适当单词,注意形式要正确。 1 How many
  2. The
  3. One of the (窗帘) are there in the room. (观众) were very excited when they saw Tian Zhen. (男演员) is my classmate’s cousin. wind..

  4. The trees are on the road because of the s
  5. UNICEF is an o world. B) 单词适当形式填空。
  1. He couldn’t go out for a walk because it rained
  2. Their school is the
  3. The fans shouted
that help the children in poor areas all over the
(organize) of the charity show. (excite) when they saw the stars. (easy).

  4. How clever he is ! He has solved the problem
  5. The
  6. Most
  8. Each of the
  9. Jim
  10. Simon
  11. The purse (perform) are performing at the moment. (busy) letters are written in English. (luck), he didn’t hurt badly. (family) is big. (pass) six levels so far.
(write) a letter to his parents last week. (find) under the table yesterday.

  12. We
(clap) our hands while they were marching across the park. (mend) the cars. (excite) that he forgot the time. (search) on the Internet. (take) part in it.. (decide) about it. (excite).

  13. My uncle’s job is
  14. The boy talked so
  15. Let’s learn
  16. My parents encouraged me
  17. They came here to make some
  18. It isn’t easy to be a host, but it’s
  19. We couldn’t wait
  20. She
  21. We will volunteer
  22. Would your mother like
  23. I wish I
  24. Try to make sentences
  25. I
  26. It looks like a
  27. The little girl cried
  28. What about playing a
  29. The clothes
  30. There are a lot of (四)句型结构 (be) a boy.
(get) off the bus. (invite) me to her birthday party already. (paint) the wall. (go) hiking?
(use) “because of”.
(write) to Kitty at this time yesterday. (really) one (sad) , “I have lost my way. (guess) game. (hang) over there. (advertise) of selling houses

  1. It was my job to introduce each other. It is / was + n. / adj. to do sth. 学好每一门学科是我们的职责。 e.g.
  1)学好每一门学科是我们的职责。It is to learn every subject.
  2)对于我来说独立做飞机模型并不简单。 对于我来说独立做飞机模型并不简单。 It is for me by myself.
  2. I had to remember to look at the right camera at the right time. 区分 remember to do sth. / remember doing sth. 离开教室的时候请记住关门 关门。 e.g. 离开教室的时候请记住关门。 Please remember the door when you leave the classroom.
  2)我记得给你看过那些照片。 I remember you the photos. 我记得给你看过那些照片。
  3. Everything seemed to happen so fast. that…的正确使用 注意 seem to do sth. / It seems that…的正确使用 天似乎要下雨了。 . e.g. 天似乎要下雨了。It seems that . 今天似乎很高兴。 Harry 今天似乎很高兴。Harry seems today. (五)难点语法
  1. because , because of
  1)因为要考试所以今晚我不能去看演出。 I can’t go to the show the exam. 因为要考试所以今晚我不能去看演出。 不得不照顾自己。
  2)因为妈妈不在家,所以 Neil 不得不照顾自己。 因为妈妈不在家, Neil has to look after himself his mother isn’t at home. 所以,
  2. so 所以,因此

因为有大量的工作要做,所以他们需要更多的人。 因为有大量的工作要做,所以他们需要更多的人。
There are a lot of work to do, they need more people.
  2) 汤姆六岁了,可以去上学了。 汤姆六岁了,可以去上学了。Tom is six years old, he can go to school.

  3. hope , wish
  1)hope: 希望发生的事情可能发生 wish: 希望发生的事情几乎不可能发生 ①我希望明天能见到你。I I can see you tomorrow. 我希望明天能见到你。 ②我希望能飞。I I could fly. 我希望能飞。
  2)区分 hope to do sth. / hope + that + 从句
①我希望明天能拜访你。I visit you tomorrow. 我希望明天能拜访你。 I I will visit you tomorrow. [巩固练习] 巩固练习] 一、单项选择 ( )
  1. Have you returned the book to the library ? Yes, I have
returned it. A. yet, yet yet, already ( )
  2. have you lived here? B. How often Since last year. C. How soon D. How B. already, already C. already, yet D.
A. How long far (
  3. He has been away .
A. since a month (
B. for a month
C. for a month ago
D. in a month
  4. It was difficult work nobody can do it well. B. such a, that D. so a, that )
  5. she is over 40, she looks young. B. But, although D. /, but C. C. such,
A. so, that that (
A. Although, but Although,/ (
  6. My brother’s never been late for work, ? B. isn’t he D. hasn’t he )
  7. Neither a boy nor a girl Hawaii before in our class. B. has been to C. have gone to D. has gone to C. has
A. is he he (
A. have been to (
  8. We spend as much time as we can English. B. to read C. reading D. have read
A. read (
  9. There great changes in our hometown in the past fifteen years. B. have been C. was D. were
A. has been (
  10.He was seen something from the shop. B. to steal C. to be stolen D. stealed
A. steal (
  11. Italy is famous for .
A. the Eiffel Tower B. the Pyramids C. the Leaning Tower of Pisa D. The Thames River ( )
  12. It’s too hot inside. Do you mind the window? B. to close C. opening D. to open
A. closing (
  13. He be at home, because the light in his room is on. B. can’t C. can D. might
A. must (
  14. You may go to play football as soon as your homework C. finishes D. is finished
A. will be finish B. has finished (
  15. Hello Kitty waved to the visitors while she to the music. B. were dancing C. was dancing D. danced
A. is dancing 二、完成句子。

  1. 我打算主持慈善演出。I am
  2. 除非你一天中少睡点。 you
  3. 我想为希望工程募集资金。 I want to
  4. “会成功吗?”我不停地问我自己。 “Will it be ?” I kept Project Hope.
of a charity show.
during the day.

  5. 每个人都很慷慨,我们还得到了当地商业机构的大力赞助。 Everyone and we had from local businesses.

  6. 我是如此的兴奋以至于我不能入睡。 I was I couldn’t .

  7. 慢慢地,一切变得有一点容易了。 , everything became
  8. 没有时间再紧张了。No time
  9. 观众为什么在表演结束的时候鼓掌呢? Why did the audience
  11. 我们把窗帘挂着舞台前。We hung the curtain
  12. 我希望能再次看见你。I
  13. 我祝你好运。 I
  15. 我希望通过所有的考试。I hope
  16. 他想要这演出成功。He wanted the show
  17. 我希望你能喜欢这部电影。I
  18. 我们想要感谢下列人员的帮助和支持。 We would like to their help and support. you . love this film. . . . the show? . . .

  20. 他们家没有钱,所以孩子们不得不去上班而不是去上学。 Their families .
  21. 主持人上了台,手里拿着个话筒。 The host stage in his hand. so the children have to go to work

  22. 在最后,人们兴奋的喊叫着。
  23. 每件事情看上去发生的是如此的快。 Everything
so fast.

  24.他好像很紧张因为要记住在合适的时候看着合适的摄像机。 He as he had to remember .


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