Topic 2 All these problems are very serious. Section B
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many trees
cut down trees
forest gone
wash the earth away
change into desert
sandstorms come into being
Language points

  1. change sth. into sth.把……变成…… change water into steam.
  2. stop/prevent sb./sth.(from) doing sth.阻止某人/某物做某事 keep sb/sth from doing sth. The heavy snow stopped/prevented the visitors(from) leaving the top of the mountain.
  3. although 相当于though意为“虽然,尽管”引导让步状语 从句,不能同时使用but,但后可用yet 或still等。加强语气 时,通常说even though,而不说even although. Although/Though he is very tired, he goes on with his work. Although the question is difficult, he can still answer it .
文化背景知识: 文化背景知识
绿色长城即三北防护林工程,是世界上最大的植树造 林工程,始建于1978年.该工程跨东西部、华北北部和西 北大部分地区,包括我国北方13个省(自治区、直辖 市),东西长4 480千米,南北宽560到1 460千米,总 面积4 069 000平方千米。在国际上被誉为“中国的绿色 长城”。
沙尘暴是风挟带大量尘沙、干土而使空气混浊,天色 昏黄的现象。主要由冷空气南下时大风卷扬尘沙所致。 过度开发自然资源、过量砍伐森林、过度开垦土地是沙 尘暴频发的主要原因之一。
Topic 2 Section B

  1.change into
  2.prevent /stop……(from)doing sth. keep sb. from doing sth.
  3.although /though
  4.human being
something,anything,somebody,anybody,nothing,everybody,n obody,everything
  1.Look! Can you seebehind the tree? Yes, I think it’s a cat.
  2.Do you know in the shop? No, I don’t.
  3.There is in the room. It’s empty.
  4.Could you give me to drink? Sure. Here you are.
  5.Jane got ready for her birthday party.

  1.Would you like to read? Yes,please. A story book. A.Something B.anything C.nothing

  2.Summer is coming. The days are getting. A.long and longer C.longer and longer
  3.We must do something to stop the river from too dirty. A. to get C.getting B.more and more long

  4.How many students are there in the classroom? .I don’t know where they have gone. A.No one B. None C.Nobody
谢 谢


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