九年级英语上册 Unit1 测试题
姓名 姓名
一.选择题 ( )
  1.It’s very nice of you each of us a gift. A. give B. giving C. gave D. to give ( )
  2.Your school things should . A. be looked after well B. be looked well after C. be taken good care D. be taken care of well ( )
  3. Have you ever seen man? A. so a tall B. a so tall C. such tall a D. such a tall ( )
  4. The students at the back can’t see . A. clear enough B. enough clear C. clearly enough D. enough clearly ( )
  5. I am afraid into the river. A. fall B. of falling C. for falling D. falling ( )
  6. Could you tell me how much it to fly to Beijing? A. costs B. spends C. takes D. pays ( )
  7. I was born the evening March
  12. 19
  77. A. in; of B. in; in C. on; of D. on; in ( )
  8. The nice birthday card her. A. makes B. made C. was made to D. was made by ( )
  9. There ice and snow in winter. A. are too much B. is too much C. are much too D. is much too ( )
  10. He’s a person who always details. A. pay attention at B. pays attention for C. pays attention to D. pay attention to ( )
  11. I can’t decide . A. to buy which one B. which one to buy C. to buy which D. which to buy one ( )
  12. She is very modest. She never . A. proud B. is proud C. shows off D. shows of ( )
  13. Her mother spends a lot of money new clothes. A. buying B. buys C. to buy D. on buying ( )
  14. It is selfish Eddie the whole birthday cake. A. for; eat B. for; to eat C. of; to eat D. of; eating ( )
  15. more details, please call Mr Zhang 5556 06
  78. A. For; on B. To; with C. For; in D. For; with ( )
  16.Would you mind ? A. me to smoke here B. my smoking at here C. me smoking here D. if I will smoke here ( )
  17. “Do you mind if I sit here?” “. It’s for Mr Brown.” A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not ( )
  18. A woman long hair is coming to us. A. in B. with C. has D. on ( )
  19. It was a fine day that we went to the beach. A. so B. such C. very D. too
  20. exciting film it is! A. What an B. What
C. How an
D. How.
二、完形填空 Young children often laugh at a lame(跛子) or blind person, or at some who isn’t dressed as well as they are. But __1__ they grew up they learn not to hurt people’s feeling by laughing at their 2__. They learn to laugh at other things. Most __3, they learn to laugh at __
  4. Imagine you’re playing a game. You make a silly 5__ and lose. Do you became angry? __6__ do you laugh at yourself and hope to do it __7next time? Imagine you’re at an especial __8__ and you accidentally spill (无意喷出) some food. Why keep worrying about __9 clumsy(笨拙) you looked? Why not laugh it off and enjoy yourself anyway? If you can, it’s a good sign you’ve __10__ grown up. ( )
  1. A. because B. as C. whether D. before ( )
  2. A. legs B. old clothes C. eyes D. problems ( )
  3. A. important B. serious C. interesting D. terrible ( )
  4. A. the others B. other thing C. themselves D. problems ( )
  5. A. face B. mistake C. noise D. friend ( )
  6. A. Or B. But C. So D. While ( )
  7. A. faster B. nicer C. more D. better ( )
  8. A. dinner B. table C. shop D. meeting ( )
  9. A. too B. why C. how D. so ( )
  10. A. hardly B. really C. nearly D. certainly 三、阅读理解。 (A) Today there are 6 billion people on the earth. By the year 2050 there may be
  12.5 billion. This is a lot of people to feed. We need more food. One way to produce more food is by growing stronger plants. For thousands of years, farmers have made plants better. Every season, they pick the best plants for the next season. It works very slowly. Since 1983, scientists have been able to change plants more quickly by changing their genetic material (遗传物质 ). Foods from plants grown in this way are called genetically modified foods (转基因食品 ), or GM foods. By changing the genetic material of a plant, it is possible to make new plants. They make plants which are strong against plant disease. They can also help in our disease: a kind of rice is being prepared, for example, which stops people from becoming blind. Rich countries produce GM foods because they are easy to grow and bring in more money. Poor countries are interested in them because they help to produce more food. GM plants are not natural. No one knows how good or bad they are. Making GM foods is only one way of feeding people in 20
  50. There are strong feelings against them, because they are unnatural. They may feed people, then hurt them or their children later. But, both rich and poor countries are very interested in their use, and they are not going to go away. In 2050 we may think differently about them. ( )
  1. What are the good things about GM foods? A. They make plants strong against diseases. B. They are unnatural. C. They can help in human diseases. D. Both A and C. ( )
