九年级英语上册 Unit7 测试题
一、单项填空(本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分。共 20 分)
( )
  1. There a class meeting tomorrow morning. teacher will tell the The students something important. A.will have B.is going to have C.is going to be D.are going to have ( )
  2.My mother goes to climb mountain every Sunday. Oh? But she hate climbing mountains. B.use to C.uses to D.is used to A.used to ( )
  3.Who is running ,Mike or Tom? A.slowlier B.more slowly C.most slowly D.much slower ( )
  4.It’s very cold in winter.It’s best warm clothes. A. on put B. dress to C. wearing D. wear to ( )
  5.I don’t know yesterday. A.what he happened B.what did he happen C.what happened to him D.what has happened ( )
  6. of the children can get some presents that day. A.Every B.Each C.Everyone D.Nobody ( )
  7.Please don’t make the radio noisy,? B.won’t you C.shall we D.shan’t we A.will you ( )
  7.The visitors our factory two days ago. A.got B.reached in C.arrived D.reached ( )
  8.How many does a horse have? A.stomach B.stomachs C.stomaches D.stomachies ( )
  9.Travelers to use mobile phones while flying. A.don’t allow B.aren’t allowed C.allowed D.didn’t allow ( )
  10.Can you tell me who how to use fire? A.invented B.invents C.discovered D.discovers ( )
  11.Not only you but also Jim and Tim good at dancing. A. are B. is C. am D. was. ( )
  12.The strategies my teacher came up with worked out very well. A. that B. who C. whose D. where ( )
  13.The weather was really cold,but the trip was . A. pleased B. pleasant C. happy D. excited ( )
  14.She told me that she the English club in 20
A. joined has B. joined had C. joined D. joins ( )
  15.一 I’m sorry I my homework at home. 一 That’s ok.But remember it to school tomorrow. B.forgot…to bring A.forgot…to take C.left…to take D.left…to bring
二、完形填空(本大题共 10 小题。每小题 2 分。共 20 分)
Charlie came from a poor village.His parents had __16__ money to send him to school when he was young.The boy was very sad.Mr.King lived next to him.He found the boy __17__ and had a pity on him and lent some money to him.So the boy could go to school.He studied hard and __18__ all his lessons.When he finished middle school,the man introduced him to his friend in the town.And he began to work. King was seriously hurt in all accident. Dying, asked Charlie to take he Once Mr. care of his daughter,Sharon.The young man __19__ and several years later he married the girl.He loved her very much and tried h is best to make her happy.He often bought beautiful clothes and delicious food to her.He was good at cooking and he cooked __20__ for her.So she became very fat and she felt it difficult to And one day she found there was something wrong with her heart. husband Her walk. wasn’t at home and she had to go to __21__ at once.The doctors looked her over and told her __22__ eat meat,sugar,chocolate and things like these.She was afraid __23__ the doctor’s words and wrote all the names of the food on the paper.When she got home,she put the list on the table and __24__.When she returned home that afternoon,she found many kinds of food:meat,sugar and chocolate in the kitchen. Charlie was busy __25__ there. soon as he saw her, said happily, As he “I’ve bought all the food you like.dear!” B.some C.much D.enough ( )
  16.A.no ( )
  17.A.lazy B.clever C.careful D.hard ( )
  18. did well in A. B. was poor at C. was working D. was good for ( )
  19. was angry A. B. thought hard C. agreed D. said“No. ” B.a few C.many D.a lot ( )
  20.A.a little ( )
  21.A.rest B.sleep C.hospital D.work ( )
  22.A.should B.would C.to D.not to ( )
  23. to remember A. B. forget to C. catch to D. teach to ( )
  24.A.slept B.went out C.cooked D.ate ( )
  25.A.reading B.seeing C.cooking D.writing
四、阅读理解(本大题共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分)
A Many people have the wrong idea about pigs.Pigs are actually very clean On they live in dirty places. they become very dirty. the wild, So, In animals. farms,
pigs keep very clean. They are also really smart.They may be smarter than dogs.So,pigs can learn things from people.Pigs are very friendly animals.Some people raise them as pets.Of course,people keep the small kind,not the big one.Small pigs are very cute.And they don’t break things in the house.Big pigs usually live outside on farms,not in people's houses. ( )
  26.Which words can describe pigs? . A.Dirty and stupid. B.Nervous and strange. D.Clever and friendly. C.Dangerous and unfriendly. ( )
