新目标九年级 1-5 单元重点记忆
Unit 1 一、短语:
  1. make flashcards/make vocabulary lists
  2. read aloud to practice pronunciation
  3. pronounce well =get the pronunciation right
  4. take grammar notes
  5. spoken English, written English
  6. make mistakes in
  7. face the challenge
  8. solution to the problems
  9. later on
  10. it doesn’t matter
  11. be afraid to do sth./be afraid of sth/doing sth.
  12. laugh at
  13. be impressed
  14. have some trouble/problems/difficulty (in) doing sth.
  15. make up
  16. look it up in the dictionary
  17. deal with (how) do with (what)
  18. regard …as
  19. be angry with
  20. on duty 值日
  21. go by=run fast
  22. be in agreement/disagreement
  23. try/do one’s best to do sth.
  24. break off
  25. by asking the teacher for help
  26. Have you studied with a group?
  27. improve my speaking skills
  28. too hard to understand the voices
  29. learn a lot that way
  30. the best way to learn English
  31. help a little
  32. watch/see sb. doing sth
  33. get excited about
  34. end up doing sth.
  35. get much writing practice
  36. find watching movies frustrating
  37. influence the way we behave with our families
  38. have disagreements
  39. change…into
  40. think of something wrong
  41. think of a problem in a positive way 二、句子
  1. She added that having conversations with friends was not helpful at all.
  2. I don’t have a partner to practice English with.
  3. Another thing that I found very difficult was English grammar.
  4. Worrying about our problems can affect how we do at school.
  5. As young adults, it is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers.
  6. By comparing yourself to other people, you will find your problems are not so terrible. Unit 2 一、短语:
  1. used to be/used to do /be used to doing/get used to doing
  2. be terrified of
  3. with the light on/with the eyes closed
  4. on the soccer team
  5. chew gum a lot
  6. all the time
  7. go right home
  8. not… any more/longer no more/longer
  9. chat with chatted
  10. all day
  11. after his father’s death
  12. can’t afford to pay for her child’s education
  13. as well as she could
  14. cause problems for himself
  15. get into trouble with the police
  16. in the end
  17. to one’s surprise
  18. make a difficult decision
  19. pay more attention to sb./sth./doing sth
  20. as…himself says
  21. feel good about oneself 二、句子
  1. My life has changed a lot in the last/past few years.
  2. I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends, but I just don’t have the time any more.
  3. It seems that you have changed a lot. =You seem to change a lot.
  4. She also told me even though my father was no longer with us, he was watching me and would always take pride in everything good I do.
  5. I realize that since my father died, I have been afraid of being alone, and have tried to make my mother pay more attention to me. Unit 3 一、短语:
  1. be allowed to do sth./allow sb. to do sth./allow doing sth.
  2. get one’s ears pierced
  3. stop wearing that silly earring
  4. not serious enough at that age
  5. spend time with sb.
  6. on school nights
  7. be strict with sb./in sth.
  8. stay up until 11
  9. design our own uniforms
  10. get noisy
  11. at present
  12. have an opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital
  13. write to/write for a newspaper
  14. be sleepy after a long week of classes
  15. have Friday afternoons off
  16. get in the way of schoolwork
  17. might worry about their success at school
  18. as much as they want
  19. have nothing against running
  20. make decisions for oneself
  21. care about
  22. have a chance of achieving my dream 二、句子
  1. They talk instead of doing homework.
  2. What’s the reason?=why?
  2. I felt good about myself.?So did she.
  3. I’m worried about what you do./I’m worried that I’ll fail a test.
  4. Our teachers believe that if we did that, we would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies.
  5. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy.
  6. What school rules do you think should be changed?
  7. He needs to think about what will happy if he doesn’t become a professional athlete in the end.
Unit 4 一、短语:
  1. give it to charity
  2. medical research
  3. everyone else
  4. get pimples
  5. too tired to do well
  6. be afraid to speak in public
  7. in front of the whole school
  8. ask my permission
  9. borrow from/lend to
  10. bother sb. in the slightest
  11. annoy sb. because you’re so confident
  12. be confident of/in
  13. plenty of
  14. the company of other people
  15. you are easy to get along with
  16. say something bad about you 说你坏话
  17. make speeches
  18. at lunch time
  19. come top
  20. think of good advice
  21. come up with good solutions to people’s problems
  22. the rest of
  23. have lots of experience dealing with teenagers
  24. give advice on
  25. a deep cut
  26. hurry to call the hospital
  27. get the medical help
  28. make her comfortable and stay with her
  29. burned yourself by accident
  30. find out
  31. injured your knee while running/get your knee injured
  32. hurt for more than a few days
  33. offer sb. sth./offer sth. to sb.
  34. talk to him about the dangers of smoking
  35. hide sth. from sb.
  36. an internet friend
  37. agree to meet in a public place
  38. ask your doctor for advice. 二、句子
  1. You shouldn’t worry about what other people are wearing.
  2. If I were you, I would wear a shirt and tie.
  13. Put the burned area under cold running water.
  3. If I had a million dollars, I would buy a big house with a garden.
  4. What if I don’t know anyone? /What if I were an alien?
  5. The food you eat could help with this problem.
  6. What would you do if your brother borrowed your clothes without permission?
  7. You like talking to one or two people rather than to a group.
  8. You would rather stay at home and read a good book than go to a party.
  9. Our classmates want her to represent the class in the school contest.
  10. She doesn’t want to let her friends down, but she’s terrified of speaking in front of other people.
  11. His new book came out last month.
  12. What would you do if you cut yourself by accident? Unit 5 一、短语:
  1. listen to classical music
  2. belong to
  3. much too/too much
  4. have any idea/have no idea
  5. at one’s optometrist appointment
  6. in the symphony hall
  7. something trying to get in the window
  8. feel anxious about
  9. be careful of the person
  10. Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today 今日事今日毕
  11. decide what to wear
  12. Everyone learns a different way. 二、句子
  1. The French book must belong to Alice.=The French book must be Alice’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French.
  2. ?Must I sit here? ?Yes, you must. /No, you needn’t/don’t have to.
  3. ?May I smoke here? ?Yes, you may./No, you mustn’t/can’t.
  4. He can’t be my sister.
  5. If you have any idea where it might/could be, please call me.
  6. What do you think “anxious” means? It can’t mean “happy”. She’s worried because of her test.
  7. It’s crucial that I study for it because it makes up 30% of the final exam.
  8. He might be running to catch a bus./It must be teenagers having fun. /There must be something visiting the homes in our neighborhood.
  9. We know what was happening in Bell Tower neighborhood.
  10. It’s less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest.
  11. You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.帮人也需要人同意。
  12. Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Let me try and I’ll understand.
  13. I used to think I wouldn’t get taller.
  14. What would you do if you found a wallet? I’d open it and look for a phone number.
  15. It might be a man riding a horse.
  16. What would you do if you could fly anywhere in the world?
  17. What famous person from history would you most like to meet?
  18. What are you allowed to do? I’m allowed to study all night. Their rules make me a good student.



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