  2. Why do some people not like GM foods? A. They are not useful. B. They are not helpful.
C. They are not natural.
D. They are not cheap.
Pisces (February 20 to March
  20) It’s the sign of the fish. Pisceans are very free-flowing(自由散漫的)people. They often feel bad when they cannot do the things that they want to. When things don’t run well, they will often become very angry. A Piscean can usually make the best of a bad situation if they really want to. They can easily get along with other people and the outside world. Quality: Negative(阴性) Ruler: Neptune (海王星) Triplicity: Mutable (变通型) Quadruplicity: Water (水相) Pisces can be given cameras, socks and shoes as presents. Music of all kinds is welcome, such as CDs, piano and concert tickets. Anything that makes a Pisces think of water and seas is great, such as ships, going boating, a trip to the sea and a hot bath. ( )
  1.What is the characteristics of Pisceans? A.clever B.foolish C.free-flowing D.easy-going ( )
  2.What’s the best gifts for a Piscean? A.cameras B.CDs C.a model ship D.all above them ( )
  3.It is easy to with Pisceans. A.catch up B.make friends C.agree D.deal ( )
  4.Pisceans like to live in their own way, don’t they? A.Yes,they do. B.No,they don’t. C.We’re not sure. D.The passage doesn’t tell us. ( )
  5.What’s the Chinese meaning of the blacken parts in the first paragraph? A: 改变 B 充分利用 C 发现优势 D 适应 四、单词拼写 A. 根据句子意思,用所给单词的正确形式填空。
  1. It’s (excite) to became the new chairperson.
  2. Thomas Edison was a great inventor. He never gave up (easy).
  3. They are all (success) in passing the exam.
  4. Last summer, he finished all his summer homework in the (two) week.
  5. The twins were (surprise) to see the three men in the police station. B. 根据句意和汉语提示,完成单词拼写。
  6. David is the most (恰当) person for the post.
  7. Millie is (好奇) about what has happened.
  8. Andy and I are (计划) to go out.
  9. People always ask Suzy for (意见) when they don’t know what to do.
  10. An (能量) person has lots of energy. C. 根据首字母和句意,完成单词拼写。
  11. Our teacher has a good s of humor, he often tells jokes to us.
  12. The rich lady always gives money to charities. She is g.
  13. She likes s money and cooking.
  14. The time of year in which you were born d your star signs..
  15. Kate is fond of singing and dancing. She is very a.
改错题(5%) ( )
  1. No matter what happens, I hope you can agree on me A ( B C D
  2.It is wrong of you not handing in your homework on time A B C D
  3.Daniel has imaginative enough to think of new ideas A B C D
( (
  4. It is clever for kitty to work out this maths problem so quickly A B C D )
  5.A year divides into 12 star signs. A B C D
  1. Tom always wears a pair of glasses . ( 问句) Tom always a pair of glasses.
  2. Mr. Wang divided us into 4 groups. (改 动语句) We into 4 groups .
  3. My sister is very kind, she likes taking care of others. (同义句) My sister is take care of others.
  4. How stubborn the boy is ! (同义句) he is!
  5. We found that she was an honest girl. (改为 “宾语”+“宾补”结构 单句) We found .
  6. She has been at the factory since 10 years ago. (划线 问) has she been at this factory? 动词填空 (10’)
  1. Uncle Wang (mend) a radio when I went to see him.
  2. It’s a long time since we ( meet) last time.
  3. It’s dangerous of her (donate) money to Project Hope.
  4. His father used (smoke) heavily, but now he isn’t used to (smoke)
  5. The students (make) to do lots of homework every day.
  6. The donations (send ) to the home of the elderly by the Young Pioneers last week.
  7. Mr. James ( never) (travel ) to Germany before.
  8. It is said that people (build) paper houses in a few years.
  9. The twenty-year public school education in American usually ( begin) when a child is six years old.



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