  27.What does“in the wild”mean? . A. farms. On B. nature. In C. Being crazy. D. people’s In houses. ( )
  28.Which of the following is TRUE? . B.People can teach pigs things. A.Pigs like to be dirty. C.Dogs are smarter than pigs. D.Only farmers raise pigs. ( )
  29.What kind of pigs is raised in people’s houses? . A.The very big kind. B.The ugly kind. D.The small kind. C.The kind from farms. ( )
  30.What is NOT mentioned in this passage? . A.Raising dogs. B.Pigs on farms and in the wild C.Pigs as pets. D.People’s wrong ideas about pigs B Henry was a carpenter(木匠) in our village.Once I asked him to make a dining table for my wife.He made it just the right size to fill4he space between the two windows.When I arrived home that evening,Henry was drinking a glass of tea and writing out his bill for his work. My wife said to me quietly,“That’s his ninth glass of tea today.”But she said loudly, “It’s a beautiful table,dear,isn’t it?” When Henry saw me,he laughed and gave me his bill for the work. It said:
When I was looking at the bill, Henry said, “It’s been a fine day, hash’t it? Quite sunny.” “Yes.”I said.“I’m glad it is only the tenth of June.” “Me too.”said Henry.“You know it’ll be hotter at the end of this month.” “Yes,hotter and mote expensive.Dining tables will be 20 more expensive On June 30th,won’t they,Henry?” Henry looked at me for half a minute.There was a little smile in his two blue eyes. I gave his bill back to him. “If it isn’t too much trouble,Henry,”I said,“please add it up again.You call forget the date.” I paid him
  26.50 and he was happy to get it. ( )
  31.Why did Henry talk about weather when the writer was looking at the bill? . A.Because it was a fine day indeed. B.Because he wanted the writer to look at the bill carefully. C.Because he wanted to tell the writer what the weather was like. D.Because he didn’t want the writer to go through the bill carefully. ( )
  32.Why did the writer say that dining table would be 20 mote expensive at the end of June? . A.Because he thought Henry would almost certainly add the date to the cost of the dining table. B.Because it was difficult to make dining table in hot weather. C.Because paint would be more expensive. D.Because the cost of wood was more expensive. ( )
  33.The writer thought Henry would ask for if he made a dining table on the last day of June.
  1. B.
  56.50 C.
  46.50 D.
  20.00 A.
  26.50 ( )
  34. When the writer gave him the money, Henry was happy because . A.he got the money easily B.he didn’t have to add up the cost again C.he got what he should get for his work D.he got more money for his work ( )
  35.From the story we know that A.Henry had written out the bill before the writer got home B.Henry still wanted to get
  36.50 for his work in the end C.Henry made a mistake in the bill
D.Henry tried to get more money for his work C 请阅读以下左栏的 5 则个人介绍,然后与右栏的合适旅伴相匹配。最佳选项 的字母编号填写在括号内。
第 II 卷综合运用 (40 分)
五.看图短文填空(本大题共 10 小题,每小题 2 分.共 20 分) 阅读下面短文,并借助上下文和插图内容补充所缺信息。每个空格只能填写 一个形式正确、与短文意思相符的英语单词。请将答案写在空格中。
Long, long ago, there was an old man whose name was Yu Gong. lived in He a small village far away from the (
  41) .In front of his house,there were two high mountains.They made his (
  42) hard.He made up his (
  43) to move away them so that he had a quicker (
  44) to town . He (
  45) digging(挖 )up the mountains with his son . His neighbour Zhi Sou (
  46) at him and said,“How foolish of you to do this! It’s (
  47) to dig up these two high mountains!” Yu Gong didn’t (
  48) to him.He (
  49) on digging every day.After he died, the work was (
  50) on by generation after generation (一代又一代).In the end the mountains became good farmland
六、书面表达。 假设你的李明, 你们学校要求你们去参加某家报社组织的志愿者 活动,请你给该报社写封自愿参加的书信。(10 分)
Dear editor in chief,

Yours, Li Ming
Dear editor in chief, It's known that your newspaper office will organize some volunteers to help the students from the countryside to spend their Children's Day: like helping people who I So, I have a chance to volunteer.I’d like to if need help.I enjoy singing very much. be a teacher to teach them many songs that l like.I love children.Looking at their sweet smile is so happy.And I think I can make others happier.If I’m a volunteer, I will be a great one. Thank you. Yours, Li Ming
In formation Card
B)书面表达(本题 20 分) 请你以“Being a volunteer is great!”为题目写一篇文章。 要点:
  4.语句连贯,80 词左右,不得写出自己的姓名和所在学校。 Being a volunteer is great



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